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Netacct Mysql / News: Recent posts

NetStat 3.04

Added indexes in traffic table and corrected traffic result in admin page when user have more than one IPs.
SQL tuning for traffic visualisation in client and admin page.
Fixed some bugs into install and update php scripts from contrib.
Fixed empty field bug and warnings when there is no SQL record in netacct-mrtg script.

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2003-01-10

NetStat 3.03 official release pack

Possibility for use diferent languages. New file config.php for configuration setings. New files upgrade_database_3.02-3.03.php, install_database.php and upgrade_database_1.13-3.03.php into contrib directory. If you use install_database.php don't make a any table with netacct.sql file from netacct packets.

Patch by Stefan Rubner <stefan.rubner at> for authorization using host names instead of IPs - useful for users with DSL or dial-up connections. A new cron file for MRTG ( for make a graph of IP traffic usage. Now the clients can to change his passwords or profile info.Addet field into users table for clients email. Maked montly cron script who generating traffic info for clients with email addresses every month. Added reverse host suport into Show IP traffic menu. And more and more ...

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2002-11-14

NetStat 3.02

A new upgrade_database.php file helps convert the database from the version 0.73 to 0.74 format for netacct-mysql. A price visualization was added to the traffic columns, sorting in the traffic statistic page was corrected, and the problem with losing time periods when hiding and unhiding traffic columns was fixed. Hiding and unhiding capabilities were added to the client page.

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2002-09-28

NetStat 3.01

Rewritten usage of old function mysql_db_query with new mysql_query, added possibility to hide some of traffics columns and adding group of consecutive IP-s per user.

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2002-08-21

NetStat 3.0 tar.gz package

New version of NetStat web interface for Netacct-Mysql >= version 0.74.

Rewritten most of code and queries for implementing usage of more IP's per user.

The table "users" has altered and added a new table "users_ip" !!!

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2002-08-05

0.74rc1 and netstat 2.0 release (unstable)

this is unstable release and needs testing. DON'T USE IT FOR REAL ACCOUNTING!!!.

Posted by Nikolay Hristov 2002-06-28

New 0.74beta and NetStat 2.0 in CVS

in release 0.74 was added new type of peering traffics direct and local (patch from Renegade). Direct (between some regional ISP), local (between IP nets of one ISP) and peering - traffic in country.
NetStat was added and new different prices for every input and output type ot this traffics and correct problem with register_globals=Off.

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2002-06-24

Final 0.73 version

Minor changes, bug fixes and inproved web interface. Next version will have some major changes.

Posted by Nikolay Hristov 2002-06-04

NetStat web interface DEMO site

you can find nacctd + netstat in action at

Posted by Nikolay Hristov 2002-06-03

New developer - will going to make new version

The new coming soon in CVS version will have more categories of traffic(local, country peering, direct peering, transit, international). Increase the values for traffic fields from INT(11) into BIGINT(20)- patch from Marcin Zurakowski <> and more ...

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2002-04-25

New CVS version for NetStat - 1.12

Patched the change of old user password and added new possibility into List Users to change IP info. With this new option administrator can transfer some user from one IP to other.

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2002-04-08

New CVS version for NetStat - 1.11

was added new posibility to change of metric in Bytes, Kbytes or Mbytes into traffic info pages

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2002-03-18

New developer - freebsd support

We have a new developer which will handle FreeBSD package and support of netacct-mysql. There is also a new package for freebsd 4.x

Posted by Nikolay Hristov 2002-03-13

MRTA importer for NetAcct

CVS uploaded in contrib mrta2netacct for easy importing MRTA traffic table into NetAcct table.
Now just set users and passwords for mrta and netacct databases and ... RUN.

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2002-02-28

CVS update for netstat

In new version of NetStat 1.10 information was viewed with hour accuracy. Patched of traffic table and procces.c for this extension.

Posted by Boril Yonchev 2002-02-22

new version - need testing

now netacct-mysql uses libpcap for collectiong traffic. orginal file capture-pcap.c which (i think) was desinged to work on solaris was ported to compile on linux, openbsd, freebsd .. so I need testers to report is it really working ... ;)
autoconf support was almost completly rewritten so now it is REAL ./configure sctipt

Posted by Nikolay Hristov 2001-09-23


If someone want some features to be included or improved, write me :)

Posted by Nikolay Hristov 2001-06-04

New developer

Sebastian Nohn has written web interface to netacct-mySQL, so I added him to developer list to work on web interface :)

Posted by Nikolay Hristov 2001-05-29

first release

The first release of netacct-mysql i out for testing. It works fine for me but does not have web interface yet. So perhaps it will be updated in next release. If someone wants to help with web interface please write me

Posted by Nikolay Hristov 2001-05-21