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See http://netpbm.sourceforge.net/history.html for a general history of


15.07.02 BJH  Release 10.71.01

              ppmtoilbm: Fix failure with -hamforce and -nocompression.
              Broken in Netpbm 9.12 (March 2001).

              makeman: fix Python syntax error.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.70
              (June 2015).

15.06.28 BJH  Release 10.71.00

              Add pamtopng.  Thanks Willem vanSchaik (willem@schaik.com).

              pnmtopng: Add -srgbintent.

              pamstereogram: Add -xbegin.  Change default to render from
              center outwards intead of from right to left, thus making the
              center of the image the crispest part.  Thanks Scott Pakin

              pamstereogram: Allow -xshift and -yshift to be negative.  Thanks
              Scott Pakin (scott@pakin.org).

              pnmpsnr: Add -rgb.

              ppmtoicr: remove -rle option.  Actually, it never worked
              because of a bug.  Now it isn't expected to.  Ppmtoicr was
              new in 1991.

              pnmtopalm: Fix arithmetic overflow with ridiculously large
              image.  Introduced after Netpbm 10.26 (January 2005) but before
              Netpbm 10.35 (August 2006).

              palmtopnm: Fix distorted output with PackBits compressed input.
              Always broken (Ability to convert PackBits input was new in
              Netpbm 10.27 (March 2005).

              pbmtoepson: fix -protocol option - never works and sometimes
              crashes program.  Always broken (-protocol was new in Netpbm
              10.23 (July 2004).

              pbmtoppa: fix buffer overruns, double-free crashes.  Always
              broken (pbmtoppa was new in Netpbm 9.1 (March 2000).

              pbmtomatrixorbital: fix bug: fails if you specify the input
              file name argument.  Always broken.  (pbmtomatrixorbital was
              new in Netpbm 10.18 (Setpember 2003).

              sbigtopgm: fix detection of camera type.  Always broken
              (sbigtopgm was new in Netpbm 8.3 (March 2000)).

              sbigtopgm: fix recognition of compressed image.  Broken in
              Netpbm 10.70 (March 2015).

              pbmtogo: Fix bug: garbage first row.  Broken at least since
              November 1989.

              pbmtogo: Fix bug: buffer overrun with certain input.  Broken
              at least since November 1989.

              pbmtoescp2: Fix bug: overrun on certain input.  Always broken
              (pbmtoescp2 was new in Netpbm 10.18 (September 2003)).

              escp2topbm: Fix buffer overrun on certain input.  Always broken
              (escp2topbm was new in Netpbm 10.18 (September 2003)).

              libnetpbm: pm_stripeq: fix bug: wild pointer access when
              comparator is shorter than comparand.  Doesn't affect function,
              but could cause crash or privacy exposure.  Affects reading of a
              PAM file by any program.  Introduced in one of Netpbm 10.27
              (March 2005) through 10.35 (August 2006).

              pnmconvol: Fix bug: wrong output for pixels that convolve to
              negative values (should be clipped to zero).  Introduced in
              Netpbm 10.68 (September 2014).

              pbmtog3: Fix buffer overrun.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.23
              (July 2004).

              cameratopam: Fix arithmetic underflow in JPEG processing;
              unknown effect.

              pbmtoxbm: Fix bug: crash with zero width input.  Broken in
              Netpbm 10.37 (December 2006).

              sbigtopgm: fix buffer overrun with invalid input image.  Always
              present (sbigtopgm was new in Netpbm 8.3 (March 2000)).

              pnmtorle: Fix buffer overrun with long file name.  Always
              present.  (pnmtorle was new to Netpbm in Netpbm 9.0 (April

              pbmtopk: Fix buffer overrun with long file name.  Always
              present.  (pbmtopk was new in Netpbm 1 (March 1991)).

              pktopbm: Fix buffer overrun with long file name.  Always
              present.  (pbmtopk was new in Netpbm 1 (March 1991)).

              ppmtoyuvsplit: Fix buffer overrun with long file name.  Always
              present.  (New in Netpbm 1 (March 1991)).

              pbmtopi3: Fix bug: wrong output when input is higher or wider
              than 640 pixels.  Always broken (pbmtopi3 was new in September

              st4topgm: Fix bug: with no argument, uses file named "'" instead
              of Standard Input.  Always present (st45topgm was new in Netpbm
              10.70 (March 2015).

              pbmtomgr: Fix incorrect output when input is too large (must be
              at most 4095 pixels high or wide).  Always broken.  (pbmtomgr
              was new in 1989).

              pbmtomacp: fix wild pointer dereference with -b larger than
              image height.  Always broken.  (pbmtomacp was new in X.V11R3
              (March 1988).

              ppmtorgb3: Fix buffer overflow with long input file name.
              Always present.  (ppmtorgb3 was new in X.V11R4 (November 1989).

              ppmtoarbtxt: fix bug: wrong output when high numbers represent
              darker.  Broken in Netpbm 10.69 (November 2014).

              ppmtoarbtxt: better rounding in sample values.

              libnetpbm: Remove bitio.h as an external interface.

              test: replace some GNU-only code with more portable code that
              works on OS X.  Thanks Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign@macports.org>.

              makeman: deal properly with backlash in source.  Thanks Willem
              van Schaik <willem@schaik.com>.  But something was wrong with
              this change and it caused the program always to fail, so
              we reversed this change in 10.71.01.

              Build: don't build and install libjbig and libjasper if we
              are using external versions of them instead.

              Build: various cross-compile fixes, especially for MinGW.

              Build: work around bug in GCC < 4.2 related to SSE2 builtins
              that causes compile of pamflip to fail.

              Build: fix 'make package' where config.mk sets a subdirectory
              other than 'man' for the manual.

              Build: improve pointer man page text.

15.03.29 BJH  Release 10.70.00

              Add st4topgm, pgmtost4.

              Add pgmtosbig.  Mainly a test tool for sbigtopgm.

              Add yuy2topam.  Thanks Michael Haardt.

              tifftopnm: allow input file to be nonseekable.
              Thanks Ludolf Holzheid <ludolf.holzheid@gmx.de>.

              pnmhisteq: add -noblack and -nowhite.  Idea from Andrew Brooks

              pgmmorphconv: add -gradient.  Thanks Michael Haardt

              giftopnm: Fix bug: crashes if purported GIF has neither a global
              color map nor a local one.

              pgmmorphconv: fix bug: always produces PGM Plain format.  Always
              present (progam was added to Netpbm in Release 10.0 (June 2002)).

              pamtilt: fix bug: unconditional crash.  Broken in Netpbm 10.63
              (June 2013).

              pnmgamma -srgbtobt709, -bt709tosrgb: fix bug; incorrect output
              nearly always.  Always broken (These options were new in
              Netpbm 10.32 (February 2006)).

              pamtosvg: fix use of unset variable; probably results in a
              crash.  Always present (pamtosvg was new in Netpbm 10.33 (March

              cameratopam: fix bug: variable used before set; unknown impact.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.66 (March 2014).

              On Windows, don't leave temporary files around (previous code
              did so because unlink of an open file fails in Windows; new
              code deletes temporary files via atexit).  Thanks
              Ludolf Holzheid <ludolf.holzheid@gmx.de>.

              Libnetpbm: fix external header file pm.h so it does not include
              internal header file pm_c_util.h.  Introduced in Netpbm
              10.69 (December 2014).

              build: fix incompatible type compilation error in giftopnm.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.38 (March 2007) (but obviously manifests
              only in recent build environments).

              build: fix compile failure in wordint_access_be.h with Bigendian
              target platforms.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.63 (June 2013).

              build: fix compile failure in pbmtomacp, ppmtoacad, pgmabel:
              TRUE redefined.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.69 (December 2014).

14.12.25 BJH  Release 10.69.00

              pnmnorm: add -bsingle, -wsingle.

              ppmtoarbtxt: Do some validation of format strings.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pamcrater: Add -verbose.

              ppmtoarbtxt: Fail if a #() escape sequence runs off end of
              file or is too long to process; before, the program would
              treat the text from # to EOF or where the buffer filled up
              as literal text, even ignoring any #() within.

              NetBSD: show actual numbers in messages instead of "f" or
              no information, by using NetBSD's vasprintf.

              Make %g in messages display the actual number instead of "g" in
              messages where platform doesn't have vasprintf.  (But scores of
              %f are still left).

              anytopnm: convert all images in a multi-image GIF instead of
              just the first.
              Improve "bad magic number" message from pbmXXX, and pgmXXX, and
              pnmXXX programs.

              Fix bogus message from ppmXXX programs when the input is not
              (per the magic number) a Netpbm image.  Introduced after
              Netpbm 10.26 (January 2005) but before Netpbm 10.35 (August

              ppmtoarbtxt: Fix some undefined behavior when program limits
              are exceeded (i.e. buffer overruns).

              pambackground: fix bug: segfault or incorrect results in most
              cases.  Thanks Ludolf Holzheid (ludolf.holzheid@gmx.de).
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.37 (December 2006).

              Windows build: fix universal build failure with "No rule to make
              ...icon.netpbm.oLINKERISCOMPILER...".  Broken in Netpbm 10.67
              (June 2014).

14.09.26 BJH  Release 10.68.00

              Split pgmcrater into pamcrater and pamshadedrelief.

              pnmconvol: add -bias .

              Remove pnmcomp, install a pnmcomp symlink for pamcomp.

              Fix incorrect option parsing when there are multiple common
              options (e.g. -plain -quiet).  Always broken.  (Possibility of
              specifying multiple common options that don't cause the program
              to ignore every other option (like -version) was new in Netpbm
              10.10 (October 2002).

              cameratopam: fix buffer overflow.  Always present.  (cameratopam
              was new in Netpbm 10.28 (June 2005)).

              cameratopam: fix incorrect output introduced in Netpbm 10.51
              (June 2010).

              ppmtopict: Fix unconditional crash.  Introduced in 
              Netpbm 10.52 (September 2010).

              pcdovtoppm: Fix crash due to invalid operator == on some
              systems.  Always broken (pcdovtoppm was new sometime between
              Netpbm 9.25 (March 2002) and Netpbm 10.11 (October 2002)).

              Build: change _XOPEN_SOURCE from 600 back to 500 in 7 files.  It
              was changed from 500 to 600 in Subversion revision 1731 in
              Netpbm 10.60 (September 2012) because that made a similar
              version of Netpbm compile on Mac OSX.  Without it, strdup did
              not get defined.  But this is apparently a bug in Mac OSX, since
              X/Open 500 does have strdup.  Furthermore, many other Netpbm
              files use strdup and apparently compile OK on Mac OSX without
              600.  Finally, we see today that Illumos system header files
              deliberately kill the compilation if the compiler is pre-C99 and
              _XOPEN_SOURCE is 600.  So we go back to 500 and if the problem
              on Mac OSX gets reported again, we will look more deeply.

              Build: change _XOPEN_SOURCE from 600 back to 500 in
              jpeg2ktopam.c and pamtojpeg2k.c.  It was changed from 500 to 600
              in Netpbm 10.41 (December 2007), reportedly to get int_fast32_t,
              etc. defined on AIX, but other files that use int_fast32_t
              don't have it today, so that must be wrong.  See above for the
              drawback of 600.

              Build: fix undefined symbols in fiasco converters with
              static libraries.

              Build: provide means of setting the default search path for
              rgb.txt color database via config.mk.

              Build: fix bug which prevents JBIG converters from building with
              internal JBIG library.  Introduced in 10.67.00.

              Build: fix bug which makes build of Ppmsvga fail (which is
              attempted only on a system with libvga).  Introduced in Netpbm
              10.63 (June 2013)

              Build: fix build failure in an environment that does not have
              __inline .  Introduced some time between Netpbm 10.26
              (January 2005) and Netpbm 10.35 (August 2006).

              Build: fix build failure on SCO OpenServer due to SIGURG not
              existing.  Broken in Netpbm 10.49 (December 2009).

              Build: Declare _XOPEN_SOURCE >= 500 in source files that use

              Build: fix compile failure due to use of reserved word

              Build with 'installosf': Fix crash due to invalid operator ==
              on some systems.

14.06.29 BJH  Release 10.67.00

              sgitopnm: add ability to convert 2-channel SGI image.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              sgitopnm: add ability to work with non-seekable input (e.g. a
              pipe).  Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pamtotiff: add -output, use Standard Output normally (before, it
              had to be seekable.  Also, you could do an append operation to
              Standard Output; now you have to use -output for that).  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pamsharpness: put primary output on Standard Output instead of
              on Standard Error as a Netpbm message.

              pamflip: fix bug when built with WANT_SSE=n: column-for-row
              transformations of PBM produce garbage output.  Introduced in
              10.65 (December 2013).

              sgitopnm: fix bug: no output if input is RLE compressed.  Broken
              in Netpbm 10.53 (December 2010).  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              jpegtopnm -dumpexif: fix incorrect display of resolution.
              Always broken.  (-dumpexif was new in Netpbm 9.18 September

              jpegtopnm -dumpexif: fix truncated make, model, or datetime.
              Always broken.  (-dumpexif was new in Netpbm 9.18 September

              jpegtopnm -dumpexif: fix wild pointer with invalid EXIF data.
              Always broken.  (-dumpexif was new in Netpbm 9.18 September

              Windows build: include an icon in every executable.  The icon
              was designed by Ron Vantreese (ait_frog-netpbm@yahoo.com).

              Build: fix bug in which null value is not taken to mean
              "in the system search path" for JBIGHDR_DIR and JASPERHDR_DIR.

              Build: Fix inconsistent use of upper and lower case Y and N in 
              make variables, causing static library not to get built.
              Introduced in 10.66.

              Build: fix dependencies in .deb package so they work with
              Debian 6 at least.  Always broken (.deb capability was new in

14.03.30 BJH  Release 10.66.00

              Add pamvalidate.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              Add pamfix: Does what pamfixtrunc did, plus repairs excessive
              sample values.

              pamfixtrunc: implement as call to new pamfix.

              pgmhist, ppmhist: Add -forensic: Analyze invalid >maxval pixels.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pgmramp: add -diagonal.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              libnetpbm: Read functions validate that sample values do not
              exceed maxval.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              libnetpbm: Validate image dimensions are small enough that you
              can allocate a row buffer.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              pgmhist: fix incorrect report of quantiles or crash due to array
              bounds violation in some builds.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata
              <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.  Always broken.  Quantile reporting was
              new in Netpbm 10.61 (December 2012).

              pgmhist: fix buffer overrun with -median.  Always broken.
              -median was new in Netpbm 10.61 (December 2012).

              pnmmargin: fix for size 0 and superfluous "unexpected operator" 
              message with size != 0.  Introduced in 10.42.

              pstopnm: fix wrong interpretations of -xsize and -ysize when
              rendering image in landscape (rotated).  This can appear as
              stretching and squashing.  Probably always broken.

              pstopnm: fix wrong orientation sometimes when you specify
              both -xsize and -ysize.  Introduced in 10.65.

              pgmramp: fix bogus output with really large images.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.  Always broken.

              ppmrelief: fix out-of-bound values in output.  Always broken.
              ppmrelief was new in primordial Netpbm in 1989.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              ppmrelief: fix crash when input image is too small.  Always
              broken.  ppmrelief was new in primordial Netpbm in 1989.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pgmtexture: fix buffer overflow.  Always broken.  (Program
              was added in primordial Netpbm in 1991).

              pamdeinterlace: fix incorrect output with -takeodd and image has
              only one row.  Always broken (pamdeinterlace was introduced in
              Netpbm 9.21 (January 2001)).  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              configure: warn if user says JPEG library is in the linker's
              default search path, but it isn't.

              build/install: add tools for creating a Debian package.

              make package: Include template for pkgconfig file.

              make package: Include a man/web directory with .url files for
              each manual page.

              test: Add -portrait to invocations of pstopnm in order to get
              proper round trips.

              Windows build: fix Ppmtompeg build failure in non-Cygwin build
              due to missing sys/utsname.h.

              Windows build: fix missing .exe on copies of programs under
              their old names.

13.12.26 BJH  Release 10.65.00

              pamfunc: add -changemaxval.

              pgmkernel: add -maxval.

              Recognize SIGPWR on systems that have it in messages
              about signal received.

              pstopnm: More rational default for landscape/portrait choice.
              In particular, if the image or page is square, image will always
              be in portrait (not rotated).

              brushtopbm: check for read errors, extraneous data after apparent
              end of image.

              pnmtops: Fix spurious blank line in asciihex encoding of the
              image raster.  Probably harmless.  Introduced in 10.56
              (September 2011).

              pnmtops: Fix crash with 12 bits per sample.  Introduced in 10.53
              (December 2010).  Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pnmtops: Fix bug: wrong output with -ascii85.  Introduced in
              10.63 (June 2013).

              pnmtops: Fix bug: wrong output with -rle.  Introduced in
              10.63 (June 2013).

              pnmtops: Fix bug: program hangs if it inherits lots of open
              files.  Introduced in 10.56 (September 2011).

              pnmtops: Fix bug: fails with message about waitpid() failing
              if invoked with SIGCHLD ignored.  Introduced in 10.56
              (September 2011).

              pbmtoepsi: fix handling of all-white image.  Always broken.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pbmtoepsi: fix excessively long raster line.  Always broken.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pnmshear: fix incorrect determination of background color.
              Always broken.

              ppmpat: fix crash with -squig with aspect ratio < 1:25 or
              > 25:1. Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.
              Always broken.

              pgmkernel: fix some pixels 1 less than they should be.

              pamgauss: Fix typo in message.

              Fix wild pointer dereference when memory allocation for a string
              fails.  Broken since 10.36 (September 2006).

              Build for big-endian machines: fix syntax error so it compiles.
              Introduced in 10.63 (June 2013).

              Fix compile failure on system such as OpenBSD that don't have
              SIGWINCH and SIGIO.  Broken since 10.49 (December 2009).

              Build: Use SSE2 vector instructions when compiling with Clang,
              as done already with GCC.

              Build: Use <emmintrin.h> interface for SSE intrinsics
              instead of GCC-specific versions.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              Build on system without vasprintf (not GNU libc): fix compiler

              Apple build: use vasprintf.

13.09.28 BJH  Release 10.64.00

              pngtopam: fix bug: ignores -gamma.  Introduced in 10.48
              (September 2009).

              libnetpbm, pnmpsnr, ppmcie on systems that don't use GNU C
              library: fix bogus printing of floating point numbers.

              test: fix ppmhist lack of sorting.

13.06.29 BJH  Release 10.63.00

              Add pamtowinicon, winicontopam.  Thanks Ludolf Holzheid

              pgmnoise: add -maxval, speed up.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              Perl programs: make them shell programs that reinvoke themselves
              as perl so we can get the Perl interpreter from the PATH.

              yuvtoppm: check for inconsistencies between specified
              width and height and size of input.

              411toppm: check for inconsistencies between specified
              width and height and size of input.

              Ignore -plain when program generates PAM.  Before, programs
              failed if the user specified -plain to a program that generates
              a PAM image.

              giftopnm: fix bug: erroneously claims GIF ends prematurely.
              Broken in Netpbm 10.38 (March 2007).  This affects all GIFs, but
              the problem does not manifest when Netpbm was built with Gcc
              from 2007 and later.

              pnmtops: Fix bug: only first image gets converted.  Broken in
              Netpbm 10.56 (September 2011).

              pnmtopng: fix bug: incorrect output when output should have
              an alpha mask.  Broken in Netpbm 10.55 (June 2011).  Thanks
              Ludolf Holzheid (lholzheid@bihl-wiedemann.de).

              pnmtopng: fix bug: output bigger than it needs to be when the
              input is a color format image that contains only gray.  Broken
              since at least Netpbm 10.26 (May 2001), but after 10.18
              (September 2003).  Thanks Ludolf Holzheid

              pnmremap (ergo pnmquant): fix bug: incorrect output with
              -norandom and floyd-steinberg dithering.  Always broken.
              (-norandom was introduced in Netpbm 10.39 (June 2007)).

              pamtilt: fix bug: incorrect output or invalid memory access
              crash.  Always broken (program was new in Netpbm 10.30
              (October 2005)).

              pnmpsnr: fix bug: says types aren't the same when they are.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.61 (December 2012).
              ppmtowinicon: fix bug: sometimes creates image truncated in the
              middle of the AND mask.  Always broken (program was new in
              Netpbm 9.3 (June 2000)).

              ppmtoxpm: fix bug: ignores inability to open the specified color
              dictionary file (-rgb) and just doesn't use color names.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.15 (April 2003).

              libnetpbm: fix bug: ppm_freecolornames() has wild pointer
              dereference when the color name table was generated empty
              because the color dictionary file was not openable.  ppmtoxpm
              suffers from this.  Broken in 10.15 (April 2003).

              libnetpbm: fix bug: pnm_readpaminit and pnm_writepaminit set
              'opacity_plane' member of struct pam incorrectly.  No Netpbm
              programs are affected.  Always broken (member was added in
              Netpbm 10.56 (September 2011)).

              sparc64 pbmtog3: fix bug that causes crash due to unaligned
              memory access.

              ppmforge. fix crash when -mesh is 1 or less.  Always broken
              (program was added in Pbmplus (October 1991).  Thanks 
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              ppmforge: fix array bounds violation.  Always broken (program
              was added in Pbmplus (October 1991).  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              install: fix Perl warning in installnetpbm.  Broken in 
              Netpbm 10.61.

              build: Use <stdbool.h> when available.

              build: fix problem with creating lib/util that already exists.
              Broken in Netpbm 10.62.

