Bug in example code - crashes on Windows

  • josh1billion

    Hey, just wanted to give a heads-up that that the sample code is missing a call to nlInit().  On Windows, this results in programs crashing as soon as they're launched.

    To anyone encountering this error, just add this line after int main() {:


  • Thanks for the notice. You are right. I will reupload the examples corrected as soon as I can.

  • midiway

    the example at "socket/udpDirectChat.cc" still needs a


    I am testing on Windows and it is causing every function to fail

    ps.: you are developing/testing it on Linux right? So is it really multiplataform?

  • You are right, NL::init() is missing at "socket/udpDirectChat.cc" example. I develop in Debian linux and I have some virtual machines for testing purposes: when I ran this example in windows I fixed it but I forgot to fix it back in the original sources. This is really multi-platform :).

    I will fix it this weekend, thank you for the notice!!