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Updated web page

Finally, after a few years, we managed to update the web page :).

Posted by S. Zander 2010-01-15

NetMate version 0.9.5 released

Minor fixes (mostly for compatibility with recent versions of gcc and rpm)

Posted by S. Zander 2009-09-10

NetMate version 0.9.4 released

Minor changes and bug fixes release

Posted by S. Zander 2006-07-06

NetMate version 0.9.3 released

mostly bug fixes but some new features

Posted by S. Zander 2005-12-08

NetMate version 0.9.2 released

finally after a long time i managed to release 0.9.2. this release fixes a number of bugs in the 0.9 version.

Posted by S. Zander 2005-06-03

NetMate CVS now on Sourceforge

The NetMate project is now using the Sourceforge CVS. Feel free to browse the source code...

Posted by S. Zander 2004-12-23

NetMate version 0.9 released

After a long time we finally decided to release a new version...

Posted by S. Zander 2004-12-03

NetMate project moved to sourceforge

Stay tuned: the source code will be made available later this week.

Posted by S. Zander 2004-12-02