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Finally V1.02 Released

What's new and Fixed....

1) Added Complete iRemember Feature.
2) Added Messenger application.
3) Added new Icons.
4) Added new Window Option.
5) Fixed User Accounts.
6) Fixed a lot of bugs(back,forward, history related).
7) Added a new option "CLEAN" that would clean the address bar and would make the page blank.
8) Removed Stop button.
9) Added New Application icon.
10) Added Express Accounts feature.
10) Added in Downloads the Web browser server Application and the messenger server application.... read more

Posted by Anubhav200 2012-04-15

version 0.87 Released

What's new and What's Fixed...

1)Fixed a bug in new tab method
2)Tab recycling implemented to conserve memory in java(which caused some side-effects will be fixed in the next release).
3)added HISTORY manager which just shows the list of open pages.

I) iREMEMBER (Partially implemented)

This feature is called "iRemember"... with the help of this feature user will be able to continue his web browsing from the point where he left from anywhere around the world.... read more

Posted by Anubhav200 2012-03-29

Version 0.8 released

What's new and Fixed...

I)Added Multi-Threading

II)Separate thread for each tab.

III)Fixed-- Now web browser address bar shows correct web address for each tab while switching tabs.

More features coming soon....

Anubhav Gupta

Posted by Anubhav200 2012-03-25

Version 0.5

What's New & Fixed...

1) multi tab browsing working now.
2) fresh new Icons
3) navigation buttons now working
4) auto address completion working
5) new menu structire
6) new page in new tab now fixed.

Anubhav Gupta

Posted by Anubhav200 2012-03-22

heading towards V0.50

1) partially fixed the page not opening in new tab problem....
2) Removed ugly icons... looking for some nice one.
3) back and forward and stop button are not working(implemented...).

II)things remaining...
1) address auto-completion...
2) changing menu structure...
3) fully fixing the new page in new tab problem.

Posted by Anubhav200 2012-03-20

A small start

Version 0.15 was developed only in 4-5 days(10hrs may be...) of work.
Although i have planned to add a lot features... but it would take some time. Although i have added a feature to add or remove new tabs.. but page will be open only on the first tab(fixing this in the next version).
and as of now i am sticking to the default java page rendering engine but the software is being code in that way that any web page rendering engine can be incorporated with it.... read more

Posted by Anubhav200 2012-03-19