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Netoolkit / News: Recent posts

release netoolkit 0.1.2

- now every element can be added to a formular and sends under the 'id' name her values to the action site.
- the 'container'-functions moved to a new file called 'ntk_container.js', because the ntk.js becomes to long.

Have Fun

Posted by Johannes Zellner 2004-11-29

release netoolkit 0.1.1

Hi all

Now the new release 0.1.1 of the netoolkit is ready to download.
New features are a "spinner-box", "combo-box" and a new container, the TabWidget.
And of course a few bugfixes.

Ps: Would be nice to get some feedback, or help ;)

Posted by Johannes Zellner 2004-11-28



I'm sorry for not uploading the next release, but I decided to write first a little documentation.
You can find it at the Homepage on the 'Help/Contact' Site

Posted by Johannes Zellner 2004-11-24

Preview ntk 0.1.1

A litte preview to the next release...hope i finish it today.
New GUI-Elements:
- ComboBox
- slider
- spinner
And a simple module system for complex elements.

Posted by Johannes Zellner 2004-11-23


Hello everybody....I added two screenshots of the current versions of netoolkit 0.1.0 and ntk_builder 0.0.1
Just to get a little idea how they look like ;)

Posted by Johannes Zellner 2004-11-22

new package NTK Builder

A very very early state of the NTK Builder, a GUI IDE written with netoolkit for netoolkit.

Posted by Johannes Zellner 2004-11-17

new release v 0.1.0

Hey I uploaded a new version of ntk.
The new releases wont base on php!!
All of them now work only on clientside with javascript.
But I'm writing on an php-binding.

Posted by Johannes Zellner 2004-11-17