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#43 Paste Without Formatting Broken

Derek Hunter

I have many "plain text" notes that were created in the Windows Evernote client which are editable via the mobile client (which does not allow editing "rich text" notes). Editing these in NixNote converts these to "rich text". The way to get around this would seem to be create a new note, copy and "paste without formatting" the contents of the "rich text" note into a new note. But when you do this and save the note, the new note is also a "rich text" note.

If I cut and paste the text into gedit and then into a new note, this function is also broken.

if you take the following text and type it in gedit/leafpad/vi whatever, and then create a new note and "paste without formatting" it into the note, when you save you will have a "rich text" note.


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  • Derek Hunter
    Derek Hunter

    I have done some more testing. It is definitely the formatting tags that NixNote uploads to the Evernote servers. When I create a note in the WIndows client it is "plain text". When I mark it dirty in NixNote and then sync it the note becomes "rich text". If I then sync, mark it dirty, and then re-sync in the Evernote Windows client the note returns to "plain text" mode.

  • Sorry, but I haven't had much time to look at this, but one thing you could try is editing the source of the note in NixNote (View/View Source) and paste the text into that field. I think it may be a workaround, but I can't test it since I don't have a BB device.

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