Hello everybody,

I've released NixNote2 Beta 2 to SourceForge for anyone who is interested.  

- Removed the  dependency on Thrift libraries.  It now uses EverCloud so hopefully the sync is more reliable.
- Under Edit/Preferences you have the ability to enable & disable the dynamic counting of tags & notebooks.  Disabling this will improve performance.
- Pinned notes now appear in the tray icon menu.
- The last 10 updated notes now appear in the tray icon menu.
- You can do a screen capture from the toolbar.
- Removed the minimize to toolbar and close to toolbar from the tray icon and moved it to Edit/Preferences.
- Added the command line option "--syncAndExit", --dontStartMinimized, --startMinimized, --openNote=<lid>, and --help command line options.
- Added "New Note" menu option from Unity toolbar.
- Numerous bug fixes.

I did find one bug that can cause shared & linked notebook problems.  The bug could have caused some notes to not be downloaded or deleted once the download is complete.  If possible, I recommend deleting ~/.nixnote and doing a fresh install. 

Unity Integration

Another thing I experimented with is better Unity integration.  It is a  separate deb/tar and is not necessary to run NixNote.  It is still very rough, but it seems to work reasonably well.  To use it, download the nixnote-unity-scope package and install it.    

There are a few restrictions on using this optional piece.  These restrictions are:
These restrictions are:

Most of these restrictions are because this is new and I have some reservations about the performance (or lack of performance) this may cause.  If nobody complains then I'll remove some of the limitations, but for now I'd rather cause as little chaos as possible.

If this proves useful, please let me know. I'm not a big Unity user so this was more of an experiment.