Release of Netpbm2Gimp v1.5

Netpbm2Gimp v1.5 has just been released. The intention of this version is to help Netpbm2Gimp compile the programs included in Netpbm v10.59.00 (released 28JUN2012). To that end, there is now support for the visual, color_depth, have_opacity, and opacity_plane fields of struct pam and for the Netpbm functions pm_readlittlelong2(), pnm_addopacityrow(), pnm_makerowrgba(), and every function defined by Netpbm's matrix.c. The gimp-netpbm2gimp-plugins package, which provides hundreds of prebuilt Gimp plug-ins created using Netpbm2Gimp, includes such recent Netpbm programs as pamtosrf, srftopam, and ppmtospu.

Netpbm2Gimp is available for download from, or follow the links from the Netpbm2Gimp home page, Some other relevant links are the home pages for the Netpbm toolkit ( and the Gimp drawing program (

Posted by Scott Pakin 2012-07-08