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NeuroML / News: Recent posts

NeuroML version 1.8.0


Version 1.8.0 has been put on the NeuroML website
(http://www.neuroml.org). The main change is that all of the ion channel examples have been updated to the latest version of ChannelML, i.e. using the structure:

<current_voltage_relation cond_law="ohmic" ...>
<gate name="m" instances="3">
<closed_state id="m0"/>
<open_state id="m"/>
<transition name="alpha" .../>
<current_voltage_relation/>... read more

Posted by Padraig Gleeson 2009-01-19

NeuroML v1.7.3


The latest version of NeuroML, v1.7.3 has been put on the website. The validator application has been updated to use the new www.neuroml.org layout/colour scheme. The previous location for the validator (www.morphml.org:8080/NeuroMLValidator/) has been redirected to the new server, so the preferred URL for the web application is now:


The latest release notes are here, but the main thing to point out is a number of files in a new format for ChannelML, e.g.:... read more

Posted by Padraig Gleeson 2008-12-08

Version 1.7.1


The latest version of NeuroML, v1.7.1, has been put on the website.

Full release notes are at http://www.morphml.org:8080/NeuroMLValidator/NeuroMLFiles/Schemata/v1.7.1/RELEASE_NOTES but the main points are:

- A number of elements have had their names changed to standardise naming across the levels (e.g. specificAxialResistance to spec_axial_resistance). Both forms are still valid but to old form will be disallowed in v2.0. These changes and others planned for v2.0 are listed at http://www.morphml.org:8080/NeuroMLValidator/ReqVersion2.jsp.... read more

Posted by Padraig Gleeson 2008-05-29

Version v1.6

Version 1.6 of the validation app has been put live. Full release notes are here <http://www.morphml.org:8080/NeuroMLValidator/ViewNeuroMLFile.jsp?localFile=NeuroMLFiles/Schemata/v1.6/RELEASE_NOTES&viewFormat=plaintext>. The main points:

- Added a <status> element in Metadata (used in channel_type, synapse_type, ion_concentration currently) which can be used to indicate stable/in_progress/known_issues status of files. Can be used to automatically detect unstable parts of complex models. Also allows/encourages authors to add their names when they specify a status; aimed at eliminating anonymous comments in files hinting at some possible bug.... read more

Posted by Padraig Gleeson 2007-07-03

NeuroML version 1.5

A new version of the NeuroML specs have been put live at:

The Release notes link on the main page gives the changes since v1.4,
but to summarise:

- Different Q10 rate adjustments for different gates, as in
GateDepQ10.xml, are now allowed, and supported in the NEURON/GENESIS

- Specification of a basic I&F mechanism is possible, see
IntFireMechanism.xml. Based on the COBA based I & F model as used in
Brette et al (2006) (http://arxiv.org/abs/q-bio.NC/0611089). The NEURON
mapping is based on the script files from
Note: there is no GENESIS mapping for this mechanism, as none was
created for the paper, but mapping to other simulators used in the study
should be possible.... read more

Posted by Padraig Gleeson 2007-03-13

Version 1.4

Version 1.4 of the specification has been put live. See the mailing lists for details.


Posted by Padraig Gleeson 2006-11-29

Version 1.3

A new version of the specification has been put on the validation web application:


This includes an initial version of the network specification (Level 3)


Posted by Padraig Gleeson 2006-06-29

New version 1.2

The latest version of the specification has been put on the validator web application:



Posted by Padraig Gleeson 2006-05-12

MorphML v1.0

MorphML v1.0 is ready for download from the cvs repository. This version should be considered 'beta' for two weeks. Only bug fixes will be applied after that time. Please provide any feed back through the mailing lists or forums.

Posted by Josef Svitak 2005-05-24