13.03.28 BJH  Release 10.62.00

              pnmtorast: set don't care bytes to zero to make output

              rasttopnm: add -dumpheader, dumpcolormap.

              pamstereogram: change -guidesize default from 10 to 20
              (relevant since Netpbm 10.61).

              rasttopnm: fix bug: incorrect output due to used-before-set
              variable.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.56 (September 2011).

              pamstereogram: fix bug: doesn't reject negative guidesize.
              Broken since Netpbm 10.61.

              pamstereogram: fix bug: garbage in -verbose listing.  Broken
              since Netpbm 10.61

              Windows MinGW build: various fixes.

12.12.30 BJH  Release 10.61.00

              pgmhist: Add -machine option.

              pgmhist: Add -median, -quartile, and -decile options.

              pamstereogram: Add -guidetop and -guidebottom options to replace
              trick where negative -guidesize means top, positive means
              bottom, absent means none.

              pamtojpeg2k: default to no compression ratio constraint and
              allow compression ratios less than 1.  Because of compression
              metadata, small images do require loss of quality in order to
              get down to a compression ratio of 1.

              pamstereogram: -smoothing smooths images even without -texfile.
              Thanks Scott Pakin (scott@pakin.org).

              pnmcat: set don't care bits in packed PBM output to zero so
              they are predictable.

              libpam, pamcomp: fix bug: treats tuple type GRAYSCALE_ALPHA like
              GRAYSCALE on 32-bit machine.  Actually, looks only at first 4
              characters (8 characters on machine with 64 bit addressess) of
              the tuple type.  Broken since Netpbm 10.56 (September 2011).

              pngtopam -alphapam with grayscale input: fix bug: generates
              invalid output: tuple type GRAYSCALE_ALPHA, but depth 1.  Depth
              should be 2.  Always broken (pngtopam was created in 
              Netpbm 10.44 (September 2008)).
              pamtotiff: fix bug: XRESOLUTION, YRESOLUTION, and RESOLUTIONUNIT
              not allowed in -tags.  Broken at least since Netpbm 10.35.

              pnmpsnr: fix crash when invoked (invalidly) with only one
              argument.  Always broken.

              leaftoppm: fix incorrect determination of whether input is
              Interleaf on 64 bit systems.  Always broken.

              cmuwmtopbm: fix incorrect determination of whether input is
              a CMU window manager bitmap on 64 bit systems.  Always broken.

              pnmmontage: fix totally wrong output.  Broken in Netpbm 10.44
              (August 2008).

              pnmmontage: fix random stuff placed in unoccupied space in the
              output image.  Always broken (program was new in Netpbm 9.10
              (January 2001).

              pbmpscale, pgmhist, pampick, pamtompfont: fix wild pointer in
              command line parsing.  Bug has always been there in pampick,
              pamtompfont, since Netpbm 10.50 (March 2010) in pbmpscale, since
              10.44 (September 2008) in pgmhist.

              xbmtopbm: fix incorrect output, memory leak.  Thanks Akira F
              Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              sunicontopnm: Fix incorrect output for depth 8.  Always broken
              (depth = 8 capability was added in Netpbm 10.53 (December 2010).

              pamgauss: Fix bug: erroneously says -maxval is too big on 64 bit
              system.  Always broken (Pamgauss was added in Netpbm 10.23 (July

              ppmpat: Fix bug: wrong output with -poles.  Broken in Netpbm
              10.47 (June 2009).

              Add tests.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

12.09.30 BJH  Release 10.60.00

              xpmtoppm: major speedup for 3-character-per pixel files,
              memory reduction for all files: use hash table instead of
              linear search or direct index, go row by row.

              xpmtoppm: fix bogus "color number too large" failure.  Broken
              in Netpbm 10.49 (December 2009).

              pnm_hashtuple: slight performance improvement from new hash
              function.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              ppmtospu: wild memory accesses.  Always broken (program added in
              Netpbm 10.58 (March 2012).

              pamtosrf: fix storage corruption.  Always broken (program added
              in Netpbm 10.55 (June 2011).

              Build: change _XOPEN_SOURCE 500 to 600 because on a Mac OSX
              Netpbm 10.8 system, this is necessary to get 'strdup' into

              Build: rename getline() in xpmtoppm.c to avoid collision
              with some libc.  Always broken.

              Build: Don't expect GCC facilities to exist when compiler is
              Clang.  (Note that Clang identifies itself as GCC).

12.06.28 BJH  Release 10.59.00

              pamtogif: Make data blocks 255 bytes instead of 254.  255 is
              the maximum allowed by GIF.  254 was intended to not trigger
              potential bugs in programs that read the file.

              ppmdraw: Add 'filledcircle' command class.  Thanks
              Elijah Griffin <eli@panix.com>.

              pamstereogram: Add -planes .  Thanks Scott Pakin

              pamstereogram: improve verbose output.  Thanks Scott Pakin

              pamstereogram: fix crash introduced in Netpbm 10.54 (March 2011).

              pamstereogram: fix crash introduced in Netpbm 10.53 (December

              Build: fix bug: declines to build pnmtops.  Broken in Netpbm

              Build: move -lm to end of -l's.  Broken at least since Netpbm

12.03.29 BJH  Release 10.58.00

              Add ppmtospu, 22 years late.

              pngtopam: fix incorrect output when PNG has 16 bits per pixel.
              Broken in Netpbm 10.56.

              pgmtexture: fix integer overflow in difference variance.
              Always broken.

              pgmtexture: fix array bounds violations in various calculations.
              Always broken.

              xpmtoppm: Make it work on XPM with zero characters per pixel.

              pm_make_tmpfile_fd: fix improper handling when unable to get
              memory to construct file name.

              ppmquantall: replace with pnmquantall and change from Bash
              to Perl.

              Windows/Mingw: fix bug: temporary file creation fails
              consistently.  Broken in Netpbm 10.34.

              Windows/Mingw: set binary mode on files.

              Windows: compute program name correctly.

              configure: work around Perl bug that causes 'configure' to
              falsely conclude Svgalib is installed.

              Build: Use rand/srand instead of random/srandom because the
              latter are not present in Mingw builds.

              Build: fix bug finding X libraries for merge buildl

              Build: redo conditional compilation of Windows to use
              MSVCRT, based on _WIN32, instead of WIN32.

              Build, Windows: various fixes.

              Build: use Pkgconfig to find libxml2 if it works (fall back
              to xml2-config).

11.12.30 BJH  Release 10.57.00

              pnmnorm: add -midvalue, -middle .

              pngtopam: fix crash with invalid tIME chunk.  Always broken.

              pamarith: fix wrong result with -multiply.  Broken in Neptbm

              pamscale: fix all black output with resampling.  Always broken.

              Build: don't use <alloca.h>.

11.09.28 BJH  Release 10.56.00

              Add pamexec.  Thanks Michael Pot <fmw@actrix.co.nz>.

              pbmclean: add -extended.  Idea from kugland@gmail.com.

              rasttopnm: add -index.

              pamcomp: Retain opacity information from underlying image.

              pnmtops: Add PBM fast path.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              libnetpbm and most programs that use color maps: speedup with
              new color hash function.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              pnmquant: use File::Temp::tempfile() instead of local
              approximation if it is available.

              pnmquant: work with older Perl that doesn't have 3-argument open.
              Thanks Slaven Rezic <srezic@iconmobile.com>.

              pamscale: Issue error message instead of ignoring extraneous

              libnetpbm, many programs: fix bug in pm_allocarray(): returns
              NULL when can't get memory.  Calling programs thus crash on
              very large images.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.51.
              pnmtopng: fix bug: with -alpha specifying a mask which contains
              no fully transparent area, output PNG is fully opaque.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.29.

              pnmtops: fix message: says "from top edge" where it means
              "from bottom edge."

              ppmcie: fix bug: fails with "X coordinate out of range" error.
              Introduced in Neptbm 10.51.

              bmptopnm: Fail properly with BMP that indicates an illegal bits
              per pixel.

              Build: To find libpng, use the Pkgconfig database entry instead
              of libpng-config if it is available.

              Build: pnmtops: Instead of omitting pnmtops from the build when
              there is no libz, just omit ability to create flate-compressed
              output from pnmtops.

11.06.29 BJH  Release 10.55.00

              Add pamtosrf, srftopam.  Thanks Mike Frysinger

              pgmtexture: fix wrong sum variance result.  Wrong since the
              beginning.  Thanks Francois P. S. Luus <fpsluus@gmail.com>.

              pamrubber: fix crash.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.54.

              libnetpbm: pm_system(): fix bug - program always takes
              Standard Input from invoker's Standard Input when you don't
              supply a Standard Output accepter.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.40.

              ppmtobmp: fix bug: crash ("internal error") or bogus failure or
              incorrect output on image without palette (e.g. black and
              white).  Introduced in Netpbm 10.54.

              pnmtops: fix floating point exception or bogus width/height
              too large error.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.53.

              pnmcat: Fix garbage output when multiple input image are from
              Standard Input (now it just fails gracefully).

              Build: Use 'pkg-config' to find X libraries if possible (This
              works with modern Xorg installations).

              Build: pnmtopng, pamrgbatopng compile with newer libpng,
              as they no longer refer to private members of the pnginfo

              Build: fix undefined "strsol" and "vsnprintfN" failure on
              systems without vasprintf().  Introduced in Netpbm 10.53.

              Build: fix compiler warning in pbmtocmuwm.

              configure: fix selection of mingw compiler.  Introduced in
              Netpbm 10.48.

11.03.30 BJH  Release 10.54.00

              Add pamrubber.  Thanks Willem van Schaik <willem@schaik.com>.

              Add ppmtoapplevol.  Thanks Matthew Garrett

              Add pamwipeout.  Thanks Willem van Schaik <willem@schaik.com>.

              pngtopam: add -byrow.

              pnmtopclxl: add -embedded.

              pgmtoascii: Truncates instead of undefined behavior if input
              image is wider than specified width.

              Add libpamd (PAM version of classic libppmd drawing routines).

              Rename pbmtoicon to pbmtosunicon, to go with change
              of icontopbm to sunicontopnm in Netpbm 10.53.

              g3topbm: correct error message: codes go up to 13 bits.

              pamstereogram: fix crash when not doing texture.

              pgmtoascii: Fix numerous output bugs.

              pngtopam: fix bug: -verbose reports history chunk present when
              it's really a palette.

              pnmpsnr: fix bug: says PGM images differ when they don't
              and vice versa.

10.12.30 BJH  Release 10.53.00

              Add pammosaicknit.  Thanks Scott Pakin.

              pstopnm: Add -textalphabits, default Ghostscript TextAlphaBits
              to 4.

              pngtopam: include tuple type in output.  Thanks
              Thomas Henlich <thenlich@users.sourceforge.net>.

              sunicontopnm: Understands Depth=8.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              sunicontopnm: Validate header.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              bmptopnm: Don't crash on invalid zero value of image height in
              the BMP header of a compressed file.  Always broken.
              bmptopnm: don't crash on large invalid value of 'colorsused' in
              the BMP header.  Introduced in Netpbm 9.11.

              pm_mallocarray2: fix wild pointers when image is too big to fit
              in a single chunk of malloc memory.  Affects many Netpbm
              programs.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.51.00.

              ilbmtoppm: Don't crash on image that has a transparent color
              index, but no color map.

              sunicontopnm: fix for 32 bit items in input.  Thanks Akira F
              Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              sunicontopnm: fix arithmetic overflows.  Thanks Akira F
              Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              icontopbm: rename to sunicontopnm.

              pamstereogram: Add mapped texture stereogram option.
              Thanks Scott Pakin.

              pamstereogram: slight change to dpi and eye separation defaults.
              invert near/far dark/light association.  Thanks Scott Pakin.

              pnmtops: Fix incorrect output with -flate.  Thanks Akira F
              Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              sgitopnm: Fix arithmetic overflow on -channel option.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              sgitopnm: Fix crash with -channel on verbatim SGI image.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              fitstopnm: Deal properly with NaN in input image.

              pm_floatFromBigendFloat, pm_doubleFromBigendFloat, fitstopnm:
              fix corrupted output.  Broken in Netpbm 10.46.

              pamtopdbimg: fix corrupted output image.  Thanks Scott Pakin.

              pdbimgtopam: fix corrupted output image.  Thanks Scott Pakin.

              pnmtops: fix arithmetic overflows.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              Rename all external symbols that don't have a Netpbm prefix
              to start with "pm_": shhopt, nstring, nsleep.  Eliminate
              createBlackTuple -- pnmCreateBlackTuple already existed.

              libnetpbm: Change shared library major number to 11 because
              of above renaming.

              build: include -lm in build of pamtopdbimg, pdbimgtopam.

              configure: Make warnings stand out more.

              configure: Fix crash when libpng test compile fails.

10.09.26 BJH  Release 10.52.00

              Add pamtopdbimg, pdbimgtopam.

              Add pamrecolor.  Thanks Scott Pakin.

              anytopnm: Use 'pngtopam' shell command instead of 'pngtopnm'.

              pnmtopng:  -libversion doesn't report level of linked libz.
              It was a modularity violation and caused build failures on
              Mac OS X, because pnmtopng per se doesn't know about libz --
              it's used by libpng.

              libnetpbm: add pm_readbiglong2, pm_readbiglong2u,
              pm_readlittlelong2, pm_readlittlelong2u: These use the proper
              32 bit integer types instead of "long".  (But the old ones
              still work in legacy code because long is always at least 32

              pnmconvol: fix reversed sense of -nooffset.  Introduced in
              Netpbm 10.49.

              ppmtompeg: fix crash with free of unallocated memory.
              Broken after Netpbm 10.18, not later than 10.26.

              Build: fix parallel make - multiple simultaneous attempts to
              build lib/util/importinc.

              Build: don't fail due to SIGRTMIN, SIGRTMAX being undefined.

              Build: don't expect snprintf() to exist.

              Build: don't use <strings.h> or bzero().

              Build: fix PNGVER.  Thanks Matthew Fischer

10.06.27 BJH  Release 10.51.00

              Add ppmtoascii.  Thanks "Frank Ch. Eigler" <fche@elastic.org>.

              pnmtops: Add -bitsperpixel option.

              pamx: Make exit status 0 instead of 10 when window manager
              requests termination.

              pnmsmooth: Respect -plain.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              pnmsmooth: Don't display pnmconvol messages (i.e. run
              pnmconvol with -quiet).

              pamflip: speedup for PBM.  Use SSE2 and skip some idempotent
              pixel movement.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              anytopnm: recognize "PC bitmap" in 'file' response as BMP.
              (in addition to existing "PC bitmap data").

              libnetpbm, various PBM programs: Use SSE insted of MMX.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pbmtext/libpbmfont: Fix wild pointer; probably asymptomatic.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.39.

              pbmtext/libpbmfont: Fix some error messages for bad fonts.

              pbmtext/libpbmfont: fix crash with a BDF font with negative
              left or bottom border.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.39.

              pamarith: fix memory leak.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.41.

              pnm_bytespersample(): fix bogus assertion on 64 bit system.

              pnmtops: fix bug: 12 bits per sample output when 8 would do.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.40.

              palmtopnm: fix for pixel size 16.  Thanks Paul Bolle

              pnmsmooth: Fail politely when convolution matrix is so
              large as to bust the system's program parameter size limit
              on the invocation of pnmconvol.

              avstopam: fix incorrect output.

              pnmsmooth: fix arithmetic overflow with absurdly large
              convolution matrix dimensions.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              pnmsmooth: fix wild pointer: causes wrong arguments to
              'pnmconvol'.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.50.  Thanks Akira F
              Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pamscale: fix -reduce.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.27 (March 2005).

              pampaintspill: fix incorrect output.

              libnetpbm text drawing: fix incorrect output in all cases.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.47.

              libnetpbm line drawing: fix bogus assertion, introduced in
              Netpbm 10.47.

              build: fix incorrect determination of when vasprintf() exists
              in libc.

              configure: don't default to /usr/X11R6/lib/libX11.so just because
              /usr/X11R6 exists.  /usr/X11R6/lib must exist.

10.03.27 BJH  Release 10.50.00

              Add pamtoavs, avstopam.  Thanks Scott Pakin.

              Add pampaintspill.

              pnmconvol: Add -normalize .

              pm_system(): Close extraneous file descriptors that, among
              other things, prevent child from seeing EOF.

              libnetpbm: Add PNM_GETR(), PNM_GETG(), PNM_GETB().  Same
              as PPM_GETR(), etc.

              libnetpbm: Add ppm_luminosity().  Same as PPM_LUMIN, but
              returns pixval.

              pnmhisteq: Equalize based on luminosity alone, rather than a
              strange combination of luminosity and HSV value.

              pamenlarge: Make special fast path for scale factors up to 10
              (2, 3, and 5 already existed).  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              pamflip: Speed up for most images.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              ybmtopbm: Assume YBM format has raster in natural order
              instead of byte-reversed.  This is what pbmtoybm creates,
              and is most logical.  We don't know if there are any existing
              YBM images or generators of them other than pbmtoybm.

              pbmpscale: speedup.

              pbmclean: speedup.

              pbmtext: fix crash when BDF font file contains spurious
              blank line.  Ignore such blank lines.
              pbmpscale: fix arithmetic overflow on output image dimensions.

              pbmtogem, pbmtoybm, pgmtolispm, ppmtoilbm, pnmtosgi: fix
              arithmetic overflow with image dimension represented as
              16 bit integer.

              pbmpage: fix garbage output.

              pnmhistmap: Fix crash with -width.  Always broken.

              libppmd/ppmpat: fix wild pointer in ppmd_fill_drawprocp();
              broken in Netpbm 10.47.

              palmtopnm: fix incorrect "PALM_DIRECT_COLOR_FLAG is not valid
              for version 3 encoding type" failure.  Thanks Paul Bolle

              pamtosvg: fix bug: occasional crash with out of range error.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.42.

              palmtopnm: fix incorrect output with version 3 direct color.
              Thanks Paul Bolle <pebolle@tiscali.nl>.

              Build: don't fail due to SIGPWR being undefined.

09.12.30 BJH  Release 10.49.00

              Add pnmmercator.

              pnmconvol: Add -matrix, -matrixfile.

              pambayer: add -nointerpolate.

              jpeg2ktopam: Work with JP2 input as well as JPC.

              pamscale: Work on multi image stream.

              ppmrainbow: Make new directory for temporary files.
              Prevents interference by other user who shares the main
              temporary file directory.

              libnetpbm: When reading plain format PNM with PAM routines,
              validate pixel against maxval (necessary for integer non-overrun

              pnmsmooth: change -dump option to output a new pnmconvol
              -matrix option instead of a PGM file (because pnmsmooth now
              uses -matrix).

              pnmtofiasco: fix bug: doesn't work with Standard Input.

              pnmsmooth: fix incorrect call to pm_system_lp() that makes
              it never work (but it wouldn't anyway because pm_system_lp()
              was broken -- see below).

              pm_system*: fix various bugs making it never work.

              xpmtoppm: fix wild pointer with color index > 127.

              xpmtoppm: fix wild pointer when the input has a color index
              value that is too large to be consistent with the number of
              colors and bytes per pixel.

              pamtouil: fix crash when -name option doesn't contain an
              pamtosvg: fix some bug with unset Z coordinate.

              pnmtofiasco, fiascotopnm: fix bug on bigendian machine.

              pngtopam: use png_create_read_struct() instead of
              png_create_write_struct().  Broken since Netpbm 10.48.

              configure: advise if adding -lz -lm fixes libpng link problem.

              makeman: some fixes or enhancements.

09.09.27 BJH  Release 10.48.00

              ppmsvgalib: Wait to initialize Svgalib to prevent it from
              interfering with error messages early code might issue, and
              leaving the console in an undesirable state if the failures
              cause the program to abort early.

              tifftopnm: wait for Pamflip processes to terminate before

              Remove pngtopnm from the package.  Pngtopnm is now an alias
              for Pngtopam.

              pngtopam, pnmtopng: Compiles with libpng 1.4 beta.

              pamtotiff: do miniswhite properly with 8 and 16 bit samples.

              pamsumm: fix syntax error message.

              pambayer: fix unconditional crash/failure when you aren't using
              Standard Input.

              Add pbmtocis, cistopbm.  Thanks John Elliott

              Build: tifftopnm builds on systems without fork().

              Build: work with JPEG library Version 7.

              Build: Configure recognizes libvga.a installed without
              libvga.so and offers that as default.

              Build: Configure recognizes the Mingw-64 compiler.

              Build: fix failure of a merge build on a system that doesn't
              have the PNG library.

              Build: fix failure to recognize static library in omitting
              -R from link.

              Build: use AR from config.mk instead of "ar" to build static
              libraries: libnetpbm, librle, libjasper.

              Build: don't use "uint".

              Package: fix installation of pnmplain on Windows (.exe suffix).

