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What am I missing?(Help with csg)

Wahab Shah
  • Wahab Shah
    Wahab Shah

    I have succesffully compiled netgen 4-9.13 with Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition and i can Debug through it.
    I also installed the same .exe version of the software to compare it with the compiled version results.
    I am uploading both  (a) source code which i have compiled (b) csg file  sphere-Copy.geo which i used.
    The following is the link both these files

    The picture below shows the comparison of the same csg file on both the versions.

    As can be seen, the run times for installed version is 3 seconds and the same compiled version is 84 sec. The rest of the output is also the same. I am really confused as to why this is happening, as the compiled version should also run for the same time. I have tried multiple things to change but none is working. Can the develops/users help in telling what i am missing here, and to include to get it working as the installed version.