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Netx-RV Increases Performance with 0.4 Release

Netx-rv is an extension of NETwork eXecute, the high-quality implementation of the Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP), extended to cache version-based resources and is the first to minimize the update footprint using recursive
jardiffs for downloading.

Netx-rv also provides a unique synchronization port to prevent multiple process in a cluster from executing the same network application at the same time (a feature that is virtually necessary if you are using a timer to launch the application). You can specify via the command line the maximum umber of versions of a resource to keep, and the cache controller cleans the oldest version out the cache directory tree, recovering valuable disk space.... read more

Posted by Robert Hawes 2008-06-10

Netx-RV-0.3.2 Released

This release of Netx-rv fixes a couple of problems with the jardiff, notably the fact that the jardiff capture was overshadowing the target jar file, and that the manifest was being checked for signature status while doing the jardiffs.

Added in this release is the detection of corrupted source jars using a Normalized Jar Descriptor invented for this product.

Posted by Robert Hawes 2007-06-25

Netx-RV-0.3.1 Released

This release of Recursive Network Execute includes the following:
- A fix to the manifest file to correctly find Boot13
- Extracting jardiffs downloaded to the cache.

Posted by Robert Hawes 2007-05-22

Netx-RV Moves into Alpha with Release of Netx-RV-0.3

Netx-RV now supports recursive JarDiffs, a feature that enables deployment staff to recursively package their jar files into jars of jars. Netx-RV supports this by creating a much smaller jardiff for transfer across the internet when it notices that the files within a jar are jars themselves.

This is a feature not supported in either Java Webstart or other Open Source JNLP utilities at this time. For enterprise installations that require transferring a large number of jar files, this is the way to go. Just simply bundle up all the jars into super jars and version them at the web application host site. Then unbundle them from within the JNLP program. Netx-RV seamlessly handles the rest.... read more

Posted by Robert Hawes 2007-05-15

Netx-RV-0.2 Released

This release adds the following features that were not previously in Network Execute
- Version-based caching
- An attribute to specify the maximum number of versions to keep in the downloaded resource cache
- Application of the fundamental Jar Diff protocol
- Enhanced thread-safety while downloading resources.

Posted by Robert Hawes 2007-04-09