09.06.27 BJH  Release 10.47.00

              Add pamsistoaglyph.  Thanks Scott Pakin.

              pnmpsnr: Use more precise math to conclude that images are

              Add /usr/share/netpbm/rgb.txt to search path for color

              Remove nstring.h from exported interfaces.

              giftopnm: improve efficiency.

              libppmd: Add ppmd_point-based functions (ppmd_linep(), etc).

              pnmremap: fix: -firstisdefault uses an arbitrary color from the
              map as default.

              pnmremap: fix -missingcolor:  where map file (ergo output) is not
              depth 3, uses an arbitrary color.

              pnmremap: fix loss of dithering when the map (and thus the
              output) has lower maxval than the input.  (Old code scales down
              to the new maxval before dithering).

              giftopnm: fix for unlikely case of a block smaller than a code.

              ppmpat: fix crash in -squig.

              ppmpat: fix crash when width or height is zero.

              ppmpat: fix wrong output with -poles.

              libppmd (ppmpat, ppmdraw): Fix various out of bounds number

              ilbmtoppm: fix some bug in interpreting ILBM input.
              (due to wrong pm_uintFromBigend16()).  From Netpbm 10.46.

              ximtoppm: fix crash in command line processing.

              ppmrainbow: exit with proper exit status upon failure.
              ppmfade: eliminate reference to undeclared subroutine.

              ppmquantall: don't use 'set' to set Bourne shell variable.

              pnmtile: fix reference to arbitrary storage in option
              processing.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.42.

              pamstereogram: fix tuple type in output file (and crash
              with -verbose) with -patfile .

              pamstereogram: fix uninitialized bytes per sample value.

              pbmtomacp: fix buffer overflow.

              libnetpbm (ppmd): fix: don't ignore failure to read font file.

              Fix: remove inclusion of pm_c_util.h from sshopt.h, which is
              an exported interface header file, whereas pm_c_util.h is not.

              Lots of changes to integer code, bit access, word access, etc.
              None functional.  Some speedup.

              make distclean: remove lib/compile.h.
              configure: use TEMP environment variable for TMPDIR if TMPDIR
              is not set.  Don't try different temp file names forever; the
              problem may not be the filename.

              configure: offer Gcc as an optional compiler for HP-UX.

09.03.29 BJH  Release 10.46.00

              xwdtopnm: Add -cmapdump .

              xwdtopnm: Change maxval calculation for truecolor to fit
              X11 spec.  Now it's determined by bits_per_rgb.

              xwdtopnm: Add warning about 2 byte sample output.
              pnmcrop: fast path for PBM.

              pnmcrop: Use border file instead of original image to determine
              the background color (i.e. the color of added margins).

              pnmscale: finally make it just an alias of pamscale, which
              obsoleted it in Netpbm 10.20.
              pnmcut: finally make it just an alias of pamcut, which
              obsoleted it in Netpbm 9.20.

              tifftopnm: fix orientation problem on big-endian machines.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.42.

              pnmcrop: various fixes.

              g3topbm: fix array bound violation.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.32.

              pnmcat: fix array bound violation with PBM top/bottom
              concatenation.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.44.

              ilbmtoppm: Fix array bound violation with compressed ILBM.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.18.

              fitstopnm: fix garbage output when input is little endian
              floating point FITS.

              picttoppm: Fix crash with -fullres and all-text PICT image.
              Also issue warning that program omits text with -fullres.

              picttoppm: Improve error/informational messages.

              picttoppm: Don't fail if 'fontdir' file doesn't exist.  Bug
              from Netpbm 10.44.

              ppmtopict: Use two-byte length field when image width > 200
              instead of > 250.  Former is what Picttoppm has been assuming
              since March 2004, when it was found to work better than 250,
              which is the number documented as right.

              ilbmtoppm: fix bug: appends color map PPM to output if input
              has color map; fails if input doesn't have color map.  Broken
              in Netpbm 10.18.

              leaftoppm: fix bug: uses red channel as all three channels;
              (produces grayscale output).  Broken between Netpbm 10.19 and
              10.26, inclusive.

              pbmtomrf, mrftopbm: fix crashes, incorrect output in all
              cases.  Broken forever.

              pnm_alloctupletable, pnm_tuplehashtotable,
              pnm_computetuplefreqtable3: fix crash when out of memory,
              memory leak with uncomputably large numbers.

              build: rename getline() in xvminitoppm.c to avoid collision
              with libc.

              Source tree: split out some of editor/ directory into new
              editor/specialty directory.

08.12.28 BJH  Release 10.45.00

              pgmnoise: Add -randomseed.

              ppmtobmp: Add -mapfile option.

              pnm_createBlackTuple(): Fix array bounds violation with
              PBM, PGM.

              pnmtoddif: Fix crash with any PGM input.

              pgmnoise: Fix bug: never generates full white pixel.

              pamditherbw: Fix -value other than .5 with -fs, -atkinson.

              Configure: fix crash when Libxml2 is installed, but not new
              enough version.

              Build: Use GNU compile options for Darwin.

              Build: Move CFLAGS later in libjasper and librle build so that a
              -I in CFLAGS doesn't interfere with finding the local libjasper
              and Netpbm header files.

              Build: Move LDFLAGS later so that a -L in LDFLAGS doesn't
              interfere with finding the built libnetpbm.  (The common
              link rule is already this way in Netpbm 10.44.00; all the other
              link rules are now the same).

              Build: Rename Makefile.common, Makefile.config, to common.mk,

              Build: Add source type declarations to make -ansi compile work.

08.09.27 BJH  Release 10.44.00

              Add pngtopam as a replacement for pngtopnm.  Has ability
              to generate image with alpha channel.  Thanks 
              David Jones <drj@ravenbrook.com>.

              pnmcolormap (pnmquant): round instead of truncating when
              computing means.

              pamcut, pnmcat, pnmpaste, pnmpad, g3topbm: Add fast PBM
              path.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pnmpaste: fail if user specified stdin for both images.

              libppmd/ppmdraw: fix crash when line is completely out of

              pamgradient: fix bug: always produces color, not grayscale.

              pnm_backgroundxel(), pnm_backgroundxelrow() (affects
              pnmrotate, pnmshear, pnmcrop, pnmcat: correctly average
              corner colors to determine background (fill) color.

              pamcut: don't crash when cutting a region entirely to
              the left or right of the input image, with -pad.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pamcut: don't crash when left > right or top > bottom with
              -pad.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pgmhist: arbitrary output when total pixels doesn't fit in an

              pamcomp: fix bug: arbitrary output when combined number of rows
              doesn't fit in an integer.

              pamtosvg: remove "needed exchange" debug trace.

              Add pbmminkowski (source code has been in package since Netpbm
              10.12 but not documented or built by default).

              pnmmontage: don't corrupt file names when they contain

              pamflip: fix bug: garbage output for PBMs, since Netpbm 10.42.

              pngtopnm: fix gamma correction.

              pngtopnm: fix bug: when background is color, output
              should be PPM.

              pamperspective: fix bug: array bounds violation crash.

              Build: add dependencies so parallel make of top level
              "all" works.

08.06.27 BJH  Release 10.43.00

              Add pamtompfont: Mplayer bitmap font.

              pamthreshold: copy transparency information from input to

              pnmnorm: adjust bvalue, wvalue when -bpercent and/or -wpercent
              would cause an overlap, instead of failing.

              pamscale: fix PBM input + -nomix.

              anytopnm: fix parsing of type description.

              pamtilt: fix crash with excessive angle.

              pbmtext: remove meaningless "no output" from error messages.

              pbm_loadbdffont(): handle zero size glyph.  Affects pbmtext.

              pbmtext: fail properly if input contains no text.

              pbmtext: fix buffer overrun with tab characters.

              pnmnorm: fix -colorvalue, -saturation, -keephues options.

              pnmnorm: fix resolution of conflicting -wpercent and -wvalue.

              pamtohtmltbl: fix output error: contains holes due to
              uninitialized memory.

              xvminitoppm: fix.  Totally broken since Netpbm 10.34.

              pnmtopclxl: fix crash with Standard Input input.

              pbmtogo: fix buffer overrun with too wide image.

              tgatoppm: fix standard input invocation.

              pamtotga: fix free of unallocated memory with no -name option.

              pamtouil: fix double free of memory.

              ppmd_filledrectangle: fail properly on negative image
              height, width.

              Add back ppmd_fill_init() for backward compatibility;
              removed in Netpbm 10.29.

              Build: make it work with Gcc 4.3 and -sse.

08.03.26 BJH  Release 10.42.00

              anytopnm: Recognize xwd image by 'file' type.

              pamflip: Rewrite low-memory algorithm; use temp files and
              conserve virtual as well as real memory.

              tifftopnm: orient raster properly in row-by-row operation
              when TIFF uses nonstandard raster orientation.  (ORIENTATION

              pbmtext: fail cleanly if -width, -space, or -lspace is
              too large for computation.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              pnmmargin: don't crash with zero margin request.

              pnmtile: deal with zero width/height.

              pbmtext: fix negative -space.

              pbmtext: fail cleanly if input line is > 5000 characters.

              pamundice: Fix bogus error about missing "-instem" option.

              pgmdeshadow: fix crash in option processing.

              pgmmedian: fix crash.

              pgmbentley: fix output; black areas not black.

              pamtosvg: fix various bugs: crash, poor tracing, memory leaks.

              pamtosvg: fix log file name with Standard Input.
              ppmtoarbtxt: fix array bounds violation with really large
              replacement sequence.

              ppmtoarbtxt: fix missing right parenthesis with impostor
              replacement sequence.

              pnmnlfilt: fix internal error "impossible alpha value".

              Add pm_tmpfile_fd() and pm_make_tmpfile_fd().

              Various things to make it build on Windows without POSIX

              Build: Include LDFLAGS environment variable in link of
              build tools.
07.12.27 BJH  Release 10.41.00

              pamenlarge: much faster for PBM.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              pamenlarge: remove arithmetic overflow.

              pnmmontage: new search algorithm to choose square
              output quickly.  Thanks "Nic Roets" <nroets@gmail.com>.

              bmptopnm: fix crash with 16 bit images.

              palmcolor8.map: Make it a 256 color map sorted by index,
              per Palm's spec.  Thanks Paul Bolle <pebolle@tiscali.nl>.

              xwdtopnm: deal with too-large bits per pixel value in XWD 

              pamditherbw, pamsharpness, pamsharpmask, pamtopfm:
              fix crash due to write to arbitrary memory.

              pamtotiff: fix incorrect pixels with PNM maxval != TIFF

              pnmcrop: fix -verbose message about background color with

              pbmmake: handle ridiculously large height, width arguments.

              pnmcat: fix arithmetic overflow.

              libnetpbm: Add arithmetic overflow protection to PBM
              routines, like PGM/PPM/PNM have had for a long time.

              libnetpbm: make all row free operations go through
              pm_freerow(); change row buffer type from char * to void *
              for pm_allocrow(), pm_freerow().

              set _XOPEN_SOURCE=600 so jpeg2ktopam and pamtojpeg2k
              compile on AIX (_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 keeps int_fast32_t from
              being defined).

              pamperspective: Eliminate build-time symbol conflict
              with 'nearest' on AIX.

              Fix bug: ppmdraw.h, ppmdfont.h not installed.

              Add -fPIC to all Gcc compiles of library modules, so it works
              on AMD64, IA64.

              Add Windows version of gethostname to ppmtompeg; normal build
              does not use it.

              package, install: install interface header files as
              <netpbm/xxx.h> instead of just <xxx.h>.

07.09.26 BJH  Release 10.40.00

              pamfunc: Add -andmask, -ormask, -xormask, -not,
              -shiftleft, -shiftright.

              pbmtonokia: fail if input is > 255 x 255.  Thanks Paul Bolle

              pnmmargin: add -plain option.    Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pnmgamma: improve error messages.

              pamstack: accept Standard Input properly.

              pnmmargin: recognize invalid options better.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              anytopnm, pnmmargin, pamstretch-gen, ppmquantall: fix
              small temporary file security exposure.

              pnmtopalm: fix typo in error message.  Thanks Paul Bolle

              pnmtops: fix crash when program attempts to write 12 bits per
              sample Postscript.  It doesn't really know how to do that, so
              now it just writes 8 unless you do -psfilter.

              pnmtopng: Sort palette properly when alpha maxval != 255.

              pnmtopng: Fix array bound violation with = 256 colors and -alpha.

              pnmtopng: Fix array bound violation with > 256 alpha mask levels.

              pamtopfm: Fix wrong selection of default endianness.

              libnetpbm: Add pm_system_lp(), pm_system_vp().

              libnetpbm: Make pbm_readpbminit() and pgm_readpgminit()
              recognize incompatible Netpbm formats and issue a
              helpful error message.

              libnetpbm: pbm_readppminit: read PBM as maxval of 255, not 1.

              libnetpbm: Fix pm_drain() to use the specified limit.
              Thanks Paul Bolle <pebolle@tiscali.nl>.

              libnetpbm: Fix multi-line TUPLTYPE interpretation:
              separate lines with blank, not newline.  Thanks Paul
              Bolle <pebolle@tiscali.nl>.

              libnetpbm: Reject empty TUPLTYPE header.

              libnetpbm: Fix uninitialized variable in pnm_allocpamrown().

              libnetpbm: fix crash in REALLOCARRAY with advanced optimization.

              libnetpbm: REALLOCARRAY frees memory if it fails.

              Rename pamtooctave to pamtooctaveimg.

              Build: don't build pstopnm on system without unix process

              Build: put -l's after .o's in test links.

              Build: don't use 'uint' type.  Solaris 10 apparently doesn't
              have it.

              Build: Add missing <stdlib.h> to ppmrough.c.

07.06.26 BJH  Release 10.39.00

              Add pamtooctave.  Thanks Scott Pakin (scott@pakin.org).

              Add pamundice.

              fitstopnm: add -omaxval.

              pnmremap: add -norand.

              pbmtext: improve error messages about fonts.

              pamtofits: fix -min, -max.

              fitstopnm: fix BITPIX = -32.

              PAM_STRUCT_SIZE: cast pointer to ulong instead of uint.

              pamthreshold: fix totally bogus threshold selection with
              simple thresholding.

              Configure: do test compile for missing Libxml2 and too old

              Configure: fix bug detecting presence of libvga with

              Configure: build properly for Mac OSX when user says
              libnetpbm will be in the default search path.

              Build: don't use 'uint' type.  Mac OSX apparently doesn't
              have it.

07.03.30 BJH  Release 10.38.00
              Add pamfixtrunc.

              pamtogif: Add -aspect.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pamditherbw: Add -atkinson.

              pammixinterlace: Add -filter and fir and ffmpeg filters.
              Thanks Bruce Guenter <bruce@untroubled.org>.

              pammixinterlace: Add -adaptive.
              Thanks Bruce Guenter <bruce@untroubled.org>.

              pambackground: recognize mid-row background.

              ppm3d: Change default offset to zero columns.

              ppm3d: Add -color option.

              ppm3d: Add -offset option as alternative to offset argument.

              jpegtopnm: Add -repair option.

              giftopnm: Add -repair option.

              xwdtopnm: use pm_drain() to catch some format

              pamtogif: Speed up for monochrome images.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pamtogif: Speed up for small images by using smaller
              hash table (so smaller memory footprint).  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              libnetpbm: add pm_drain().
              libnetpbm: shhopt: reject signed number as value for
              OPT_UINT option.

              libnetpbm: in the "no such option" error message, say what
              the valid options are.

              libnetpbm: Embellish "bad magic number" error message.

              pnmremap: fix incorrect output with map file deeper than
              input file.

              xwdtopnm: fix right edge padding for 24 bit per pixel,
              32 bit per item images.

              xwdtopnm: update assumptions about format for direct color
              images to match an image we found.

              pnmtopclxl: fix -feeder, -outtray options.  Thanks
              "Eric K. Olson" <olson@mauicomputing.com>.

              picttoppm: Fix wild memory reference in all use cases.

              picttoppm: Fix for multi-pixel-per-byte image in which
              it says the image has a row that is too long (because of

              pamtogif: fix crash with -mapfile.

              ppmtogif: handle case that map file and input file are not
              the same depth, as was the case with the original ppmtogif.
              Run the input through pnmremap.

              pamtoxvmini: fix bug: produces garbage when maxval is
              not 255.

              pamtoxvmini: fix crash.

              libnetpbm: fix buffer overrun with PBM images < 8 columns.

              libnetpbm: fix crash with PBM images < 8 columns on MMX/SSE

              pamtogif: fail properly if image to wide or high for GIF.

              ppmdraw: fix crash with use of freed storage.  Thanks
              John Walker <kelvin@fourmilab.ch>.

              libnetpbm: fix crash with PAM read as PNM.

              installnetpbm: use 2-argument open() for old Perl.
              configure: fix choice of default library suffix.

              configure: default to 'none' for Svgalib if it doesn't appear
              to be installed.

06.12.31 BJH  Release 10.37.00

              Add pambackground.  But doesn't find mid-row background yet.

              pnmcrop, pamtopnm: work on multi-image stream.
              Thanks Erik Auerswald <auerswal@unix-ag.uni-kl.de>.

              pnmshear: add -background.  Thanks Erik Auerswald

              ppmtogif: replace with pamtogif.  Fix garbage output with

              pbmtoxbm: add -name option.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              ppmshift, ppmspread, ppmforge, pgmnoise, pgmcrater: better
              randomization; won't produce the same image if you run it
              twice within the same second.

              pbmtoxbm: Use packed PBM functions for efficiency.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.
              xbmtopbm: Use packed PBM functions for efficiency.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              cmuwmtopbm, mgrtopbm, pbmtocmuwm, pbmtoicon, pbmtomgr:
              Use packed PBM functions for efficiency.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              libnetpbm: add pnm_colorname().

              libnetpbm: add pnm_computetuplefreqtable3().  Has ability
              to limit number of planes of input considered.

              libpam: better checking of sufficient size of struct pam
              in pnm_writepaminit().

              pnm_readpaminit(): abort instead of crash if width == 0.

              pnmtopng: fix transparency optimization on PPM input.
              pnmrotate: fix -background option with PGM/PBM input.

              pamx: fix bug with X depth = 0.

              pamx: fix bug: incorrect display of one-plane input image.

              libnetpbm: fix bogus results from ppm_parsecolor() of
              rgb:0/0/0 style color name.

              pbmtoxbm, pbmtox10bm: merge.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pbmtox10bm: Fix generation of name in XBM file.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pbmtextps: Fix buffer overrun -- typical symptom: extra
              text generated.

              ppmchange: Fix bug with -closeness and not -remainder or
              vice versa.

              pgmtoppm: Fix garbage output with -map and input maxval
              != map maxval.

              pbmtext: Fix crash when there is only one character.

              pnmnlfilt: Give proper error message for syntax errors.

              ppmtompeg: fix reading of GOPs.  Thanks Alun Jones.

              Fix pamcomp: due to use of undefined value, sometimes produces
              plain format.

              Fix pamperspective: read all of input.

              Fix libnetpbm pm_system(): don't hang if shell command quits
              before taking all the input.

              Build: Configure does test links to detect broken
              libpng-config --ldflags.

              Build: Fix some compile failures with Irix IDO compiler.

              Build: fix Darwin (Mac OS X) build.

              Configure: fix default for X library location.

              Build: remove unnecessary limit of 200 characters on
              argument length in Libopt.

              Build: fix build with separate build directory.

              Build: fix merge build with no X11 library.

06.09.21 BJH  Release 10.36.00

              pbmtonokia: Add plain NPM output capability.  Thanks Paul Bolle

              pbmtonokia: Pad to 8 bytes.  Thanks Paul Bolle

              pbmtonokia: Limit text to 120 bytes.  Thanks Paul Bolle

              pamthreshold: don't gather global information, and reread
              file, for local thresholding (to save time, resources).
              Thanks Erik Auerswald <auerswal@unix-ag.uni-kl.de>.

              libnetpbm: BK color matching adjustments, change of
              enum bk_color.  Thanks "Kenan Kalajdzic"

              Fix version number control.

              pbmtonokia: fix headers of NGG and NOL to include 3 character

              Release allocated memory before longjmping from libnetpbm.

              Eliminate pm_perror() in favor of informative error messages.

              libnetpbm: fix rgb:r/g/b color name parsing for invalid

              Add pm_errormsg(), pm_setusererrormsg(), pm_setusermessage().

              pm_accept_to_pamtuples: fix bug: fill in pam structure.
              Thanks "Christian Schlotter" <schlotter@users.sourceforge.net>.

              Fix selection of MMX_SSE fastpath based on GNU compiler version

              Properly clean thinkjettopbm.c with 'make distclean'.

              Remove some generated files from release so build works.

              Remove general history from change file

06.08.19 BJH  Release 10.35.00

              Add pgmdeshadow.

              giftopnm: add -quitearly.

              pamfile: add -comments.

              ppmdraw: remove limitation on size of script.

              pnm_readpaminit(), pnm_writepaminit(): Add comment control.

              ppmtogif: do one row at a time.

              Pnmtopng: improve validation of -modtime option.

