Mesh STL together with its complement

  •  kingoftomorrow

    Dear developers and users,

    I am using NETGEN as my primary mesh generator for my research. Now I would need to mesh a STL (or MEDIT) file together with its complement with respect to a box or a cylinder. Any cue how to do it with NETGEN? I've tried to convert the STL to the "polyhedron" primitive, then netgen visualize it but the meshing takes probably days. Is there any way to do it, even if it requires some pre-processing of the STL? Any idea is appreciated, otherwise I would have to resort to TETGEN. Thank you very much for the attention and kind regards,


  • Chumbawumba

    I'm pretty sure you can't do this. The problem is getting the same surface mesh on both the part and its compliment (or any other adjacent part). Similar requests have appeared on here from time to time. I think one person wrote a patch to do it, or an equivalent task but I can't seem to find it.