#416 incompatibility with admingroup, volsizelimit, sparsebundle


I'm having trouble getting certain configuration parameters working together with netatalk 2.2.1. Specifically, I am trying to access a Time Machine sparsebundle located on a Drobo. The sparsebundle is owned by root, and is around 3.6 TB. In afpd.conf, I enabled -admingroup and set it to my admin user's groupname. In my AppleVolumes.default I have volsizelimit:3686400.

The problem I am experiencing is that if I try to connect using my OS 10.6 client to this share, it times out. On the Drobo, there is no information about what the cause is, even with netatalk set to max_debug. It just looks like a time out. The only hint I've found is this in the client kernel.log:

Oct 9 11:40:05 octo kernel[0]: AFP_VFS afpfs_MountAFPVolume: GetVolParms failed 0x39

I've tried a bunch of combinations and deduced that it is only this specific combination that doesn't work. For example if I remove volsizelimit:3686400, then I can connect. If I disable -admingroup, then I can connect. And if I remove the sparsebundle from that share, then I can connect. Strangely enough, even if I move the sparsebundle within a nested folder so that the Finder shouldn't see it when it first connects, it "knows" its there and the connection fails.

I've verified that I'm able to run Time Machine on this device and sparsebundle over a SMB connection without issue, and I've run fsck_hfs (from a Mac) and the sparsebundle checks out.

Here's my afpd -V output:

afpd 2.2.1 - Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) daemon of Netatalk

      AFP versions:    2.2 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3

DDP(AppleTalk) Support: No
CNID backends: dbd last tdb
SLP support: No
Zeroconf support: No
TCP wrappers support: No
Quota support: No
Admin group support: Yes
Valid shell checks: Yes
cracklib support: No
Dropbox kludge: No
Force volume uid/gid: No
ACL support: No
EA support: ad | sys
LDAP support: No