              Look in /usr/share/X11 instead of /usr/openwin/lib for

              ppmtompeg: die properly when frame is less than 16x16.

              ppmdraw: fix bug with semicolon in script not followed by
              white space.

              libppmd (ppmdraw, ppmlabel): don't crash with horizontal
              or vertical line that is entirely out of frame.

              picttoppm: Fix 32 bit per pixel conversion, broken in 10.34.

              pamthreshold: fix read from pipe.

              Fix typo in make file that makes svgtopam get built
              when Libxml2 is not available.

              pnm_computetuplefreqhash(), pnm_computetuplefreqtable2():
              Don't crash on error without pm_setjmp().

              Change memmem() to memmem_internal() in cameratopam/identify.c
              to avoid collision with system library.

              Use __MINGW32__ to determine HAVE_MKSTEMP (instead of manual).

              Eliminate use of network functions for endianness computations.

              Use "inttypes_netpbm.h" on a system that doesn't have
              the int_fast32_t, etc. types.  Like Solaris 8.

              configure, installnetpbm: autoflush stdout.

              Build: Use libpng-config if it exists.

              Build: assume no Lex program if neither 'flex' or 'lex' shell
              command verb exists.

              Remove test source file ppmdtexttest.  Ppmdraw should be
              sufficient now.
06.06.18 BJH  Release 10.34

              Add pamthreshold.  Thanks Erik Auerswald

              Add pamx.

              Add pamtoxvmini.
              pammasksharpen: Add -threshold.

              pnmtopng: make "N colors found" message verbose-only.

              pnmtopng: make "no room in palette" message non-verbose.

              picttoppm: Tolerate various PICT file corruptions.

              picttoppm: Don't issue warning message when file named
              'fontdir' doesn't exist.

              libnetpbm: Add ppm_bk_color_from_color(),
              ppm_bk_color_from_name(), ppm_name_from_bk_color().
              Thanks "Kenan Kalajdzic" <kalajdzic@gmail.com>.

              libnetpbm: Add ppmd_fill_path().

              ppmtobmp: Fix for PBM input.

              bmptopnm: Don't crash on BMP with no color map.

              bmptopnm: Fix wrong file name in error messages.

              ppmtogif: fix bug: always produces garbage output.

              ppmtompeg: fix input from Standard Input.

              pnmflip: fix bug: -rotate90, -rotate180, and -rotate270
              (and synonyms) don't work when followed by other rotation

              ppmtoilbm: Fig bug: generates more planes than necessary.

              pamtofits: fix buffer overflow in asembling header.

              picttoppm: fix bug - interprets some images wrong because of
              bogus "rowBytes" value.

              libnetpbm: add ppm_fastlumin().  Change ppmtopgm, ppmtoilbm,
              and ppm3d to use this, which results in higher quality output,
              because ppm_fastlumin() rounds to nearest, whereas these
              programs rounded down.  Otherwise, it's the same calculation.

              Redo asprintfN(), etc. so as not to use va_list in a way
              that doesn't work on some machines.

              cameratopam: remove definition of memmem() so it doesn't collide
              with same in some C libraries.  Add memmemN() and MEMEQ to

              Fix build of filename.o.

              Build: Use local version of mkstemp() based on mktemp() when
              mkstemp() isn't available.  No automatic determination that
              mkstemp() isn't available yet.

              Build: Include dummy pm_system() on a system that doesn't
              have regular Unix process management.

              Add -Wundef to Gcc compile options.

06.03.26 BJH  Release 10.33

              Add pamtosvg.

              g3topbm: Add -width, -paper_size.

              libnetpbm / most newer programs: Fix bug that produces
              plain format output when it should be raw because
              pnm_readpaminit() does not set 'plainformat' and most
              programs just copy the input pam to the output pam.

              pamflip: fix bug with left/right flip of PBM that has 
              width an even multiple of 8 plus something less than 8.

              pnmquant: turn on autoflush when creating seekable file.

              install: fix symbolic link pnmdepth -> pamdepth.
              build: fix some importinc dependencies.

06.02.25 BJH  Release 10.32

              Add rlatopam.  Thanks Simon Walton <simonw@matteworld.com>.

              Add pgmmake.

              bmptopnm: Understands RLE4/RLE8 compressed BMP.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pnmgamma: Add -bt709tosrgb -srgbtobt709, -bt709tolinear,
              -lineartobt709, -gamma, -rgamma, -ggamma, -bgamma (gammma
              values were formerly specified as parameters).

              pnmgamma: Rename -cieramp to -bt709ramp.

              pnmnorm: add -maxexpand option.

              ppmdraw: work on multi-image streams.              

              anytopnm: add mime time image/x-ms-bmp for BMP

              pamchannel: works on multi-image streams.

              pamstack: works on multi-image streams.

              Convert pnmdepth to pamdepth.  Add multi-image stream

              pamcut: works on multi-image streams.

              pnmtops: allow -flate and -rle together.

              pnmtops: overhaul of -psfilter output.
              Thanks Chapman Flack <chap@anastigmatix.net>.

              pnmrotate: fine adjustment to arithmetic (rounding,
              pixel quantization).

              pbmtopsg3: Put currentfile ... in exec block.  Thanks
              Chapman Flack <chap@anastigmatix.net>

              pbmtopsg3: Add missing /EndOfBlock .  Thanks
              Chapman Flack <chap@anastigmatix.net>

              pnmtops: Don't claim EPSF if using setpagedevice.
              Thanks Chapman Flack <chap@anastigmatix.net>

              giftopnm: do "reading image sequence N" message only if
              being verbose.

              ppmtobmp, bmptopnm: major speed improvement for PBM.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pbmtog3: Use new GCC features instead of assembly language
              for superspeed operations.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pm_make_tmpfile(): Use TEMP and TMP environment variables if
              TMPDIR not set.

              pm_make_tempfile(): improve error message.

              libpam: pnm_writepamrowmult() respects pam.plainformat.

              libpam: pnm_writepaminit() checks -plain option for PAM format
              (recognizes the error).

              ppmtoglobe: Fix wild pointer bug.

              Fix wild pointer in REALLOCARRAY(). Affects ppmdraw,
              escp2topbm, ppmtowinicon, ppmtompeg, pnmtopalm,
              pnmtopng.  Thanks Steve Summit <scs@eskimo.com>.

              pnmtopng: fix bug with undefined cmdline.modtimeSpec.
              Thanks Mike Frysinger <vapier@gentoo.org>.

              pnmquant: Use Perl sysseek() instead of seek() to avoid
              a mispositioned file disaster on some platforms.

              pamditherbw, pgmtopbm: fix bug: overly dark with cluster
              methods because only 1/4 of the dither matrix is used.
              Thanks Mark Williams <mark@aziraphale.homeip.net>.

              pnmrotate: fix bug: garbage in lower right corner of background
              with -noantialias.

              pnmsmooth: change to regular Netpbm syntax.  Replace -size
              with -width and -height.

              pnmsmooth: fix bug: free of temp file name even when there
              is no temp file (-dump option).

              pnm_scaletuplerow() fix bug: does nothing when old maxval ==
              new maxval.  Affects pamedge only.

              ppmtompeg: Fix array/pointer degeneration mess with LumBlock
              arguments; fix crash.

              pamstereogram: Fix crippling bugs.  Thanks Scott Pakin

              giftopnm: Handle case of a clear code at the end of a block.

              ppmtogif: Fix bug with interlaced GIF < 5 rows.

              cameratopam: Fix segmentation fault from undefined 'ifp'.
              Thanks Bernard Hatt <bmh@arkady.demon.co.uk>.

              xwdtopnm: Fix bug from 10.31: LSB-first XWDs convert to all

              ppmglobe: fix bug: always says stripcount is zero
              because it looks at the wrong argument.  Thanks Urs Enke

              pnmtotiffcmyk: Fix inttypes conflict on AIX.

              Stop exporting stripeq().
              Add -lm to link of libnetpbm shared library, to express the
              fact that code in libnetpbm requires it.  Helps GNU Ld

              Build: move symbolic links to header files into
              'importinc' directories to keep directories cleaner.  Fully
              populate 'importinc' in every directory so we don't have
              to maintain a list of header files for each.

05.12.23 BJH  Release 10.31

              Add pamgradient.

              libnetpbm/everything: speed up ppm_readppmrow() and
              pgm_readpgmrow() by doing one fread per row instead of a
              pgm_readrawsample() per sample.  Thanks "Ariel Berkman"

              libnetpbm: Make PGM, PPM, and PNM routines read suitable
              PAM images.

              pnmsplit: upgrade to pamsplit.

              xwdtopnm: Add ability to work with bits per pixel >
              bits per item.  Replace whole pixel reader.

              pamtotiff: Use TIFFDefaultStripSize() for ROWSPERSTRIP default.

              pamtotiff: add -tag option.  Thanks Gary Gorbet

              ppmglobe: add -background, -closeok, filename argument.

              pnmcolormap: Work on multi-image stream (one map for all).

              pnmtopclxl: read/convert/write one row at a time.
              Thanks Martin Buck <m@rtin-buck.de>.

              ppmtolj: read/convert/write one row at a time.
              Thanks Martin Buck <m@rtin-buck.de>.

              ppmtoxpm: fix bug: produced incorrect output when number
              of colors is a power of 92.  Thanks Mark Weyer.

              pnmcolormap: fix bug: crashes with input depth > 3.

              pambayer: fix bug: doesn't actually read input file.

              ppmtompeg build: add missing const to work around TRU64
              compile failure.

              xwdtopnm: Fix handling of padding at end of XWD row.

              pamtotiff: fix bug with PAMs with > 3 planes.

              Remove PPM_PACKCOLORS.

              pnmremap: fix arithmetic overflow bug with maxval > 255 that
              caused random pixels.

              remove global "cmdline" variables from all programs (4 had them).

              pnmtops: remove extra %%%%Page from 10.27.

              mkinstalldirs: remove chmod 755 to match Automake's

              libopt: add -quiet option

              ppmtojpeg: fix prototype mismatch when building without
              the JPEG function.

              libnetpbm: fix: PPM_DISTANCE uses red twice instead of and green.

              pnmnlfilt: fix alpha ranges.
              cameratopam: replace setenv with putenv so it works on Solaris.

              cameratopam: put in workaround for Solaris header file bug.

              pngtopnm: fix bug: grayscale PNG produces PPM.  s/b PGM.

              anytopnm: Use sed instead of Awk -- more universal.

              anytopnm: fix "INTERNAL ERROR" crash due to "filetype" variable
              not set.

              rletopnm: fix crash when input file is empty or
              there are various other problems reading its header.

              rletopnm: fix universal crash in option parser.

              tifftopnm: fix crash due to uninitialized variable.

              libnetpbm: Fix bug from 10.30: erroneously says a PAM header
              line is missing.

05.10.16 BJH  Release 10.30

              Add pambayer.
              Add pamrgbatopng.
              Add pamtilt.  Thanks Gregg Townsend <gmt@cs.arizona.edu>.
              pamtotiff: create from pnmtotiff.

              pamtofits: create from pnmtofits.

              pamaddnoise: create from pnmaddnoise.
              pamarith: Add -divide.

              pammasksharpen: Add -sharpness.

              pnmtopng: add -comp_mem_level, -comp_strategy, -comp_method,
              -comp_window_bits, -comp_buffer_size.

              pnmtopng: use Shhopt command line processor; replace
              -chroma with -rgb, -phys with -size, -time with -modtime.

              pnmremap: Handle multiple image stream.

              xpmtoppm: Expand capacity from 2K character input lines to
              8K character input lines.

              libnetpbm: improved messages for "color xxx cannot be
              represented precisely with maxval M"

              libnetpbm color specification parsing:  Improve warning message
              about rounding.

              libnetpbm/everything: speed up ppm_writeppmrow() and
              pgm_writepgmrow() by doing one fwrite per row instead of
              a pgm_writerawsample() per sample.

              pnmtopng: fix "meaningful bits" optimization of PGM so it
              optimizes all the way instead of stopping at 4 bits.

              pnmtopng: fix crash when no -alpha option, due to dereferencing
              of undefined alpha_mask.

              pnmtopng: fix bug: arbitrary color made transparent in
              paletted PNG when nothing should be transparent.

              pnmtops: bug: selects wrong Postscript level.

              ppmtowinicon: use REALLOCARRAY instead of arithmetic-overflowing

              anytopnm: fix bug: fails when 'file' database doesn't
              have mime type but does have human-readable type.
              manweb: recognize directory as not executable in search of PATH.

              pgm_allocrow(), ppm_allocrow(), pnm_allocrow(): cure
              arithmetic overflow.

              libnetpbm: On plain formats, check for sample value exceeding

              libnetpbm: reject maxval > 65535 in "pam" functions. 

              pamarith: Use normalized libnetpbm facilities to get
              proper accuracy.  Thanks Thomas Henlich

              pamarith: fix bug: shift functions don't work when maxvals
              are not identical.

              pamarith: fix rounding error on multiply.

              pgmtexture: correct calculation of normalizing constants
              for d > 1.  Thanks Marc Breithecker

              pnmnorm: fix divide by zero crash.

              pnmnorm: fix bug that doesn't let you specify
              -luminosity, -colorvalue, or -saturation.

              ilbmtoppm: fix variable used before set.

              pnmtofits: fix 16 bit sample values > 2**15.

              pnmtopsnr: minor adjustments to messages.

              pnmnorm: don't crash when wvalue == bvalue.  Thanks Thomas
              Henlich <http://sourceforge.net/users/thenlich/>.

              pnmnorm: fix rounding of output values.  Thanks Thomas
              Henlich <http://sourceforge.net/users/thenlich/>.

              pnmhisteq: Fix external map to have width maxval + 1 instead
              of maxval, so full intensity input pixels map properly.

              pnmhisteq: Fix -rmap.

              Fix typos in error messages in various programs.

              pgmmedian: change syntax to Netpbm standard.

              pammasksharpen: fix signedness bug that caused random bright
              pixels at edges.

              pammasksharpen: fix bug with maxval != 255.

              Clean up a bunch of function prototypes so some broken
              compilers don't complain about missing "const" in them.

              Remove dependency of pnmtops on basename().  It isn't in
              some C libraries and we don't want to mess with linking
              extra libraries.

              Build of ppmsvgalib: work properly when LINUXSVGALIB is
              a "default path" value such as "libvga.so".

05.08.15 BJH  Release 10.29

              Add ppmdraw.

              Add pammixinterlace.  Thanks Bruce Guenter <bruceg@em.ca>.
              Add pgmmedian.

              Add pnmaddnoise.

              pnmtopclxl: add -rendergray option.

              pnmtopclxl: add -jobsetup option.
              pstopnm: add -dSAFER Ghostscript option.

              pnmcrop: add -margin option.

              pnmcrop: add -borderfile option.

              pnmnorm: add -luminosity (which was already default),
              -colorvalue, and -saturation.
              pnmtopng: Don't include any alpha info if supplied alpha mask
              is all opaque.

              ppmcie: Make white point mark more visible.

              pamdice: Remove restriction of 100 slices in each direction.

              pnmtopng: Fix bug: erroneous transparent pixels when supplied
              alpha mask is all opaque.
              Fix bytesToWordInt(): converts incorrectly on a machine that
              has pointer size != word size and uses the general case code.

              libnetpbm: fix basic pm_readlittleshort() bug introduced
              in 10.27 (March 2005).  Affects mdatopbm, rawtopgm, lispmtopgm,
              pcxtoppm, winicontoppm, bmptopnm, sirtopnm, xwdtopnm,

              pamlookup: fix universal crash.  Thanks "Colley, Anthony
              W." <Anthony.Colley@ngc.com>

              pbmtolj: fix bug from 10.28: crashes with a line which is
              a multiple of 8 plus 7 pixels wide not counting white right

              ppmtompeg: fix uname() rc test (sometimes > 0 is success).

05.06.06 BJH  Release 10.28

              Add cameratopam (Dave Coffin's dcraw).

              ppmtoxpm: ignore empty or similar malformed XPM line instead
              of giving up.

              pbmtolj: do multi-image stream.

              pnmindex: rewrite in C.

              Fix Gcc 3 warnings.

              pamcomp: fix out of memory problem due to uninitialized

              anytopnm: remove apparently redundant traps of signals.

              pnm_alloctupletable(): fix bug from 10.27: returns random value.
              (affects pnmcolormap, pnmremap, pnmquant, others).
              jpeg2ktopam: fix array bounds violation on 64 bit machines.
              Thanks Frederic Devernay <Frederic.Devernay@inrialpes.fr>.

              rle_open: remove extraneous errno declaration.  Thanks
              Joerg Sonnenberger <joerg@britannica.bec.de>.

              pm_tmpfile, pm_make_tmpfile: rearrange code.

              ppmtompeg: fix insecure temp file.  Thanks Alexey
              Tourbin <at@altlinux.ru>.

              libnetpbm: fix basic readlittlelong() bug introduced in 10.27
              (March 2005).  Affects xwdtopnm, bmptopnm, winicontoppm,

              pbmtext/libnetpbm: fix crash with -builtin=fixed.

              pbmtoppa: fix floating point exception always due to
              undefined DPI.

              fix jpeg2000 build failure on system without inttypes.h,
              etc.  Build now excludes jpeg2000 if you don't have 64
              bit capability, which practically means you have
              inttypes.h, etc.

              jpeg2000: don't do unsafe temporary files.

              ppmshadow: make it work with old Perl.

              pnmquant: remove use of Fcntl::seek, not available in
              Perl 5.00503.

              pnmquant: make -quiet option work.

              pnmgamma: Correct math in -srgbramp.  Add proper rounding.
              Thanks Horst J. Wobig (hjw.fsw@wobig.de).

              ppmshadow: fix blurring of non-translucent shadow.

              ppmtoxpm: fix use of uninitialized variable that results
              in invalid color map.
              Fix backward pnmtopnm - pamtopnm symlink.

05.03.28 BJH  Release 10.27

              tifftopnm: do multi-image streams.

              pnmtotiff: add -append option.

              pnmtotiff: do multi-image streams.

              pnmtopclxl: fix bug with invalid palette in
              SetColorSpace command.

              pnmtopng: don't accept -background without -mix.

              Eliminate pnmtopnm program -- install 'pnmtopnm' as an
              alternate name for 'pamtopnm' instead.

              pamscale: refilter as part of resampling for better
              quality downsampling.

              ppmcolormask: fix segfault with stdin input.

              Add pm_setjmpbuf().

              pnmindex, ppmquantall: use pnmquant instead of ppmquant.

              pnmquant: add -quiet, -plain options

              ppmfade, pnmshadow, pnmindex, pamlookup: Use pamscale
              instead of pnmscale.

              ppmtoxpm: Don't include superfluous entries for colors
              of transparent pixels, or for transparency when there are
              all colors are opaque, in the XPM color map.
              pnmquant: remove dependency on File::Temp, not available
              before Perl 5.6.1.

              pamfunc: use multiplication instead of division for -divisor,
              for speed.

              pamfunc: fix bug in -adder and -subtractor with signed
              arithmetic.  Thanks David Jones <drj@pobox.com>.

              pamscale: fix bug in converting negative floats to integers.
              Thanks David Jones <drj@pobox.com>.

              pamscale: fix bug with -filter: scanbuf too small, thus
              some output rows/columns can never be created and output raster
              is invalid.

              build: fix build errors in ppmtompeg with OMIT_NETWORK.

              jpeg2ktopam: fix uninitialized memory problem in allocating

              pbmclean: fix -minneighbors so it isn't really -minneighbor.

              pnmremap: allow RGB map and BLACKANDWHITE/GRAYSCALE input.

              pamstereogram: fix bug with -eyesep (float/double).

              pamtojpeg2k: fix bug with -compression (float/double).

              pamtojpeg2k/jpeg2ktopam: work on 64 bit machine; fix
              definition of int32fast_t, etc. in libjasper.

              libnetpbm: Respect plainness of specified format when writing.

              pnmremap: fix handling of arithmetic overflow in color
              distance calculation.

              pnmremap: fix bug with palette of different depth from image.
              libnetpbm: fix 2 byte per pixel pnm_pamwriterow(),

              pbmmake: fix bug: requires color option.  (Introduced ca.

              -plain works with PAM write functions.

              common -plain option causes failure instead of wrong output
              when used with PAM output.

              pnmremap: fix rounding error where map maxval is small and
              unequal to image maxval.

              Add pnm_normalizeRow(), pnm_unnormalizeRow(),
              pnm_creategammatransform(), pnm_createungammatransform(),
              pnm_freegammatransform(), pnm_freeungammatransform().
              Idea and prototype from "Scott T. Smith" <scott@gelatinous.com>.

              pamscale: Use pnm_noramlizeRow() to speed up gamma adjustments.

              palmtopnm: Don't assume Palm Bitmap is valid.
              Thanks Paul Bolle <pebolle@tiscali.nl>.

              giftopnm: fix crash with input that has bogus color indices
              in the raster.

              giftopnm: fix crash with input that has a bogus minimum code
              length field.  Thanks deekoo@tentacle.net (Deekoo L.).

              pnm_readpamrown(): use pnm_readpamrow() instead of
              pm_getraw() for speed.  Similar for pnm_writepamrown().

              pnm_readpamrown(): use multiplication instead of division
              for speed.  Thanks "Scott T. Smith" <scott@gelatinous.com>.
              pm_readbiglong(), etc.: pm_error() in case of failure.

