I believe Yahoo! Music is similar to that service. It would be nice if Neuros supported those services, but personally I would rather have the non-DRM track.

On 9/26/05, craig@thrall.net <craig@thrall.net> wrote:
My .2c...I use Real Rhapsody for music. There are three (!) different
levels of player support. The two I'm familiar with are download and
subscription. I can pay extra per track (under $1) to download a MP3 track
(no DRM) and put it on my iPod. Or, if I had a player like the Dell or
iRiver (I'm assuming the difference is DRM support), I could download
unlimited tracks to my player for no additional cost (on top of the
subscription cost).

For me, as a user, it would be very very nice if my Neuros device was
supported by an online service such as Rhapsody. Rhapsody users are in the
minority, but it's not the only service out there.

Just a thought,


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