I looked at the blackberry power adapter and you are right, it's only 500mA, can someone verify the RZR?  It's also a pretty clever design because it uses a standard USB cable and has a USB female connector on the wall wart end, so it saves carrying around a cable too.
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It is a nice idea.
The only hitch is that the maximum power consumed by a device (per USB spec) is 500 mA.
For the N3 this should be OK. For the 442 and recorder it may be tight. The development board has bigger power needs since it is a superset of both.

There are also some tricks that may be necessary to play in order to convince the hub to give you the full 500 mA. I need to study the spec a little bit.
The question is if full power is readily available from the USB connector or if we need to establish protocol and enumerate before the hub give us power.
Does anybody know this part of the spec?


Joe Born wrote:


The Motorola RZR and the Nextel blackberry's both have a USB port that do double service as both a USB plug and a power connector, can we do the same thing?

Three reasons it would be nice

1) Saves space and money on connectors
2) could allow us to piggyback on existing power adapters?  I.e.. Wouldn't it be nice to say you can just use a RZR wall adapter to charge your Neuros if you lose it?

3) could allow us to use the hole in the case on the 442-320 for something else- what do you think?


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