              Add pm_readchar(), pm_writechar(), pm_readcharu(),

              pnmtopalm: Add packbits compression.

              pnmtopalm: Add version 3 capability (-density, -withdummy).

              pnmtopalm: fix bug: incorrect between-image pad amount.

              pnmtopalm: fix compressed images.  use 0 compressed size
              field - not totally correct, but passable.

              palmtopnm: fix incorrect handling of some combinations of
              PALM_IS_COMPRESSED flag and compression type field.
              Thanks Paul Bolle <pebolle@tiscali.nl>.

              palmtopnm: fix totally broken RLE and scanline compression.
              Thanks Paul Bolle <pebolle@tiscali.nl>.

              palmtopnm: handle PackBits compression.  Thanks Paul
              Bolle <pebolle@tiscali.nl>.

              palmtopnm: handle Version 3 encoding.  Thanks Paul Bolle

              Make makeman put in missing newline.  Thanks Eric S. Raymond

              Include libz in build of programs that use TIFF library.

              palmtopnm: fix wrong check for disallowed combination of
              -transparent and -rendition.

              pnmtops: Add -psfilter, -flate, -ascii85, -level options.

              pnmtops: Add -dict, -vmreclaim options.

              pnmtops: improve %%Title

              pamcomp: fix bug that duplicates last row of overlay image.
              Thanks achurch@achurch.org (Andrew Church).

              pamcut: fix bug that fills the rightmost column with black.
              Thanks achurch@achurch.org (Andrew Church).

              pnmtops: Add -noshowpage option.

              pnmtops: Add %%%%Page. (whoops, this actually added a second
              %%%%Page.  Removed in 10.31).

              pnmtopalm: fix bug with -offset option.

              xwdtopnm: recognize TrueColor visual class in header dump.

              ppmforge: fix bug: crash due to wild pointer with -night.
              Thanks John Walker <kelvin@fourmilab.ch>.

              libnetpbm: add pm_make_tmpfile().

05.01.01 BJH  Release 10.26

              pnmhistmap: Add -dots, -nmax, -red, -green, -blue, -lval,
              -rval, -height, and -width options.
              Thanks "John H. DuBois III" <spcecdt@armory.com>.

              pnmnorm: accept -wpercent and -wvalue (or -bpercent and -bvalue)
              together.  Thanks Gregg Townsend <gmt@CS.Arizona.EDU>.
              xwdtopnm: Add -headerdump option.

              pnmtoxwd: Include 256 color color maps in direct color instead
              of zero.  Zero has a weird effect.

              pamtotga: recognize RGB_ALPHA instead of RGBA.

              palmtopnm: fix bug in determination of compression type.

              palmtopnm: fix bug in handling of multi-image streams.
              Thanks Paul Bolle <pebolle@tiscali.nl>.

              pnmtopalm: fix bugs in computation of nextDepthOffset.
              Thanks Paul Bolle <pebolle@tiscali.nl>.

              pamtotga: fix TGA pixel size for TGA with alpha.  Don't do
              colormap if input has transparency.

              pamtotga: fix crash due to uninitialized "id" field in TGA 

              pbm_writepbmrow(): Fix bug in MMX/SSE code that causes
              segmentation fault.

              pnmhistmap: Fix bug: doesn't work with maxval != 255.
              Thanks "John H. DuBois III" <spcecdt@armory.com>.

              pbmtext: fix crash with code point > 127.

              ppmtompeg: major cleanup.

              pnmtopng: fix "internal error" and crash bug with -transparent.

              pnmtoxwd: fix endianness on littleendian machines.

              pnmtoxwd: fix bug: doesn't work if you specify an option.
              jpegtopnm: fix bug: -dumpexif all wrong.

              jpegtopnm: fix bug: newline written to stdout instead of stderr
              with -dumpexif.

              Add missing 'col' declaration so -msse compile works.

              pcdovtoppm: fix syntax error

              pnmtojbig/jbigtopnm: add newline to "usage" message.

              pamperspective: fix bugs with -frame_include, etc.

              build: Jpeg2k programs build properly with newer Jasper library.

              build: Fix bug: "no rule to build xxx.so" with external
              Jasper or Jbig library.

              Add NAME and DESCRIPTION section to pointer man pages.

04.10.16 BJH  Release 10.25

              Add pcxstd.ppm.

              Add pbmtoibm23xx.  Thanks Jo Fahlke <jorrit@jorrit.de>.

              Add pamedge, replacement for pnmedge.
              pamperspective: add -frame_include, -*margin, -include.

              pamcomp: Handle RGB_ALPHA and GRAYSCALE_ALPHA images,
              using the opacity plane.
              pamscale: do transparency pixel mixing properly.

              ppmtompeg: cleanups and additional verbosity.

              anytopnm: Use 'nawk' instead of 'awk' where available.

              anytopnm: Don't use -e.  (not available everywhere).

              tifftopnm: Add warning when Whole Image method reduces
              resolution to 8 bit.

              pamtopnm: accept extra planes (ignore them).

              pamcut: major speedup.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              libnetpbm: Add pnm_getopacity().

              libnetpbm: Add pnm_applyopacityrown(), pnm_unapplyopacityrown().

              libnetpbm: "pam" read and write routines much more
              efficient.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              Add pnm_formatpamrow(), pnm_allocrowimage(),
              pnm_freerowimage().  Thanks Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              pnm_readpamrow(): Add option to have "tuplerow" argument
              NULL and not get the row's contents.  Thanks Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>

              Add pnm_writepamrowmult().  Thanks Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              libnetpbm: format plain format images more nicely.
              Thanks Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>

              pamcut: fix bug: Blows up instead of failing cleanly
              when you try to cut beyond the bounds of the image.
              Thanks Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>

              fix bug: MMX/SSE fast PBM writing (with gcc -msse) all wrong.

              pamscale; fix bug: -linear option sense reversed.

              pamscale: fix bug: everything too dark when using resampling
              to enlarge.

              Speed up pbm_writepbmrow() (and all PBM output programs)
              by going a byte at a time.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              pamperspective: fix bug that can cause memory corruption
              and crashes.  Thanks Mark Weyer

              ppmtompeg: put in proper marshalling/unmarshalling so as not
              to depend on a 32 bit integer type.

              ppmtopcx: add -palette option.

              pnmconvol: fix bug: green and blue convolution matrices
              exchanged, gray exchanged with random.

              ppmtowinicon: fix bug: crashes on 32 bit images.
              Use <inttypes.h> or <types.h> where possible, dynamically
              built "inttypes.h" where not.  Eliminate uint32n.

              Handle BITS_PER_WORD=64 in wordaccess.h so it builds on 
              64 bit platforms.

04.08.11 BJH  Release 10.24

              g3topbm: Add -stop_error.

              Add makeman to build tools.  Thanks Eric S. Raymond

              pamflip: Large speed, memory improvements for
              non-diagonal flips.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              jbigtopnm, pnmtojbig: Use packed PBM functions to speed up
              greatly.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              g3topbm: Don't fail on premature EOF; produce partial
              output instead.

              add pnm_maketuplergb(), pnm_makerowrgb(), pnm_makearrayrgb().

              Fix a bunch of programs that, starting with 10.23, have too
              large a "len" field in the pam structure, causing storage

              pbmtext: fix free of unallocated storage bug with stdin
              input text.

              pnm_writepaminit(): deal correctly with pam structure that
              doesn't contain tuple_type member.

              Fix pamP->allocation_depth == 0.

              pamstretch-gen: use pamscale instead of pnmscale.

              Generate pm_config.h at make time.  Determine endianness
              and word size stuff dynamically.  Use uint32n instead of
              uint32_t in infotopam.c.
              fitstopnm: fix MIN/MAX transposition in maxval bounding.
              Fix bug: "wordn" in place of "wordint" in wordaccess.h.

              Fix bug: -plain option on "pam" programs generated plain
              header, but raw raster.

04.07.17 BJH  Release 10.23

              Add pamgauss.

              Add pammasksharpen.

              Replace pnmtoplainpnm with pnmtopnm.

              pnmconvol: Add -nooffset.

              pamdice: add -hoverlap, -voverlap.  Thanks Geoff
              Kuenning <geoff@cs.hmc.edu>.
              pbmtoepson: Add -dpi, -adjacent, -noadjacent, and -protocol

              pstopnm: recognize Encapsulated Postscript by presence of 
              "EPSF-" in the header instead of a whole specific header line.
              Thanks Philip Hallstrom <philip.hallstrom@gilbarco.com>.

              pnmpad: Allow -left/-right along with -width,
              -bottom/-top along with -height.  Thanks David Jones 

              pnmpad: round to nearest instead of lowest in interpretation
              of -halign, -valign.

              pnmsplit: Add -padname option.

              pnmenlarge: work on multi-image streams.
              libnetpbm: add allocation_depth to PAM structure.  Add
              maketuplergb(), makerowrgb(), makearrayrgb().

              pnminvert: much faster for PBMs.  Thanks 
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pbmmake: use packed bits to speed up.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pbmtog3: speedups.  Thanks Akira F Urushibata

              Fix gamma value (from .45 to 2.2) in pm_gamma709(), 

              pgmramp: Fix signedness bug with -rectangle, -ellipse.

              pnmtojpeg: fix bug with large exif files. (negative malloc)

              pnmtopng: Fix estimation of whether it's better to use a
              colormap or not.
              Add pamditherbw, replacement for pgmtopbm.

              pamperspective: Fix bug.  Incorrect output.  Thanks

              ppmtompeg: fix crash with input that is not a multiple of
              16 pixels high and wide.

              pamtotga: fix crash due to freeing nonexistent color table.

              pamtotga: fix bug: invalid TGA when you use -rgb with a
              non-color input.

              pgmtopbm: fix calculations that divide by maxval+1; should
              divide by maxval.  Thanks David Jones <drj@pobox.com>.

04.05.01 BJH  Release 10.22

              Add pamperspective.  Thanks Mark Weyer

              Add pamstereogram.  Thanks Scott Pakin <scott@pakin.org>.

              Add pc1toppm.  Thanks Roine Gustafsson

              Add pbmtodjvurle.  Thanks Scott Pakin <scott@pakin.org>.

              Add infotopam.  Thanks Rich Griswold <griswold@acm.org>.

              Add pamtopfm, pfmtopam.

              ppmtowinicon: Add -truetransparent.

              ppmtowinicon: remove old, wrong, undocumented -andppm synonym
              of -andpgm.

              ppmtopcx: Add -stdpalette option.

              pamsumm: Add -brief, -normalize.

              All programs that interpret color specifiers (ppmchange, etc.):
              warn if the specified color can't be represented, to the 
              precision specified, in the operative maxval.

              ppmchange: fail if the specified color can't be represented in
              the maxval of the input image.

              pcxtoppm: Imply standard palette when palette in PCX header is
              all black.  This function apparently got lost some time since
              it was added in 1994.
              pcxtoppm: Add the color palette to -verbose output.

              ppmtopcx: Fix bug: wrong 256 color PCX output.  From
              10.21.  Thanks Timothy Borgeaud

              Convert ppmtodjvurle into pamtodjvurle.

              pngtopnm: Dump additional info about PNG with -verbose.

              pngtopnm: Use Netpbm command line parser.

              pbm_readpbmrowpacked(): Fix bug: ORs bits into return value
              instead of setting them.  Affects pbmtoescp2.

              ppmtopcx: Fix bug: don't add black to a palette if it's not
              already there.

              pnm_tuplehashtotable(): fix allocsize (maxsize) = 0 case.

              pamflip: fix bug with random memory accesses due to
              signed/unsigned comparison.

04.03.28 BJH  Release 10.21

              Add pamsumm.

              Add pamsummcol.

              Add pamsharpness, pamsharpmap.

              Add ppmtodjvurle.  Thanks Scott Pakin <scott@pakin.org>.

              pstopnm: add -dpi option.

              ppmtopcx: add -planes option.
              pbmtext: add -width option.

              replace pnmcomp with pamcomp, do transparency right wrt gamma.

              tifftopnm: Use better CMYK->RGB algorithm: y=1-(b+k) instead
              of y=(1-k)*(1-b) in Row By Row mode.

              pbmtext/libnetpbm: Allow pbmfont fonts to have 96 characters
              (32-128) instead of 95.

              pnmtopng: fix bug with -transparent.

              pcxtoppm: remove debugging footsteps.

              pnmflip: pass through -plain, etc. to pamflip.

              Include pm_system.h, pm_gamma.h in package.

              ppmtomap: Change #/bin/sh to #!/bin/sh.

              ppmtogif: Don't violate array bounds when GIF color map is
              is larger than internal color map.

              yuvsplittoppm: Fix -ccir601 option; clean up.

              ppmtobmp: Fix bug: Generates invalid bits per pixel
              (e.g. 3) when input image has small number of colors.
              Thanks David Jones <drj@pobox.com>.

              pbmtog3: fix buffer overrun when image > 1728 columns.
              Thanks Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pnmsvgalib: Correct error message - too wide -> too tall.

              pnmtotiffcmyk:  Correct abs to fabs so -theta works.

              sldtoppm: Correct abs to fabs.

              pgmramp: Correct abs to fabs so -rectangle and -ellipse work.

              pgmramp: Don't crash with -rectangle and height or width = 1.

              ppmforge: Correct abs to fabs so the planet is more than
              2 pixels wide.  Also recode much of program in high level C.

              pnmtojpeg: interpret "length" field in exif data as unsigned
              16 bit instead of signed.

              pnmrotate: fix bug: always crashes in memory free

              pnmrotate: remove debugging messages.

              Declare _XOPEN_SOURCE=500 in programs that use strdup() so
              C libraries that don't have _BSD_SOURCE will declare it.

              Use FTELLO macro so things compile on a system that
              doesn't have ftello.  Don't assume _LARGE_FILE_API means
              ftello is available -- _LARGE_FILE_API is input to libc, not
              output from it.

04.01.30 BJH  Release 10.20

              pamscale: derive from pnmscale.

              pamscale: Add resampling/convolution code.  Thanks
              Michael Reinelt <m.reinelt@steinhilberschwehr.at>.

              pamscale: Do math in linear intensities instead of

              pamscale: Add -xyfill.

              pnmtopng: Remove global variables.  Solves a problem with 
              conflicting name with libc: "gamma".
              pbmtomda: make program identifier 'MicroDesignPCW'.  Thanks
              John Elliott <jce@seasip.demon.co.uk>.

              fitstopnm: Produce maxval 1 instead of 0 when input is all one
              value.  Use maxval 255 when samples are floating point.

              pamstretch-gen: be robust to invalid PNM input.

              anytopnm: do safe temporary files.

              ppmquantall: do safe temporary files.

              pnmindex: do safe temporary files.

              pnmmargin: do safe temporary files.

              pamstretch-gen: do safe temporary files.  Thanks 
              Stefan Nordhausen <nordhaus@informatik.hu-berlin.de>.
              tifftopnm: Do better validation of number of channels.

              libnetpbm: Add pm_tmpfile().
              libnetpbm: Add "normalized" (floating point) read/write
              routines:  pnm_readpamrown(), pnm_writepamrown(), 
              pnm_allocpamrown(), pnm_freepamrown().

              libnetpbm: Add pm_gamma709, pm_ungamma709().

              libnetpbm: rename createBlackTuple() to pnm_createBlackTuple().

              pm_openr_seekable(): use TMPFILE environment variable.
              Thanks Kai Strieder <ska@pixelboxx.de>.

              libnetpbm: Fail when input maxval is 0.  This wreaks havoc
              with such things as rescaling to a new maxval.

              pnmquant: Fix bug wherein all options are rejected.

              ppmshadow: Fix crash in all invocations.

              pnmtopng: fix bug with array bounds violation with -alpha.
              Usual symptom: "internal inconsistency" message.

              anytopnm: Remove "function" so it works on FreeBSD.

              configure: Do a better job of choosing between -R and -rpath.

              configure: Add test compile for PNG, Z libraries.

03.11.15 BJH  Release 10.19

              ppmhist: Add -float option.

              ppmhist: speed up -colorname by reading color dictionary only

              bmptopnm: fix bug with BMPs that end prematurely.

              giftopnm: Properly generate alpha mask when the same
              color is both transparent and opaque in the GIF.  Thanks
              Karl Zilles <zilles@1969.ws>.

              rgb.txt: move D65 to the end, so "white" is preferred.

              xwdtopnm: change interpretation of bitmap_pad and bitmap_unit
              to accommodate Xfree86 direct color 24 bit xwd.

              pbmtextps: fix bug where intermediate file gets truncated.

              pstopnm: fix bug in which Standard Input never works.

              ppmtobmp: change 'char' to 'unsigned char' to work around a
              Solaris C library bug.

              ppmtobmp: handle maxval properly for maxval != 256 truecolor BMP.
              Thanks Michael Buchholz <michael.buchholz@deu.mci.com>.

              ppmquant: replace with wrapper for pnmquant, because ppmquant
              had some really hard bug in computing the new color set.

              Fix stack corruption in pXm_check() on systems that have
              both 32 and 64 bit file offsets.

              Add 'makecat' build tool and description to USERDOC of
              using lynx -dump to get man-able documentation.

              Make AIX shared library build work, with -qmkshrobj.

              configure: Add intelligence to default location for zlib,
              libpng headers.

              configure: Make shared libraries work on AIX.

              Add netpbm-config.

              installnetpbm: don't crash on mkdir on old Perl.

03.09.19 BJH  Release 10.18

              Add pbmtomrf, mrftopbm.

              Add escp2topbm, pbmtoescp2.  Thanks Ulrich Walcher

              Add pbmtomatrixorbital.

              Add ddbugtopbm by Russell Marks.

              bmptopnm: Handle transparency, arbitrary pixel format (rgba
              masks in BMP header).

              bmptopnm: Handle top-down BMP.

              bmptopnm: Handle 32 bit BMP.  Thanks Aaron Orenstein

              ppmtopcx: add -8bit option.  Thanks Holger Schemel

              ilbmtoppm: recognize (and ignore) DPPS and TINY chunks.

              pbmpage: Add solid perimeter box to Pattern 1.

              anytopnm: use 'file --mime' where available to determine file
              type more robustly.

              manweb: make 'webdir' a list of directories instead of just one.

              pnmpsnr: fix bug: Cr and Cb interchanged.  Thanks
              "Uwe Utecht" <uwe.utecht@bbc.co.uk>.

              pnmstitch: fix crash.  Thanks "Paul" <pwilkins@lashwhip.com>.

              manweb: add ability to read info files.

              configure: missing lineends for Solaris.

              anytopnm, ppmquantall: remove non-POSIX tail -N and egrep.

              pgmtexture: Fix Measure of Correlation-2 so small values don't
              turn into zero (replace abs() with fabs()).
              Add and use MALLOCVAR and MALLOCARRAY utility macros.

              Allocate rows individually if can't get all rows in a single
              memory block.

              Remove hpcdtoppm from the main package because it isn't
              licensed properly to be distributed on Sourceforge.
              Remove "magic" file -- the version that comes with Christos
              Zoulas' 'file' package now contains everything that file had.

              configure: put space after -o in test compiles.

              Explicitly set SCRIPTS make variable to null so environment
              variable of the same name doesn't screw things up.

              Remove -DALL_SOURCE from AIX compile; define it in files that
              require it.

              Add -ffast-math option to recommended Gcc options.

              stamp_date: don't use LOGNAME as a variable (on AIX, you can't).

03.07.05 BJH  Release 10.17

              Various code cleanups based on TRU64 compiler warnings.

              Configure: print message when $OSNAME not recognized.

              Fix Makefile.common so LIBS and LOADLIBES work.

              Fix make file for Ppmglobe so it links the math library.

              Fix bug in xxx_check(): function/prototype mismatch
              causes bogus wrong-filesize error on systems where off_t
              is sometimes not 64 bits.

03.07.03 BJH  Release 10.16

              Add ppmglobe.  Thanks Max Gensthaler <Max@Gensthaler.de>.

              bmptopnm: Add ability to convert 16 bits per pixel Windows BMP.

              giftopnm: add -image=all.

              pnmtiff: Add -resolutionunit option.

              pnmtopng: fix bugs, remove limitations with -text.

              pgmabel: Declare internal subroutines 'static'.
              pstopnm: fix bug: encapsulated postscript confused with 
              regular postscript, so all pages get overlaid as one page.

              pnmrotate: Use smaller real memory working set.

              winicontoppm: use standard option parser.

              pnmflip: fix bug causing -r180 and -r270 to be ignored.
              Thanks YANO Hirokuni <hyano@ya-no.com>.

              configure: fix bug with missing space when using CFLAGS
              environment variable.

              Add CPPFLAGS and LOADLIBES to rules and 'configure' test

              Issue error message if you do 'make package' before 'make'.

              Add VERSION file to package.

              Use explicit library file name on a link instead of -L/-l
              where possible.

03.04.27 BJH  Release 10.15

              Add pamtohtmltbl.  Thanks Alexander B. Ivanov <ssh@S-and-B.ru>.

