#97 When creating a note from tray icon title lost

Bojan Jovanovic

Steps to reproduce:
- Have nixnote (1.2) minimized on the tray
- Right click -> Add Note
- New note window pops up
- Enter title first, then the rest of the data
- Close the window once done
- Right click tray icon -> show/hide
- Note the title is OK
- Click away from the new note (say on the note above)
- Note that title changes to Untitled note
- Click back on the note - title is restored

This is always reproducable, however, I was able to also make it not restore the title. Something is definitely broken.


  • So far, I've been unable to reproduce this. Can you please download the latest unstable patch and try to recreate it?

  • Just downloaded the latest jar and .sh and replaces the ones in /usr/share/nixnote, restarted nixnote, etc - still reproducable. (about screen still shows 1.2, but I assume that is by design)

  • I was able to recreate it and I think I fixed it. Please try downloading the latest patch jar & trying it again.

    Normally I don't update the version for unstable patches, but just to be sure this one should say 1.2.120404

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Fixed in the latest build - Thanks!

    Will be reporting a bug or two more - have noticed them, but was unable to pinpoint them (mostly around notes loosing either notebook or tags, and then sync failing as a result).

    Hope you do not mind - will use the opportunity for a couple of ideas/thoughts/suggestions.
    - First of all, (as someone who has been around java for a bit), would like to offer my help in any/every way!
    - LOVE the software, a couple things missing to make one of the best linux softwares out there
    - As everyone else would love to be able to show/hide and add note from the kbd shortcut. Saw that you would not like to mess with the platform specific code to do so, so have an alternative proposal. Why not listen on a port, and accept super simple (for now) commands that would do so. It would then be super simple to write clients that could be invoked either from gnome (via gnome keyboard shortcuts), or from something like xbindkeys, that would send a msg via the socket, and nixnote would hide/unhide/note add dialog could pop-up. Also this "api" could later be used for other plugins, associating with special keyboard/mouse/trackball buttons etc, as it is super portable..
    - Second thought - as someone who is using notes on daily basis for work, would like to see some of what seems to me like data loss bugs fixed (like the one reported). Will try hard to find reproducable scenarios, and will post them here.
    - Other than the two suggestions above - IT IS PERFECT - DO NOT CHANGE IT :)

    Thanks for all!