#69 'Favorites' menu

CJ Parks

It's nice and all to have a rotating list of recently loaded ROMs, but what about when you're browsing through a ton of games to find ones that interest you. After you're done, you want to return to a game you're familiar with, but you have to sift through a zillion ROMs to get to it. Or what about that obscure game you really really loved a few weeks ago but you can't remember the name of it?

Maybe I'm nuts... but I think that a rudimentary drop-down 'Favorites' item would a great thing to add. Or if the menu is cluttered, maybe it could be in a separate "load from Favorites list" window or something?

I understand that you can 'Lock' the recently loaded ROMs, but this is forcing an (unnecessary) either-or choice upon the user--whether to have a list of recently loaded ROMs, or a list of favorites.

...And for those people that need it all, a "random ROM select" feature would be neat, but I wouldn't gun for that necessarily.

So anyway.. just a thought.