              Add pampop9.  Thanks Robert Tinsley, 

              winicontoppm: Handle 24 bit direct color winicons.  Thanks
              Lee Benfield <lee@benf.org>.

              pnmrotate: add -background option.

              pnmtojpeg: Add -density option.

              pamtotga: Fix bugs with images with alpha planes.

              libnetpbm: Add ppm_readcolornamefile().

              Make library and programs work with files > 2GB.  At least 
              on GNU and AIX.

              pbmtext: Add -momargin option.  Thanks "Slaven Rezic"

              pbmtoepsi: fix bug: non six-digit lines between 
              %%BeginPreview: ... and %%EndImage .  Thanks
              "K.Nakano" <ksk@seeds-man.com>.

              pnmrotate: fix bug: background color computed wrong.
              pnmrotate: fix bug: PBMs without -noantialias not properly
              promoted to PGM.

              pnmtops: fix bug: 1 bit per sample output when maxval is 2
              or 3.  Should be 4 bits per sample.

              pnmtops: fix bug: everything too dark when input maxval less
              than Postscript maxval.

              pm_nextimage(): fix bug: doesn't read past white space at the
              end of a plain-format raster.

              pnmremap: fix performance bug: don't put same color into hash
              twice.  Thanks Hannu Koivisto <Hannu.Koivisto@ionific.com>.

              ppmtoxpm: Add -hexonly.  Default to system color dictionary.
              Use standard library routines to access color dictionary.

              pnmcolormap: Keep only one row at a time in memory.

              bmptopnm: fix buffer overrun with wild ColorsUsed value.

              Change ordering of include files in parallel.c so it compiles
              on AIX 5.

              configure: change -O2 to -O0 for broken gcc compiler.

              One more chop at the -R/-rpath issue: new defaults for Solaris.

03.02.13 BJH  Release 10.14

              Add pamedge, adapted from pnmedge by Peter Kirchgessner, 1995.

              Add ppmwheel, adapted from ppmcirc by Peter Kirchgessner, 1995.

              Add ppmtoarbtxt, renamed from ppmtotxt by Peter Kirchgessner,
              pnmflip: add pnmflip directory to search path for pamflip.

              picttoppm: Recognize DirectBitsRgn opcode.  Thanks

              ppmbrighten: -normalize works with nonseekable input.

              jpegtopnm: Update exif stuff to match Jhead 1.9.

              bmptopnm: fix for the case of ColorsUsed != 0 in 
              non-colormapped (24 bit) image.

              pbmtopgm: limit the maxval to legal values.
              pamarith: minimum output maxval of 2 for -compare.

              rgb.txt: remove redundant lines, clean up.

              pnmgamma: fix bug in -ungamma -cieramp. 1/gamma vs gamma.

              pnmtopng: fix bug: background color = transparent color in
              colormapped image causes transparent color not to be
              transparent.  Also make bilevel images with background color
              use 1 bit per pixel instead of 2.

              pngtopnm: Fix bug: wrong exit code.

              Fix broken ISUPPER; affects sbigtopgm and color name functions

              pamflip: Use bundled strsepN() instead of strsep().

              giftopnm: fix bug with GIFs that (invalidly) contain translation
              cycles.  Clean up LZW decompression so it is readable and more
              Add strsepN() to libnetpbm, because strsep() is not available

              Change --rpath to -rpath.

              Change LINKERISGCC to LINKERISCOMPILER and default to Y.

              configure: Handle explicit "none" response to svgalib prompt.

              Add merge.o (vs mergelist) method of doing merge build.
              Fix bug: jbig converters missing from merge build.

03.01.09 BJH  Release 10.13

              Add pamlookup.
              Add pamflip: replacement of pnmflip.  Does PAM images and has
              -xform option.

              Add pm_system().

              Ppmrainbow:  Add -norepeat option.

              tifftopnm: handle 32 bits per sample -- Use upper 16 bits.

              tifftopnm: add -byrow.

              pamarith:  Add -compare operator.

              ppmtompeg: Check for missing YUV_SIZE option with 
              -combine_frames and -combine_gops.

              ppmtompeg: fix buffer overrun with invalid message received
              by slave processor.

              pamseq: Fix crash/memory corruption.

              pamseq: Remove debugging statement.

              Add some protection against Netpbm images that indicate
              dimensions too big to process without arithmetic overflow.

              Replace isdigit() with ISDIGIT(), etc.

              pnmnorm: malloc histogram array instead of using stack
              variable to avoid stack overflow.

              thinkjettopbm: works with Solaris Lex.
              Add PKGDIR_DEFAULT Makefile.config variable.

              Configure: Test for old JPEG library without jpeg_marker_struct.

              Configure: Add -I/usr/local/include and -I/usr/local/lib to
              OpenBSD and NetBSD compiles and links.

              Change make variable from INCLUDE to INCLUDES to avoid collision
              with Cygwin environment variable.

02.11.09 BJH  Release 10.12
              Add pamtojpeg2k, jpeg2ktopam.

              pnmtotiff: add test for seekable output.

              pnmflip: use packed PBM format to save memory.  Thanks
              Ivan Karski <karski@nym.alias.net>.

              thinkjettopbm: replace getopt with shhopt to avoid header file
              problem (getopt.h) on some systems.

              fix multiple definition problem with pm_plain_output.

              pgmminkowski, pgmmorphconv: fix bug: programs missing.  These
              were formally added in 10.0, but the code never actually went in.

              pbmtomda: fix crash with input image not multiple of 4 rows.

              tgatoppm: fix segfault in option processing from recent
              option processor change.

              Slight correction to coefficients in pnm_YCbCrtuple.

              Add pnm_YCbCr_to_rgbtuple() to libnetpbm.

              ppmtompeg: fix build failure with NETWORKLD=NONE.

              ppmtompeg: fix build error due to broken C library header files
              on SunOS.

              Fix missing alias symlinks in merge build.

02.10.17 BJH  Release 10.11
              Fix nstring.h, ppmcmap.h dependency in analyzer/.

              pnmtojpeg: Add -rgb option.

              jpegtopnm: Handle a stream of consecutive JPEGs.

              tifftopnm: use TIFFRGBAImageGet() so it works on compressed

              'make distclean' deletes all symbolic links, even if I forget
              to put them in HEADERLINKS so that 'make clean' gets them.

02.10.10 BJH  Release 10.10

              Add -plain common option.  Thanks "John H. DuBois III"

              ppmhist: Add -colorname option

              pnmcomp: Add -align=beyondleft, -align=beyondright,
              -valign=above, -valign=below and make -xoff and -yoff work
              in conjunction with -align and -valign.  Idea from 
              "John H. DuBois III" <spcecdt@armory.com>.

              manweb: Add ability to search through PATH for documentation
              so you can just say 'manweb bmptopnm'.

              bmptopnm: fix bug from 10.9: 24 bit truecolor should be
              BGR, not RGB.

              ppmtobmp: fix bug from 10.9: 24 bit truecolor should be
              BGR, not RGB.

              pamarith: Fix bug with mixed depth inputs.
              pamarith: Fix bug with -subtract of larger # from smaller.

              pnmstitch: fix bug causing segfault at end.

              pgmtopgm, ppmtoppm: Issue error message if arguments given.

              giftopnm: remove debugging messages.

              Fix line number in color dictionary error messages.

              Fix build errors on systems that don't do "echo -n" by using
              cat /dev/null instead.

              Fix build errors that cause the data files not to get installed.
              Merge build: fix install of other/ programs and add NETWORKLD
              to the link.

              Merge build: add missing backward compatibility 'pnmfile' link.

              Add SCO OpenServer to configure dialog.  Thanks
              John H. DuBois III <spcecdt@armory.com>

              Add FreeBSD to the configure dialog.

02.09.21 BJH  Release 10.9

              Add pgmtopgm.

              Add ppmtoppm.

              Add ppmtoterm.  Thanks Ero Carrera <ecarrera@lightforge.com>.

              Add ppmrough.  Thanks Eckard Specht

              Add rgb.txt

              pnmquant: make it work with pipe input; fix crash due to 
              half-finished work accidentally released a few releases ago.

              bmptopnm: Use way less memory by inverting image while still
              in the BMP raster format (as little as 1 bit per pixel), 
              instead of in the libnetpbm format (96 bits per pixel).

              ppmhist: Reads image into memory one row at a time instead
              of entire image in memory at once.

              ppmshadow: make it work with non-PPM input.

              ppmshadow: Don't run a shell for every Netpbm program.

              xwdtopnm, pnmtoxwd: make them work on 64-bit-long machines.
              ppmdither: Fix subscript out of bounds bug which caused
              random intensity values for the most intense pixels (and
              very slightly too-intense values everywhere).

              ppmtobmp: Fix bug in 24 bit truecolor: was writing B, G, R
              but standard appears to be R, G, B (per bmptopnm and xli).

              pamarith: restore pnmarith capability of having one of the
              inputs be depth 1 while the other is not.

              pnmtopclxl: fine tuning of PBM input case.

              remove pnmfile; obsoleted by pamfile.

              ppmfade, ppmshadow: Change #!/bin/perl to #!/usr/bin/perl.

              Add a bunch of missing #include <string.h> and fix scanf type
              mismatches, per gcc 3.2 compiler warnings.

              Add some missing -R options to links.

02.08.16 BJH  Release 10.8
              Build: Fix Configure bug with JPEG headers in default path.

              Pnmtopclxl: fix bug with PBM input not multiple of 8 across.

02.08.15 BJH  Release 10.7

              Pnmtopclxl: remove padBytesMultiple attribute, which doesn't
              exist on old printers.

              Pnmtopclxl: fix MediaDestination parameter value.

              Pnmtopclxl: make options parsed by standard Netpbm
              option parser; remove unconventional (and broken)
              --output option.  Fix crash with Standard Input input.
              Check whole length given for option values.

              pnmflip: Add -memsize and -pagesize.  Make other options
              conventional - only one transformation allowed.

              Make 'configure' a Bourne Shell program that calls configure.pl.

              Add pnmstitch.  Thanks Mark Salyzyn <salyzyn@cfl.rr.com>.

              Fix -R stuff to fix Solaris build.
              Add lots of consts, remove dead code, with the help of 
              GNU compiler warnings.

02.07.29 BJH  Release 10.6

              Add pnmtopclxl.  Thanks Jochen Karrer

              Add pnmstitch code; not working yet.

              pnmmontage: add -data option.  Thanks Ben

              pamtotga: Add alpha capability, via "RGBA" tuple type.

              pamtotga: put "image ID" in TGA output.

              ppmtotga: take PAM input; rename dot 'pamtotga'.  Former name
              was a misnomer anyway; it was always a PNM program because it
              distinguished between PGM and PPM input.

              pamtotga: Add alpha capability, via "RGBA" tuple type.

              pamtotga: put "image ID" in TGA output.

              pnmcomp:  Add -opacity option.

              pbmtog3: Add -nofixedwidth option.  Vladimir Nadvornik

              ppmtopgm: upgrade to handle multi-image PPM file.

              icontopbm: fix bugs with invalid input formats.  Thanks
              Vladimir Nadvornik <nadvornik@suse.cz>

              ppmtompeg: fix crash with logarithmic psearch algorithm and
              non-power-of-2 search range.

              configure: fix use of compiler other than cc.  Thanks
              Ben <bem@mad.scientist.com>.

              Fix Cygwin library build for default DLLVER.

              Fix file handle problem with Configure on old Perl.

              Don't use .defs file/run dlltool (Windows).

02.07.14 BJH  Release 10.5
              Make library link on Solaris with GNU Ld work.  Thanks
              Russel Winder <russel@russel.org.uk>.

              Make Configure not depend on File::Temp.

02.07.09 BJH  Release 10.4

              Fix space after -I bug in Makefile.common, lib/Makefile.

              Change a bunch of macros to upper case; avoid name collision
              of round() with math library.

              Configure detects broken gcc, sets -O2.

              Configure detects jpeg headers not in default search path.

02.07.02 BJH  Release 10.3

              Add pamfunc.

              Add pgmabel.  Thanks Volker Schmidt <lefti@voyager.boerde.de>.

              pamslice: add -xmgr option.
              pgmslice: upgrade to pamslice.
              pamarith: add -mean option.

              pnmarith: upgrade to pamarith.

              pnmtopng: add -palette option.  Functional copy from
              "Pnmtopng" package.

              pbmtoepsi: Add -dpi option.  Thanks Bill Cheng

              tifftopnm: make -respectfillorder work.

              pnmtopng: fix bugs in handling of text comment files.
              Taken from "Pnmtopng" package.

              pnmtopng: fix -hist option.

              Cygwin build accommodations.  Thanks Charles Wilson 

              Fix ppmtompeg build failure when JPEGLIB = NONE

              Fix missing -R link options.

02.06.14 BJH  Release 10.2
              Works with separate build directory.

              pnmnorm: fix precision error causes whites to become black

              Fix bug: Pbmpage needs math library

02.06.07 BJH  Release 10.1

              ppmmake: add -maxval option

              pgmramp: add -maxval option

              Add pamseq.

              ppmcolors: base on pamseq.

              pnmtotiff: Fix bug in -indexbits.

              Fix runtime library paths for Darwin, Netbsd

              installnetpbm: Fix infinite loop when you refuse manweb.conf.

              installnetpbm: Add mode to mkdir for older Perl.

              installnetpbm: Use BSD option on Cp if not GNU.

02.06.01 BJH  Release 10.0
              Man pages replaced by web pages -- either private copies
              or straight from Netpbm Central.  Documentation distributed
              via Worldwide Web, not in the Netpbm source code tarball.

              Reorganize source tree.  Combine 4 Netpbm libraries into 1.
              Make merge build merge ALL programs into one.

              Add pamendian.

              Add pamstack.

              Add pamtohdiff, hdifftopam.
              Add pbmtextps.  Thanks James McCann <jmccann@eskimo.com>.

              Add pgmminkowski, pgmmorphconv.  Thanks Luuk van Dijk

              pnmtotiff: Add -indexbits option to allow fewer than 8 bits
              per sample in apletted image.  Thanks Thomas Henlich.

              pnmtotiff: put zeroes in unused colormap entries.  Thanks
              Thomas Henlich <http://sourceforge.net/users/thenlich/>.
              pbmtext:  Add -lspace option.  Thanks Denis <denism@cyberus.ca>.

              ppmqvga: remove; appears to be obsoleted by Pnmquant.

              pnmtops: remove setpagedevice by default.  Add -setpage option.

              ppmtouil: rename to pamtouil, add transparency.

              pamchannel: Add -tupletype option.

              pstopnm: Add a showpage in case the EPS source doesn't have it.
              Thanks "J. Milgram" <milgram@cgpp.com>.

              pstopnm: Run Ghostscript directly instead of via a shell.
              Some Windows environments don't have a Bourne-compatible shell.

              pnmtotiff: Don't put bogus colormap in grayscale TIFF.
              Thanks Thomas Henlich  <http://sourceforge.net/users/thenlich/>.

              picttoppm, ppmtompeg, rletoppm: fix bug with invalid parameter
              ("b" modes) on popen().

              pnmtopng: fix bug with 'mayscale'.

              pnmnorm: Fix bug with bvalue == 0.  Thanks "Blake, Chris" 

              pnmtopng: restructure palette generation to make it
              easier to read.

              configure: Add --help.

              Add Windows DLL versioning.  Thanks Charles Wilson 
              Add Nstring library, so Netpbm programs can use asprintf(), etc.

02.03.15 BJH  Release 9.25

              Add pamdice.
              pnmgamma: add -srgbramp.

              ppmnorm, pgmnorm: replace with pnmnorm

              ppmnorm: Read only a row at a time into memory.
              ppmnorm: Add -keephues option.

              pnmtotiff: Add -miniswhite option.

              pnmtopsnr: Read only a row at a time into memory.

              Convert bmptoppm to bmptopnm.

              ppmtopcx: Add -xpos, -ypos options.

              pcxtoppm: Don't require seekable input.

              pcxtoppm: Improve messages; add some PCX header validation.

              ppmtowinicon: Use standard alpha mask (PGM image) instead of
              PPM image (black/not black) for and file.

              pnmpad: Add -width, -height, -halign, -valign options.
              Thanks M. van Beilen <mvb@iradis.org>.

              ppmhist: remove 100,000 color limit.

              pnmnlfilt: works with multi-image streams.  Thanks 
              "Steven M. Schultz" <sms@2BSD.COM>.

              pcxtoppm: Fix bug with negative image position.

              pnmtopsnr: fix unsigned integer bug giving wrong results on PGMs.

              libpnm: fix bug: PAM functions write 16 bit samples wrong.

              Tifftopnm: fix bug: transparency mask all wrong.  Thanks
              Heikki Suonsivu <hsu@bbnetworks.net>.

              Makefile improvements for cross compiling.  Thanks
              "Maciej W. Rozycki" <macro@ds2.pg.gda.pl>.
              Allow build with existing JBIG library instead of the
              bundled one.  Thanks "Maciej W. Rozycki"

              ppmtompeg Makefile: include -R option where needed.
              Thanks Hans Werner Strube <strube@physik3.gwdg.de>.

              Add BSD/OS to configure program.  
              Thanks seebs@plethora.net (Peter Seebach)

              install uses supplied install.sh instead of an 'install program
              it finds on your system.

              configure: Fix missing newline bug for IRIX.

02.01.27 BJH  Release 9.24

              Add ppmsvgalib.
              pnmremap: Use full color resolution of input instead of that
              of color map to do Floyd-Steinberg dithering.
              pnmremap: fix bug where Floyd-Steinberg dithering of very 
              dark areas creates spots of maximal brightness.

              ppmquant: fix same bug as pnmremap.

              pnmscale: add -nomix option

              rawtopgm: fix bug.  Thanks Joe Krahn <krahn@niehs.nih.gov>.
              pnmquant: replace with a Perl program that calls
              pnmcolormap and pnmremap.

              Fix bug: PAM library routines fail to read 2-byte samples.
              fix bug: install-dev doesn't install mappam.h.

              configure sets up install paths.

              make install does Ldconfig where required.
              pnmtops: Add "XxY" form of -dpi option.  Thanks Vladimir 
              Nadvornik <nadvornik@suse.cz>

              ppmtomap: rewrite to call the new pnmcolormap.

              pnmscale: clean up code a little; now it appears to produce
              somewhat better results -- don't know why.

              exif.h: remove C++ comments

              various fixes to please Irix compiler.

              Change some "long" to "uint32n" so it works on 64 bit 

02.01.04 BJH  Release 9.23

              tifftopnm: fix bug from 9.22: always crashes.

              xpmtoppm: fix bug from 9.21: XPM 3 files not recognized because
              /* XPM */ comment read twice.
              xwdtopnm: Use bitmap_pad instead of bitmap_unit on X11 pixmap
              files with depth > 1.  Thanks "Ben Kelley" <ben_kelley@ubsw.com>.

              pnmtopalm: fix bug: crashes with -colormap and non-color input.

              ppmforge: fix bug: array subscripts out of bounds.  Thanks
              Rob Menke <robmenke@mac.com>.

              giftopnm: fix bug with extraneous "bogus character 0x00" message

              tifftopnm: add -respectfillorder option.  Ignore FILLORDER
              by default.

              make install-dev: install shared library stub files (symlinks).
              ppmtogif: Fix bug: color resolution in wrong bits in logical
              screen descriptor.  Thanks Elmue <elmue@gmx.de>.

              Add -lz to Tiff programs; libtiff requires it now.

              Add ppmcolors.

              Add pnmremap.

              Add pnmcolormap.

              pnmtops: Include setpagedevice directive in Postscript output.
              Thanks A Braunsdorf <ab@eas.purdue.edu>.

              pnmtops: turn-to-fit logic works properly where paper is 
              wider than tall.  Thanks A Braunsdorf <ab@eas.purdue.edu>.

              giftopnm: cleanup
01.12.10 BJH  Release 9.22

              Fix bug: pnm_luminosity_factor must be "extern" in pam.h

              pbmtonokia: can create picture messages.  -txt, -net options.

              tifftopnm: Accept invalid FILLORDER value - assume msb-to-lsb.

01.12.01 BJH  Release 9.21

              Add pamdeinterlace.

              Add pnmquant.

              pnmtops: Accept maxval > 255 input.
              Rename pnminterp to the more informative pnmstretch and
              pnminterp-gen to pamstretch-gen.

              pnmstretch: convert from pnm to pam - pamstretch.

              pamstretch: add -xscale, -yscale options

              pbmtolj: Add -copies option

              ppmtogif: Add secret -h option to make Latex2html configure
              program work.

              ppmquant: output maxval controlled by colormap maxval,
              not input maxval.

              pbmclean: Add -black and -white options.  Thanks
              Michael Sternberg <sternberg@phys.uni-paderborn.de>.

              xpmtoppm: Don't require input to start with a comment.
              Thanks MINAMI <minami@chem.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp>.

              xpmtoppm: Fix bug introduced with 9.20 with XPM 1 files.

              pnmcut, pamcut: fix bug with cut that begins past right edge
              of image.
              pamcut: Same fix as in pnmcut in 9.9.  Also fix black fill.  

              pnmtotiff:  Process one row at a time instead of reading
              entire image into memory.  Add -color, -truecolor.

