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NeuDist Release 0.4

Release 0.4 of NeuDist has just been released at
NeuDist is a Java based clearing framework for developing financial web
services on the Neubia distributed clearing platform.

Most of the core layers are working and relatively complete now.
You can see an example of a user authentication application at:

While this example uses User Authentication "Tickets", you will be able
to use the technology to authenticate and clear virtually anything that
can be described in XML.... read more

Posted by Pelle Braendgaard 2002-10-03

First release of NeuDist framework for distributed financial

I'm happy to announce the first public release of NeuDist

NeuDist is an Open Source Software framework for building applications
for the Neubia Distributed Clearing Platform.

This release contains early java libraries and documentation that would
primarily be of interest to developers.

Talking about documentation, it is still a bit slim and mainly oriented
towards people with experience in Java/XML development.... read more

Posted by Pelle Braendgaard 2002-09-18