How to save the pcap file

  • Hi,

    This is a great program, kudos to you.
    How do I save the contents of each tab for future reference?
    The frames tab shows a max of 100?
    The date and time is not the same as the computer that networkminer is running at.


    • Erik Hjelmvik
      Erik Hjelmvik

      Hello Herman,

      There is currently no way of saving the output from NetworkMiner to a file. I do however have plans to add functionality in order to write sniffed traffic to a file (see ) as well as to generate reports which can be printed or saved.

      My suggestion is that you do your sniffing with for example Wireshark and then load the generated pcap file into NetworkMiner in order to fill the tabs with data.

    • Hi Erik,

      I have captured with wireshark and displayed it with networkminer.
      The list of keywords is reset after every session.
      Can the list of keywords be saved in a config file that is loaded every start up?
      The list of frames is max at 100 only?


      • Erik Hjelmvik
        Erik Hjelmvik

        NetworkMiner only displays the 100 first frames in the frames tab (to save memory), but it parses all the frames in the pcap file. I might however change the number of displayed frames to something larger, like 1000.

        Saving user settings is another feature that I already have in the feature request tracker:

        This functionality will not be included in the upcoming 0.85 version, but maybe in 0.86. We'll see.