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getvolbypath returns incorrect volume, bug #563

getvolbypath() would match a given path "/foo/barbaz" with an existing
volume path of "/foo/bar" because the strings where compared with
strnlen() where n is the length of "/foo/bar", ie we did a substring

I faintly remember there was a reason for this, but I couldn't come up
with any sensible configuration of usage of dbd that would not also
work by simply using strcmp() instead of strmcmp().

Of course, in order for dbd to work with paths that included a
trailing slash, there's a need to adding some slash stripping code,
because our code (somehow) ensures (hopefully!) that in struct
vol.v_path is always stored with trailinsh slashes stripped.

Signed-off-by: Ralph Boehme <rb@sernet.de>

Ralph Boehme Ralph Boehme 2014-05-21

changed NEWS
changed libatalk
changed libatalk/util
changed libatalk/util/netatalk_conf.c
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