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[cadc77] (netatalk-2-0-4-rc2) by franklahm franklahm

Update infos. From HAT.

2009-05-05 08:28:57 Tree
[f66928] by franklahm franklahm

Fix default UAM for Debian (DHX2). Slightly update Developer DOC.

2009-05-05 07:52:27 Tree
[6083a5] by franklahm franklahm

Prepare 2.0.4rc2

2009-04-30 09:39:28 Tree
[51ae6d] by franklahm franklahm

Consistently set default UAMs to DHX,DHX2. From HAT.

2009-04-30 09:35:06 Tree
[64a369] (netatalk-2-0-4-rc1) by franklahm franklahm

Survive make distcheck

2009-04-24 17:10:14 Tree
[e52ff7] by franklahm franklahm

Import generated manpages from XML files

2009-04-24 14:19:55 Tree
[dce435] by franklahm franklahm


2009-04-23 07:57:13 Tree
[17d961] by franklahm franklahm

Line continuation in AppleVolumes.default was missing

2009-04-23 07:50:58 Tree
[774c53] by didg didg

update NEWS with latest 2.0.4 changes

2009-04-22 20:48:29 Tree
[8e89bd] by franklahm franklahm

Add options allowed|denied_host. See #2690844

2009-03-26 13:10:07 Tree
[29802b] by franklahm franklahm

New volume options allow_hosts/denied hosts. See #2690844. From Tim Nowaczyk

2009-03-26 11:53:32 Tree
[1c27a5] by franklahm franklahm

Fix BDB_CFLAGS path twist

2009-03-25 18:09:58 Tree
[16d56b] by franklahm franklahm

Remove timeout. See bug #2683367

2009-03-17 09:05:41 Tree
[e41db2] by didg didg

increase number of cnid_dbd slots to 512

2009-03-06 14:53:04 Tree
[cda2e9] by franklahm franklahm

New bdb check. Uses LD_LIBRARY_PATH for configure time checks and relies on autoconf/libtool for runtime.

2009-03-06 14:20:35 Tree
[f92613] by didg didg

pipexlate, give up and return an error if it reachs the end of the output buffer

2009-02-04 22:33:11 Tree
[534b74] by didg didg

merge papd changes from HEAD

2009-02-03 08:25:00 Tree
[5abdc6] by didg didg

fix dperm and fperm options, from Frank Lahm

2009-02-01 06:59:42 Tree
[db2e19] by didg didg

disable papd by default

2009-02-01 06:55:41 Tree
[df60c2] by didg didg

dperm/ fperm typo in comment

2009-01-30 04:58:52 Tree
[65232b] by didg didg

osx adouble format . files are invalid if usedots is not set

2009-01-30 04:55:35 Tree
[85e784] by didg didg

add dperm and fperm permissions default

2009-01-28 05:37:57 Tree
[90e241] by didg didg

another myfgets off by one

2009-01-26 15:06:31 Tree
[79b432] by didg didg

savevoloptions: check ftruncate return code

2009-01-26 10:34:31 Tree
[ac1719] by didg didg

replace Xorg precompose.h with the output of U2000-U2FFF and UFE30-UFE4F are not in theses tables, remove the test in decompose_w

2009-01-22 00:22:20 Tree
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