01.10.05 BJH  Release 9.20

              ppmtogif: Add -nolzw option.

              ppmntsc: do multiple images

              pnmtojpeg: fix bug from 9.19 causing crash on most images.

              ilbmtoppm: Correct cmyk -> rgb transformation.

              ppmtompeg: Fix bug due to missing "breaks".  Thanks
              Wolfgang Mueller <muellerw@pc7143.unige.ch>    

              eyuvtoppm: fix memory leak, speed up by allocating working
              storage only once.

              libopt.c: replace strtok_r() with strtok() so it compiles on
              Mac OS X.
01.09.18 BJH  Release 9.19

              pnmtotiff: fix bug from 9.17 causing compile to fail
              with old Tiff library

              pnmtojpeg: Add -exif option.

              ppmtojpeg: Change to pnmtojpeg; PBM/PGM input causes grayscale

              pnmtotiff: Handle LSB2MSB FILLORDER.

              pnmtotiff: Fix -msb2lsb, -lsb2msb.  Used to do nothing but 
              set FILLORDER tag value.

              Make maxval of a PBM image read as a PGM image 255 instead of 1.
              libpbm: eliminate external data symbol pm_show_version
              so it works with Windows.

              Use subplatform-specific prefixes on Windows shared libraries.
              Thanks Charles Wilson <cwilson@ece.gatech.edu>.

01.09.04 BJH  Release 9.18

              Fix bug from 9.17: -lm now needed in jpegtopnm link.

              jpegtopnm: Add -dumpexif and -exif options.

              pnmtotiff: Fix bug: 16 bit samples byte-swapped on little-
              endian machines.

              Remove C++ comments from exif.c

01.09.03 BJH  Release 9.17

              Add ppmtoneo, neotoppm.  Thanks Teemu Hukkanen <tjhukkan@iki.fi>.

              pnmtotiff:  Add -flate, -adobeflate.  Thanks Peter Creath.

              pnmindex: Fix bug with -size option.  Thanks 
              André Majorel <amajorel@teaser.fr>

              pnmflip: Fix memory leak, plus make special case for PBM
              images that uses 12 times less memory.  Thanks
              Stefan Roellin <stefan.roellin@switzerland.org>.
              tifftopnm: Fix incorrect interpretation of FILLORDER tag
              causing incorrect output with 16 bit samples and
              FILLORDER not msb2lsb.  Thanks Don Reid

              tifftopnm: Fix PHOTOMETRIC_MIN_IS_WHITE case.
              Thanks Don Reid <donr@cvs.agilent.com>.

              giftopnm: Fix bug with malformed GIFs that end prematurely.

              pbmtonokia: Convert C++ style comments to C style so Sun C
              compiler can handle them.  Thanks Jon Parise <jon@csh.rit.edu>.

              Install development package (header files, static libraries)
              by default.  Add ability to build both static and shared

              Add merge/nonmerge to Makefile.config/configure, in place
              of special make targets.

              Fix Mac OSX build for gcc 3.0.  Thanks m-sekino@mb.kcom.ne.jp 
              (Masanori Sekino)

              Fix make install.hdr.  Thanks m-sekino@mb.kcom.ne.jp 
              (Masanori Sekino)

01.07.24 BJH  Release 9.16

              Builds on Darwin/Mac OS.  Thanks m-sekino@mb.kcom.ne.jp 
              (Masanori Sekino)

              Add pbmtopsg3.  (Postscript G3 fax) Thanks Kristof Koehler 

              Add pbmtonokia.  Thanks Tim.Ruehsen@OpenMediaSystem.de.

              Add ppmrainbow.  Thanks Arjen Bax <arjen.bax@cmg.nl>.

              Add pamoil, as replacement for pgmoil.  Based on ppmoil by
              Chris <cesheppa@midnightsun.uwaterloo.ca>.

              ppmtogif:  Add -alpha option.

              ppmtojpeg: fix bug: option takes as input filename.

              xpmtoppm: fix bug: Bogus EOF failure.  Thanks 
              "Dr. Larry Pyeatt" <pyeatt@redwood.cs.ttu.edu>.
              pnmtopng/pngtopnm: update to Release 2.37.5 of the pnmtopng
              package.  Make -transparent option work like ppmtogif --
              you can add an "=" before the color to specify "exact".
              fix bug with background color and maxval = 65535.  Fix a 
              raft of bugs in pnmtopng from Netpbm 9.15.

              Remove Tiff library from the package.

              Proper naming of AIX and HP-UX shared libraries.

              giftopnm: Add color index to transparency message.

              Add some -R link options in make files.

              ppm3d: fix bug: ignores offset argument.

              tifftopnm: fix bug: shifted right one pixel.
              pnmshear: remove sscanf so it works better with Cygwin,
              convert to shhopt, clean up.

              pgmcrater: Remove black vertical line at right
              edge. Make craters wrap around the image (enables tiling
              of image).  Thanks Arjen Bax.
              pgmtopbm: remove sscanf so it works better with Cygwin.
              Thanks Arjen Bax.

              Treat all white space, including DOS carriage returns,    
              in color name db file as white space;  Thanks Arjen Bax.

01.06.24 BJH  Release 9.15

              Change format specs to state that sample values are
              nonlinear instead of linear.

              pnmtopalm/palmtopnm: Handle PalmOS 4.0 16 bit direct
              color format.  Thanks  Bill Janssen  <janssen@parc.xerox.com>.

              pnmgamma: Add CIE Rec 709 gamma correction option.

              pnmgamma: Add -ungamma option
              ppmcie: Add -rec709 color system option as default so
              that it produces true PPM output (per the new spec) and
              carefully document what the program generates.
              ppmcie (work done by Andrew Hamilton
              <Andrew.Hamilton@colorado.edu> in May 1999 but not

                 1. Corrected the XYZ -> RGB transformation;
                 2. Eliminated the -interpwp option, a fudge which had been
                    necessitated by the incorrect XYZ -> RGB transformation;
                 3. Added a Gamma correction, missing in the original;
                 4. Added the option to plot u' v' chromaticity instead of x y;
                 5. Added options to suppress labels and/or axes.

              pnmscale, pnmscalefixed:  Fix bug with unwanted -verbose

              pnmscale, pnmscalefixed: Add -reduce option.  Thanks
              Christopher W. Boyd <cboyd@pobox.com>

              ppmtoeyuv: Speed up by not freeing/reallocating storage for
              each image.  Thanks "Steven M. Schultz" <sms@moe.2bsd.com>

              ppmtoeyuv: Fix memory leak.

              Eliminate pgm_pbmmaxval, ppm_pbmmaxval, and pnm_pbmmaxval
              from libpgm, libppm, and libpnm.  'maxval' argument to 
              pgm_readpgmrow() and ppm_readppmrow() already accomplishes
              this.  pnm_readpnmrow() changed to do same.  external data
              symbols like this do not work with Mingw.
              various changes to accommodate Mingw (native Windows)
              and DLLs with Cygwin (Windows).

              eyuvtoppm: rewrite.  Uses Netpbm libraries now.

              pstopnm: Remove gratuitous 5% margin.  Add -equalpixels,
              -imageheight, and -imagewidth options.

              pnmtopng: Read only one row at a time, not the whole image,
              into memory.  Do multiple passes through the (hopefully
              fully cached) file.  This saves memory because pnmtopng's
              internal format may use 96 times as much space per pixel 
              as the file.

              libpbm: Add pm_openr_seekable(), pm_seek(), pm_tell().

              libppm: Add ppm_computecolorhash2(), ppm_computecolorhist2().

              configure: fix bug with Solaris/Sun compiler.

              Split pbmplus.h into pm_config.h and pbm/pm.h to prepare
              for automatic generation of pm_config.h.  Move pm_*()
              subroutines from libpbm1.c to new libpm.c for clarity.

              Remove malloc.h from 411toppm.  malloc is included by
              pm_config.h, in platform-dependent way.

01.05.13 BJH  Release 9.14

              fix bug in shhopt causing wild branches.

              winicontoppm: Make alpha mask ("and") output PBM instead
              of PPM; correct sense so white is opaque, black transparent.

              ppmtoxpm: Add --alphamask option.  Remove 256 color limit.
              xpmtoppm: Add --alphaout option
              ppmtogif: Add "=" to -transparent option to specify exact

              configure: change /bin/perl to /usr/bin/perl.  Red Hat Linux
              doesn't have /bin/perl.

              pnm/Makefile: correct bugs in link.  Thanks J Scott Berg 

              Make it build on Unixware.

              Make it build on OpenBSD.

              document color indexing and histogram functions.

01.04.22 BJH  Release 9.13

              ppmtogif: fix divide by zero

              move much of README file into a new master man page, netpbm.1.

              pnmcomp: add -align and -valign options.
              Add thinkjettopbm.  Thanks Eric Norum <eric.norum@usask.ca>.

              Builds with Sun compiler.

01.03.25 BJH  Release 9.12

              Add 411toppm.  Thanks Steve Allen <sla@alumni.caltech.edu>.

              pnmcrop:  add -sides option (does what was default
              behavior until July 2000)

              ppmtoeyuv: Use netpbm libraries, deal with multi-image

              Add color row color map and Floyd-Steinberg functions from
              ilbm package to libppm.

              ilbmtoppm, ppmtoilbm: replace with Ingo Wilken's version from
              April 13, 1995.

              jpegtopnm: fix crash with B&W JPEG input.

              pnmcomp: fix bug: invalid output image when overlay image
              is "higher" format than underlying image.

              ppmchange: fix bug: wouldn't work with maxval != 255.

              pnmtojbig: fix bug: it always says invalid maxval. 
              Thanks Bill Davidsen.

              pbmtext: fix bug: output is sometimes "not implemented"
              because of uninitialized variable.

              pnmpsnr: rewritten so as not to use Fiasco library.
              Correctly handles maxval != 255.  Works with PAM.

              Add IRIX to the configure program.  Thanks Neil Franklin 

              make files: add ZLIB_DIR and ZHDR_DIR variables to
              Makefile.config.  Thanks Bill Janssen.  

              pcdindex: convert from csh to sh.  Thanks Steve McIntyre.

01.02.20 BJH  Release 9.11

              pnmtopalm: Handle 16 bit direct color format.

              pnmtotiff: Add -xresolution and -yresolution options.
              Thanks Tim Ruehsen.

              Add error message to GNUMakefile for when GNU Make is too old.

              pnmpsnr: fix bug: PGM files always compared equal.

              libpbm: improve --version to reflect that libraries are
              usually dynamically linked now, so it's the version of
              libpbm, not the program itself.

              pbmtext: add -space option.

              asciitopgm: fix crash due to memcpy that should be memset.
              Thanks Philipp Knirsch <pknirsch@redhat.com>.

              pktopbm: fix numerous bugs.  Copied from Red Hat.  By
              jcn <janneke@gnu.org> 1998.09.22.

              pstopnm.csh: fix bomb when xres=yres.  This program is
              obsolete (use pstopnm.c instead), but the patch was free,
              so why not?  Copied from Red Hat.  By Nalin Dahyabhai
              <nalin@redhat.com> 2000.02.14.

              pnmtotiff: Make photometric for G3/G4 fax MINISWHITE 
              instead of MINISBLACK.  Add -minisblack option.  Thanks
              Eric Smith <eric@brouhaha.com>.

              libppm/ppm_parsecolor: fix rounding error for very small
              maxvals (e.g. PBM files -- maxval = 1).
              pnmtopalm, palmtopnm: minor updates
              bmptoppm: handle BMPs that use ColorsUsed instead of
              bits per pixel to determine color map size.

              bmptoppm: add -verbose option.

              ppmquant: fix bug with maxval > 255 causing arithmetic
              overflow and arbitrary colors in output.

01.01.10 BJH  Release 9.10

              giftopnm: add -alphaout.

              ppmchange: Add -remainder option.

              Add pnmtopalm, palmtopnm.  Thanks Bill Janssen 

              Add pnmmontage.  Thanks Ben Olmstead <bem@mad.scientist.com>.

              ppmtogif: Add -comment option.

              ppmtogif: fix bug: created GIF89 when it should have created

              giftopnm: fix bug in displaying of comment extensions.

              jpegtopnm: Add -comments option.

              ppmtojpeg: Add -comment option.

              ppmtompeg: fix crash.  Thanks  Roger Southwick 

              More work on separating source and build directories.
              GNU Make 3.77 or better now required.

00.11.20 BJH  Release 9.9

              add ppmtolj: color HP Laserjet graphics (PCL).  Thanks

              ppmfade: add -mix option.

              ppmhist: add -noheader option.

              rawtopgm: Add --bpp, --maxval, and --littleendian options.

              pnmindex: Add -noquant, -title options.

              pnmtotiff: create 16 bits-per-sample Tiff files when 
              maxval > 255 instead of crash.

              tifftopnm: handle 16 bits-per-sample Tiff files.

              pnmscale: Use floating point arithmetic instead of 12 bit
              fixed point to reduce distortion at right and bottom edge of
              large images with weird scaling factors.  Add pnmscalefixed,
              which is the old fixed point pnmscale, which goes faster.  But
              also fix bug in the fixed point version so the distortion 
              isn't as bad.  Add -verbose option.

              pnmcut: fix bug: right edge wrong or subscript out of bounds.
              Thanks MURAKAMI Masahiko <muramasa@np.catv.ne.jp>,
              Sven Over <sven.over@web.de>, Frederic Vivien 
              <vivien@lcs.mit.edu>, Pete Weisz <pete@pw34.resnet.cornell.edu>.

              xpmtoppm: fix reading of 4-character color codes; handles
              "NONE" color (transparent background); add -v.  Thanks
              Martin Vermeer <martin.vermeer@hut.fi>.

              ppm/Makefile: fix bug: ppmtompeg, hpcdtoppm not installed.
              Thanks Mike Castle <dalgoda@ix.netcom.com>.

              ppmpspread: fix bug: invalid memory reference crash.  Thanks
              digger <jfk666@poczta.onet.pl>, john joseph iii casey 

              ppmchange: fix bug: every other argument pair ignored.
              Thanks Sven Over <sven.over@web.de>.

              Fix error message in pXmmerge (no pm_error()).  Thanks
              Pete Weisz <pete@pw34.resnet.cornell.edu>, 

              libppm: add /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt as default rgb.txt file.
              Thanks ceder@lysator.liu.se (Per Cederqvist).

              Replace hpcdtoppm version 0.3 (1992) with 0.6 (1994).  Add

              Build fixes for Tru64.  Thanks Phil Benchoff <benchoff@vt.edu>.

              Makefile.config: option to not strip binaries on install.

00.09.01 BJH  Release 9.8

              jpegtopnm: Add -adobe, -notadobe options.

              ppmchange:  Add -closeness.

              giftopnm: report transparency information.

              jpegtopnm: Accept single-hyphen options.

              Make it build on DJGPP.

00.08.12 BJH  Release 9.7

              Add PAM format, Pamchannel, Pamtopnm.

              sgitopnm: add -channel option to access more than 3 channels.
              Thanks Smarasderagd.
              pnmcut: Add -pad option

              ppmtobmp: change default from -os2 to -windows.

              pnmcut: fix bug: height argument misinterpreted.

              ppmquantall: fix bug: don't crop white borders off images

              yuvtoppm: fix bugs: don't depend on bigendian representation
              of integers.  reject odd-width images.

              ppmtoyuv: fix bug: reject odd-width images.

              anytopnm: fix bug: required nonstandard shell feature.

              giftopnm: fix bug: when image consists of two gray colors,
              program converted them to black or white and created PBM
              file.  Thanks Smarasderagd.  Also fix memory leak.

              Make changes since 9.2 build on Cygwin.

00.07.12 BJH  Release 9.6

              Add pnmtofiasco, fiascotopnm, psnpsnr.  Thanks to Ullrich

              Make Pnmcrop use a temporary file instead of huge amounts
              of memory.

              bmptoppm: fix crash when OS/2 BMP file has > 8 bits per pixel.

              anytopnm: fix bug (from 9.0) wherein program almost
              always crashed.  Add gzip, bzip, bzip2 capability.
              Thanks Charles Howes.

              parallel.c: Work around SunOS libc problem.

              Define some newer libtiff macros so it compiles against
              older libtiff.

00.07.01 BJH  Release 9.5

              Extend formats to allow multiple images per file.  Add
              -allimages option to pnmfile.  Add pnmsplit.  Extend

              Add pbmtowbmp, wbmptopbm.  Thanks Terje Sannum.

              ppmtobmp: Add 24 bit (truecolor) capability.  Remove Release 8.3
              colormap size update.

              pnmcut: easier, more expressive syntax for specifying what
              to cut.

              pnminterp: handle maxval != 255, convert to use Netpbm

              Translate pstopnm from Csh to C, eliminate dependency
              on the 'bc' program.

              Fix bug in tiff library build which caused null soname.

              Add optParseopt2() to shhopt.a so you can use long options
              with one hyphen instead of two.

              giftopnm: fix bug with variable used before set.  Fix bug
              (coding error -- 0=>i).  Unknown impact.

              bmptoppm: fix bug with 24 bit (truecolor) Windows BMPs.

              xwdtopnm: fix one more bug with bits_per_item <> bits_per_pixel.

              Fix ppmtompeg build bug with static libraries.

              Make build clean with gcc -ansi (albeit with some files
              that need extensions declaring the _BSD_SOURCE etc.).

00.06.04 BJH  Release 9.4

              Rebase pnmtopng, pngtopnm on Pnmtopng 2.37.4.

              pbmtolj: fix bug where blank lines get discarded.  Thanks
              Charles Howes.

              ppmtompeg: fix bug with "PNM" format files with maxval != 255.
              Get rid of built-in PPM file parsing.

              Fix 'make install' where mkinstalldirs is not found.

              Fix bug where rle_global.c would not compile with GNU C 
              Library 2.

00.06.01 BJH  Release 9.3

              pnmfile: check for file size error.

              ppmhist: handle larger maxvals, image sizes

              xwdtopnm: Use color map with DirectColor to fix wrong color
              bug on some DirectColor xwds.

              xwdtopnm: Correct bug with 24/32 DirectColor LSBfirst xwds.

              Add pXmcheck() library function.

              Add leaftoppm and ppmtoleaf.  Thanks Bill O'Donnell.

              Add winicontoppm and ppmtowinicon.  Thanks Lee Benfield 

              Add pgmslice.  Thanks to Jos Dingjan.
              Include subset of RLE library in the package.

              stamp-date doesn't rely on whoami.

              Make file fixes to accommodate more install programs.
              Replace tmpnam() with mkstemp().

              Add pXm_init() into all programs that didn't have it.

00.05.15 BJH  Release 9.2

              Shared libraries now build properly for Solaris, SunOS, NetBSD.

              Add jbigtopnm, pnmtojbig.  Thanks to Markus Kuhn.

              Add pnminterp, pnminterp-gen by Russell Marks.

              Add pbm_writepbmrow_packed() and pbm_readpbmrow_packed() to

              ppmdither: fix bug with input maxval != 255.  Make output
              maxval the LCM of the requested numbers of primary levels.

              xwdtopnm: works with files where there aren't an integeral
              number of pixels per storage unit (e.g. 24 bits per pixel)
              Add some missing pXm_init()

              Make pXmmerge source code automatically generated.

00.05.06 BJH  Release 9.1

              Add pbmtoppa (renamed from pbm2ppa, renamed from print-pbm).
              Thanks Tim Norman.

              Add pbmpage.  Thanks Tim Norman.

              Add pbmtomda, mdatopbm.  Thanks John Elliott.

              Replace gemtopbm with gemtopnm.  Thanks to John Elliott.

              Add ppmntsc: change colors to those acceptable for ntsc or pal.

              Rename old ppmntsc to ppmtv.

              pbmtolj: Add compression (-delta, -packbits, -compress) by
              Dave Platt

              Look for both /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt and /usr/openwin/lib/rgb.txt
              by default.  Improved error messages if file not found.

              pbmtext: renders character codes 0x80-0xff and 0x00-0x1f as
              whatever the font says, rather than always blank.  Thanks
              Helge Oldach.

              Fix bug in parsing of rgb.txt file in ppm_colorname().

              Add optional static library build to make files.

              Fix a bunch of build bugs for Solaris, SunOS.  Still not all 
              the way there.  Thanks Richard Curnow, Philippe Brieu, 
              Benjamin Kuit.

              Make it build on Cygwin.  Thanks Pierre Humblet.

              Use rm -f;ls instead of ls -sf in make files; some systems don't
              have ln -f.
00.04.15 BJH  Release 9.0

              Add the 16-bit-per-sample format for maxval > 255.
              Change size of samples in the library interface from 8
              bits to 32 bits.  Library write routines now create the
              new 16 bit format instead of plain format when you
              request a maxval > 255 and not 'forceplain'.  Make all
              programs read the new format, and all programs that
              convert to PNM from a >8 bit input generate it instead
              of failing or normalizing.  Make pnmdepth generate it.

              pnm_readpnminit(), etc. fails if you request a maxval >
              65535 and not 'forceplain'.  It used to generate plain
              format in that case, but you couldn't actually specify    
              a sample value > 255.

              Add pnmtorle and rletopnm from the Army High Performance 
              Computing Research Center.

              add ppmcolormask - creates a mask of areas of a certain 
              color in an image.

              anytopnm: fix infinite loop
              pbmtext:  Ignore non-8-bit characters in bdf files instead
              of crashing.

              ppmdither: fix crash with large dithering matrix dimensions.

