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bin 2009-11-26 franklahm franklahm [c17bbd] Fix a symlink attack problem and a race conditi...
config 2009-09-07 franklahm franklahm [5447b1] Time Machine support: new volume option tm
contrib 2009-03-17 franklahm franklahm [16d56b] Remove timeout. See bug #2683367
distrib 2009-11-10 franklahm franklahm [51c081] Revert changes back to, the fix wi...
doc 2009-05-05 franklahm franklahm [cadc77] Update infos. From HAT.
etc 2009-11-30 didg didg [145bde] in volparam bitmap only set bits defined in AFP...
include 2009-10-05 franklahm franklahm [ed3589] Merge forgotten null/no-log FPSpotlight impleme...
libatalk 2009-07-20 didg didg [d55ea4] cnid_resolve: don't return '..' as a valid name...
macros 2009-03-25 franklahm franklahm [1c27a5] Fix BDB_CFLAGS path twist
man 2009-09-07 franklahm franklahm [2cc69f] Time machine option
sys 2009-04-24 franklahm franklahm [64a369] Survive make distcheck
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VERSION 2009-10-30 franklahm franklahm [76674c] Set version to 2.0.5 2003-02-17 srittau srittau [448503] Call ./configure automatically. 2008-12-22 didg didg [6dd2b2] don't compile bin/cnid/cnid_index if configured...
services.atalk 2000-07-25 rufustfirefly rufustfirefly [318436] Initial revision

Read Me

The documentation for Netatalk is arranged as follows:

* doc/Netatalk-Manual(.pdf|.txt)
  the Netatalk manual
  information for developers and additional requirements for compiling
* doc/FAQ
  FAQ in progress
* doc/README.platforms
  additional instructions for various operating systems.
* doc/README.hidden-items
  documents the various special files created by netatalk in file shares

This should be all you need to get netatalk running.

        - The Netatalk Team