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Last Neurostim for GLUT version

The final version of Neurostim with GLUT can now be downloaded.

This Neurostim version is no longer maintained, but it works on WinXP...

For a new version, based on the FLTK toolkit, check out the SVN (the trunk is now based on FLTK).

Posted by Bart Krekelberg 2009-04-24

Version 5 Alpha released

I just uploaded an Alpha version of neurostim version 5.2.2

This version works with the Eyelink II system, and stand alone with the Stimulus and Keyboard controllers. There are many changes in the input and output formats which are not yet documented. You will have to look at the examples to figure this out. Documentation will be updated soon.

Please also look at neurostim/settings/global.nml for a description of all global parameters. ... read more

Posted by Bart Krekelberg 2006-10-18

For Developers: Subversion

I moved all files from CVS to Subversion today.

CVS will no longer be accessible; you can get tha last checked in versions (as they were on CVS) as a tag (lastCVS) from Subversion now.

Otherwise, please checkout the trunk of the Subversion repository, which has the latest code (still testing). This will be the main development branch. No releases have been made of this code yet and the base is still expected to change considerably! Consider this version 5.0, with code-breaking backward incompatbilities (not too many though....)... read more

Posted by Bart Krekelberg 2006-07-16

Version 4.0.11 Released

Bug fixes ....

Definitely remove 4.0.7 and use this instead; there were issues with the Neurostim/Cortex combination crashing after ~70 trials.

Posted by Bart Krekelberg 2006-07-14

Version 4.0.7 released

This version solves some bugs but its main achievement is in the improved communication with Cortex.

Everything that happens on the Neurostim/receive side now can be retrieved in Cortex and stored in the data file. This gives access to all details of the stimulus, including changes during trials.

Posted by Bart Krekelberg 2005-03-25

Patch for Cortex bug & Global parameters

A fairly serious bug crept into the 4.0 release: some items in Cortex were drawn even though they were on an invisible screen and others were never drawn at all. This has been fixed now.

This release requires a recompile of the stimulus DLLs; the global namespace ns:: has been removed . Instead of using ns::framerate, use
nsGlobal->getDouble("framerate") to access these global parameters.

Posted by Bart Krekelberg 2004-11-23

Version 4.0 has been released

Version 4 finally relies entirely on XML configuration files. This format is so much less error prone that older config files are no longer supported. This means you should update your stimuli to reflect this.

Version 4 also attempts to reduce the dependencies between the derived stimulus classes (your classes) and the core code. This will allow you to update the core without changing your stimulus DLLs. Some changes in the nsStimulus class were needed to make this possible. You will need to update your code to reflect this. Please consult the userguide for a short list of changes that are necessary (chapter 8).... read more

Posted by Bart Krekelberg 2004-10-04

Bug fix

Beta 3.8 had a backward compatibility issue with old style experiment files. This is fixed in beta 3.8.1

Posted by Bart Krekelberg 2004-06-11

New Release - 3.8

Beta 3.8 has just been released. Many bugfixes, improved timing/logging of events, and a new way to configure your stimuli and even the whole experimetn from a single XML file.

Posted by Bart Krekelberg 2004-06-10

User Guide Available

A first version of the Neurostim User Guide is now available from Sourceforge.

Comments are welcome!

Posted by Bart Krekelberg 2004-02-23