              Rename ppmtompeg/headers/search.h to motion_search.h to avoid
              possible confusion with the OSF system file search.h
              Fix erroneous shhopt.h dependency in build.
00.04.03 BJH  Release 8.4

              Add ppmtompeg, adapted from Berkeley's mpeg_encode.
              Add eyuvtoppm and ppmtoeyuv, and vidtoppm, from Berkeley
              mpeg tools.

              Add ppmfade, adapted from Wesley C. Barris' pbmfade. 

              Add ability to extract the alpha channel to tifftopnm,
              tgatoppm, and ximtoppm.  (It's already in pngtoppm,
              and still missing from ilbmtoppm).

              pnmtotiff: Change default compression to none, due to
              removal of LZW capability from Tiff library.

              Make merge build use symbolic links instead of hard links.

              Include dependent libraries in the link of the
              libraries.  This is necessary on some systems, and a
              good idea on others.

              Use strerror() instead of sys_errlist[] everywhere.  If
              some systems do not have the former, we need to do some
              work, because strerror() was already used in some
              places.  We do have a report of a BeOS system with no

00.03.24 BJH  Release 8.3

              Add ppmshadow, by John Walker <http://www.fourmilab.ch/>,
              dated 1997.08.15.

              Add ppmlabel, by John Walker, dated June 1995.

              Add ppmcie by John Walker, dated September 1994.

              Add character drawing routines by John Walker to libppm.

              Add sbigtopgm by John Walker, dated January 1998.

              Handle BMP file color map size parameter in ppmtobmp, bmptoppm.
              Thanks Marc Moorcroft.

              Rewrite make files, fix lots of make install bugs.

00.03.20 BJH  Release 8.2

              Add ppmtojpeg and jpegtopnm.

              Rename pnmnoraw to pnmtoplainpnm.

              Add CMYK capability to tifftopnm.
              Major make file rewrite, especially making install work.
              Pnmmerge is no longer the default.  Shared libraries are.
              Add pnmtotiffcmyk.  Written by Andrew Cooke  (Jara Software)

00.03.02 BJH  Release 8.1

00.03.02 BJH  Add pnmtopng and pngtopnm.  I got these from 
              today.  Release 2.37.3.  I added an "unsigned" and
              changed the type of 'scaleval' to quiet compiler warnings.

00.03.01 BJH  Fix xwdtopnm interpretation of 16 bit TrueColor files.
              Thanks to Martin Kroeker, mk@daveg.com.

99.09.23 BJH  Update xbmtopbm to recognize newer xbm format.


Functional changes to Netpbm since 13 October 1993.
Minor bug fixes and compatibility fixes are not documented in this file.


libpbm1.c       strstr() added to libpbm1.c.
libpbm5.c       BDF font functions added.
pbmtext         Ability to use BDF fonts added.
pbmto4425       New filter.
pbmtoln03       Command line parsing changed to Pbmplus standard.


pgmnoise        New filter.


picttoppm       Updated
ppm3d           New facility.
ppmchange       New filter.
ppmdim          New filter.
ppmflash        New filter.
ppmmix          New filter.
ppmntsc         New filter.
ppmqvga         Option parsing changed to Pbmplus standard.
ppmshift        New filter.
ppmspread       New filter.
ppmtoxpm        Prototypes added.
xpmtoppm        Prototypes added.
ilbmtoppm       Updated.
ppmtoilbm       Updated.


pnmtoddif       New filter.
pnmhistmap      New facility.
pnmtops         New option (-nocenter) added.

Functional changes to Netpbm since 7 December 1993.
Minor bug fixes and compatibility fixes are not documented in this file.


asciitopgm      New filter.
fitstopgm       Replaced by fitstopnm.
pgmtofits       Replaced by pnmtofits.
pgmtopbm        Upgraded.
pgmkernel       New filter.


ppmchange       Upgraded.
xvminitoppm     New filter.


pnmalias        New filter.
pnmtofits       Replacement for pgmtofits.
fitstopnm       Replacement for fitstopgm.
pnmtosgi        New filter.
sgitopnm        New filter.
pstopnm         New filter.


The following is new in Netpbm (compared to Pbmplus):


pbmtext         Ability to use BDF fonts added.

pbmto4425       Display on an AT&T 4425 Ascii terminal.

pbmtoascii      A new improved version.

pbmtoln03       Convert to DEC LN03+.

pbmtolps        Fast PostScript creator.

pbmtopk         Conversion to/from a packed (PK) format font.

pbmclean        Flip isolated pixels.

pbmpscale       Enlarge pbm image with edge smoothing.


asciitopgm      Convert an ascii image into pgm.

pbmtopgm        Convert pbm to pgm by averaging areas.

rawtopgm        Handles input files without specification of the file size,
                assuming the input image is quadratic. It also has a
                -tb (top bottom flip) option.

bioradtopgm     Conversion utility for files created by Biorad confocal

spottopgm       Convert SPOT satellite images to pgm.

pgmkernel       Generate a convolution kernel.

pgmnoise        Create a pgm file with random pixels.


bmptoppm        Conversion to/from windows bitmap format.

ppmtogif        Updated version.
giftoppm        Removed (see giftopnm).

ppmtoilbm       Updated version.

picttoppm       Updated version.

ppmtoxpm        Updated version, which understands xpm version 3.

ppmtomap        Extract all colors from a ppm file.

ppmtomitsu      Convert to Mitsubishi S340-10 printer format.

xvminitoppm     Convert an XV thumbnail picture to ppm.

ppmtoyuvsplit   Conversion to/from YUV triplets. (MPEG / JPEG).

ppm3d           Create a red/blue stereo image.

ppmbrighten     Change image saturation and value on an HSV map.

ppmchange       Change all pixels of one color to another in a portable pixmap

ppmdim          Dim a ppm file down to total blackness.

ppmdist         Simplistic grayscale assignment for machine generated
                color images.

ppmflash        Brighten a picture up to complete white-out

ppmmix          Blend together two portable pixmaps.

ppmnorm         Normalize the contrast in a portable pixmap.

ppmntsc         Make a portable pixmap look like taken from an American TV.

ppmqvga         Eight plane quantization.

ppmshift        Shift lines of a portable pixmap left or right by a random amount.

ppmspread       Displace a portable pixmap's pixels by a random amount.

ppmtopjxl       Convert a ppm file into an HP PaintJet XL PCL file.


pnmtops         New option (-nocenter) added.

pnmtofits       Replacement for pgmtofits/fitstopgm

pnmtosgi        Conversion to/from sgi image format.

pnmtosir        Conversion to/from Solitaire image recorder format.

giftopnm        Replaces giftoppm. Examines the input image and produces
                a pbm, pgm, or ppm output.

pstopnm         Convert PostScript to pnm. Requires Ghostscript.

zeisstopnm      Conversion utility for files created by Zeiss confocal
                microscopes (the old standard).

pnmalias        Anti aliasing filter.

pnmcomp         Composite two portable anymaps together.

pnmcrop         New options added.

pnmpad          Add borders to anymap.


A new release of libtiff is included. Please read its supporting


Changes since the 30oct91 patch version:

    Fixed uninitialized variable in ppmtotga.  (John Walker)
    Added pgmcrater, ppmforge, ppmtoacad, sldtoppm.  (John Walker)
    Slight change to the p?mmerge.c front-ends to allow for main programs
      that return instead of exitting.
    Minor clarifications to the pnmconvol man page.
    Fixed xwdtopnm to read some 16-bit True/Direct files. (David Elliott)
    Fixed uninitialized variables in pnmtotiff.  (Larry Rosenstein, Bayles Holt)
    Added a couple of checks for \r while reading whitespace. (Larry Rosenstein)
    Removed all the BROKENPUTC stuff.  Now we ignore all return values from
      putc(), and check ferror() in pm_close().  Added pm_close() calls to
      many of the filters.
    Fixed pnmdepth to check for too-large newmaxvals.  Improved rounding
      in pnmdepth and PPM_DEPTH macro.  (Tom Lane)
    Minor fix to ppmtouil.  (Mohsen Banan)
    Added new Imakefiles.  (Rainer Klute)

Changes since the 05oct91 X11R5 contrib tape version:

    Fixed minor SysV config error in pbmplus.h.  (Tom Lane)
    Fixed tifftopnm so that BITSPERSAMPLE and SAMPLESPERPIXEL default
      correctly.  Fixed possible bug in tgatoppm line-interleaving code.
      (Arthur David Olson)
    Fixed tifftopnm so that colormapped files are read correctly.
      (PauL Drews, Mike Wade)
    Corrected use of DefaultRGBDatabase / RGB_DB for imake sites.
      (Randal L. Schwartz)
    Bugfix to pnmtops color PostScript in -rle mode.  (Angus Duggan)
    Added auto-turning to pnmtops.
    Added run-length encoding to ppmtotga.
    Space optimization to pgmoil.

Changes since the 27sep91 comp.sources.misc distribution:

    Fixed spelling error in giftoppm.  Fixed ppmrelief to not shrink the
      image by 2 rows and columns.  Minor fix to pgmramp.  Fixed off-by-one
      error in pnmtoxwd.  Man page fix for pnmgamma.  (Arthur David Olson)
    Converted ANSI trigraphs in ppmtosixel into good old octal.  (Jeff Glover)
    Fix to 24/32 bit case in rasttopnm.  (Behr de Ruiter)
    Float/double portability fix to libppm4.  (Bruce Holmer, Ronald Khoo)
    Fixed typo in compat.ksh.  (Larry Virden)
    Fixed int/short incompatibility in tifftopnm.  (Salik Rafiq)

Changes during the extended beta test period, starting on 15jan91:

    Lots of fixes from: Anthony A. Datri, Arthur David Olson, David Brooks,
      David Elliott, Doug Claar, Duncan Sinclair, Francois Pinard, Gerard
      Leurs, Jim Hanko, Ken Laprade, Klaus U. Schallhorn, Markus Bolz, Mike
      Hench, Philip Gladstone, R C Smith, Selden E. Ball, Jr., Stephen Uitti,
      Steve Allen, Tom Lane, update.kpj-jaakkola@athena.dsv.su.se,
      Charles Karney, Unmesh Agarwala, Ed Pendzik, Juha Sarlin, Tom Tulinsky,
      Phillip Smith, Lai-King Mau, David Koblas, Mark Donovan.
    Added a global -version flag.
    Added bunches of statics and prototypes.  Now compiles with zero
      warnings under gcc -ansi -pedantic.
    Changed #ifdef __STDC__ to #if __STDC__, since some non-compliant
      compilers define it as 0.
    Changed pm_message and pm_error to be varargs routines.  Added a
      portable version of vfprintf for those systems which don't have it.
    Removed the option of not compiling the pgm and ppm parts.  Very few
      people used it, and it added amazing complexity to the pnm programs,
      turning them into maintenance nightmares.
    Merged pbmpaste into pnmpaste.
    Merged pgmtops and ppmtops into pnmtops.
    Added auto-scaling and dpi / page size flags to pnmtops.
    Changed the interpretation of bits in pbmlife to conform with other
    Changed xwdtopnm to ignore the pixel number in the xwd color structure.
    Added a -pseudodepth flag to pnmtoxwd.
    Updated tifftopnm for libtiff 2.4.
    Added many option flags to pnmtotiff.  (J.T. Conklin)
    Added recognition of X11R5's new color specifiers rgb: and rgbi:.
    Added pgmtexture.  (James Darrell McCauley)
    Added ppmtopj, pjtoppm, and ppmdither.  (Christos Zoulas)
    Added ppmtotga.  (Mark Shand)
    Added ppmtosixel.  (Rick Vinci)
    Added pbmtoatk and atktopbm.  (Bill Janssen)
    Added ppmtoyuv and yuvtoppm.  (Marc Boucher)
    Fixes to picttoppm.  (George Phillips)
    Added recognition of 24-bit images to ilbmtoppm.  (Mark Thompson)

Changes since the X.V11R4 / comp.sources.misc distribution of 22nov89:

    Added pgmramp, pgmedge, pgmtoppm, rgb3toppm, ppmtoxpm, pnmgamma,
      ximtoppm, pgmtofs, picttoppm, ppmtopict, ppmquantall, anytopnm,
      pi1toppm, ppmtopi1, sputoppm, spctoppm, pbmto10x, ppmtoicr, ppmmake,
      xpmtoppm, ppmtopuzz, ppmtouil, ybmtopbm, pbmtoybm, lispmtopgm,
      pgmtolispm, pbmtogem, pi3topbm, pbmtopi3, pbmtoepson, pbmtoplot,
      pbmtozinc, pbmtext, pnmnoraw, pnmmargin, pnmfile, pnmindex,
      ppmtorgb3, gouldtoppm, pgmbentley, pgmoil, ppmrelief, pnmtotiff,
    Merged some filters:
      rasttopbm and rasttoppm into rasttopnm;
      pbmtorast and ppmtorast into pnmtorast;
      xwdtopbm and xwdtoppm into xwdtopnm;
      pbmtoxwd and ppmtoxwd into pnmtoxwd.
    Promoted some filters:
      pcxtopbm to pcxtoppm;
      ppmarith to pnmarith;
      ppmconvol to pnmconvol;
      ppmcscale to pnmdepth;
      ppmrotate to pnmrotate;
      ppmscale to pnmscale;
      ppmshear to pnmshear;
      ppmsmooth to pnmsmooth;
      tifftopgm to tifftopnm - new version based on Sam Leffler's libtiff.
    Bugfixes to pbmtoicon, ppmtops.
    The Makefiles now have a "merge" option.
    All flags are now case-insensitive.
    Added $(MAKE) stuff to Makefile.
    Changed pnmsmooth from a csh script to a sh script.
    Made macro use in pbmtox10bm and pbmtoxbm more portable.
    Moved compataliases to compat.csh, and added compat.ksh.
    Made ppmtoilbm less Amiga-specific.
    Added -headerskip and -rowskip flags to rawtopgm.
    Enhanced rasttopnm to interpret 8-bit rasters with no colormap as grayscale.
    Changed sscanf %g to %f - some systems can't handle %g on input.
    Added -expand flag to pbmmask.
    Speedup to pnmflip - don't buffer if possible.
    Added color-name-to-value routine to ppm - uses X11's rgb.txt if present.
    Updated Imakefile function to reflect X.V11R4.
    Removed picttopbm.
    Improved pnmcut argument syntax so that negative coords work like pnmpaste.
    Added "magic" file, for use with the "file" program.
    40% speedup for pgmnorm from Robert Stockton (rgs@cs.cmu.edu).
    Fixed long-standing bug involving colormaps on SPARCstations when
      compiled with gcc -- had to do with passing structs by value.
    Removed the -x flag from pnmtorast -- it's not really needed.
    Fixed subtle bug in the pnm reading code that caused pnmcat to blow
      it on images that differed greatly in width or height.
    New version of giftoppm that handles the GIF89a standard, and doesn't
      use fseek.
    Fixed fitstopgm to handle three-axis images, such as the Hubble pix.
    Xwdtopnm and pnmtoxwd finally handle byte-order properly.
    Added -xysize flag to pnmscale.
    Added conditional ANSI function prototypes to library routines.
    Added -noantialias flag to pnmrotate and pnmshear.
    Removed the TIPS file.  No one ever sent in any new tips, so I just
      moved the few I had into the relevant man pages.  That's probably
      where they belonged in the first place.
    Added justification flags to pnmcat.
    Added -map flag to ppmquant - user-specifiable colormap.  Also, the
      Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion finally works right.
    Added -map flag to pgmtoppm.
    Added DirectColor capability to xwdtopnm and pnmtoxwd.
    Speedup to pgmtolj from Arthur David Olson: avoid sending whitespace.
    Fix to pbmtogo from Bo Thide': 2D compression now works.

Patch 1 to the X.V11R4 / comp.sources.misc distribution of 22nov89:

    Fixed bug in pgmtops -rle.

Changes since the alt.sources distribution of 13sep89:

    Small corrections to ppmtorast, pgmtops.
    Moved pbm/tifftopbm to pgm/tifftopgm - it now handles grayscale TIFF files.
    Fixed tifftopgm to handle non-native byte order.
    Changes to tifftopgm to handle bogus AppleScan TIFF files, to have
      better command syntax, and to use stdio.
    Optimizations to xbmtopbm, pbmtoxbm, and pbmtox10bm, courtesy of
      Juha Sarlin, to make them go about three times as fast.
    Optimization to pgmtops and ppmtops to make them go three times as fast.
    Optimization to pnmcrop.
    Added PBMPLUS_BROKENPUTC defines in pbmplus.h to handle systems (such as
      ULTRIX) which have broken putc() macros.
    Rewrote ppmscale, pnmcat, and pgmhist to operate line-by-line, instead
      of reading in the whole image.
    Rewrote pnmflip to keep only one copy of the image in memory.
    Added pgmtofits, courtesy of Wilson H. Bent, plus bugfixes to fitstopgm
      and a patch to giftoppm to handle black&white GIF files.
    Added picttopbm and rawtopgm.
    Fixes to xwdtoppm and ppmtoxwd so they compile with SunOS cc as well as gcc.
    Another small change to ppmtoxwd having to do with colormap size.
    Changed macptopbm's -headersize flag to be -extraskip.
    Changed tgatoppm to read color values as BGRA instead of ARGB; the Targa
      documentation is apparently wrong about the order.
    Some changes to the Makefiles, partially to work around bugs in gnumake.
    Got g3topbm working, and added pbmtog3, courtesy of Paul Haeberli.
    Added some pixrect work-alike code so that rasttopbm, pbmtorast, rasttoppm,
      and ppmtorast can be used on non-Sun systems.  This also provides a
      final solution to the persistent byte- and bit-order problems on 386's.
    Moved the SYSV-checking #ifdefs to *after* the include of pbm.h, which
      defines SYSV.
    Made all the #else's and #endif's ANSI-compliant.
    Added manual pages for libpbm, libpgm, libppm, and libpnm, courtesy
      of Tony Hansen.
    Changed man page installation so that pages from different sections
      can go in different directories.
    Fixed Imakefiles.

Changes since the expo.lcs.mit.edu FTP distribution of 06sep89:

    Added #ifdefs to pnm/libpnm3.c to allow the PBM-PNM-only configuration.
    Small corrections to TIPS, pnm/Makefile, pnm/Imakefile, ppm/ppmrotate.1,
      ppm/ppmshear.1, ppm/ppmtoilbm.c, pbm/xwdtopbm.c, ppm/xwdtoppm.c,
      ppm/ppmtoxwd.c, ppm/ppmtoxwd.1, pbm/x11wd.h.

Changes since the comp.sources.misc distribution of 31oct88:

    Added pbmreduce, pbmlife, pbmmask, and pbmupc.
    Added gemtopbm, tifftopbm, pcxtopbm, pbmtogo, mgrtopbm, pbmtomgr,
      cmuwmtopbm, pbmtocmuwm, g3topbm, and pbmtobg.
    Minor bugfix to pbmtolj.
    Slight restructuring of most of the programs to use vastly less memory.
    Various other minor optimizations.
    Fixed pbmtorast and rasttopbm to handle byte-swapped big-endian 386 boxes.
    Slight changes to argument syntax of pbmcrop, pbmmake, pbmreduce.
    Moved to the new PGM package: pbmtops (which now produces Conforming PS).
    Moved to the new PPM package: giftopbm.
    Moved to the new PNM package: pbmcrop pbmcut pbmenlarge pbminvert.
    Consolidated into a single pnmflip tool: pbmfliplr pbmfliptb pbmtrnspos.
    Consolidated into a single pnmcat tool: pbmcatlr pbmcattb.
    Added compataliases script for upward compatibility with changed tools.
    Removed xxxtopbm.
    Added a -headersize flag to macptopbm, to help get around annoying
      problems in MacPaint file format.
    Added the RAWBITS compilation-time option, to use a more compact and
      much faster (but less portable) external format.
    Removed the CBM format - use compress(1) and / or RAWBITS instead.
    Pbmpaste (and the new pnmpaste) now accepts negative x and y coords,
      which are interpreted relative to the right and bottom sides.
    Changed all programs to accept a "-" file argument as meaning standard
    Removed pbmtox10wd, since it was never very useful (X10 doesn't have xwud).
    Added Imakefiles, for X11 types to use.

Changes since the X.V11R3 distribution of 31aug88:

    The cbm format has been revised to include run-length encoding.
    Pbmtops now does run-length encoding.

Major changes since the X.V11R2 distribution of 28mar88:

    The pbm format now has a "magic number".
    New conversion filters: brushtopbm, giftopbm, pbmtolj, pbmtomacp,
      pbmtoxwd, and pbmtox10wd.
    Icontopbm converter has a better parser -- it knows to skip over
      any extraneous comments at the beginning of the icon file.
    Pbmtops generates a different PostScript wrapper program -- it should
      handle huge bitmaps better.
    Xwdtopbm now handles byte-swapping correctly.
    Pbmmake takes a flag to specify the color of the new bitmap.
    Pbmpaste now implements 'or', 'and', and 'xor' operations as well
      as the default 'replace'.