Getting Netgen with SVN using TortoiseSVN ?

  • Karagiosis


    Philippose suggested me to get Netgen from the SVN repository as the 4.9.6 version is not the most up-to-date.

    Versionning is completely new to me.
    Netgen's main site tells from CVS repository and Netgen Sourceforge's site seems offering both CSV and SVN repository.
    Are CSV and SVN repositories equally up-to-date ?

    As SVN client, I chose to use TortoiseSVN and I read large parts of its documentation.

    I assume that before upgrading components from my 4.9.6 version, a good idea would be to browse the SVN repository.

    So, in Windows File Explorer I right-clicked Netgen's root folder and chose TortoiseSVN -> Repo-browser.
    For the URL, I typed : netgen-mesher

    I get the following error (translated in English) :
    Could not resolve hostname `': the name asked is valid and was found in the database, but doesn't have the wanted associated data. (...)

    Any idea about what I'm doing wrong ?

    Last question : I can assume that with my current non-SVN installation all files will be considered unversioned. So, should I delete all these files and use SVN to download all again as an "Upgrade" ?

    Thanks for your help.

    Have a nice weekend.


    • Karagiosis

      Hello again,

      Solved the problem. It was simply a firewall problem that blocked the access to the remote SVN repository.

      I could check-out netgen's SVN folder for new sub-versions using this url :

      I think it is important to keep the original Netgen/netgen folder and upgrade it by SVN.

      The original netgen 4.9.6 was about 80 Mb in my case.
      When trying to get netgen files by SVN only, the amount of files downloaded was about 26 Mb only.

      So I prefered upgrading the already downloaded 4.9.6 version of netgen by adding new files and versioning existing files. TortoiseSVN does this automatically.

      Have a nice day.