Questions about NES resolution....

  • vegandavid

    So, when I play NES games on my TV via my real NES, the screen size is different than what any NES emulator shows. I have read up on this and realize that the NES actually has a resolution different than that of a TV (and it is not 4:3) but that is simply scales it to the TV.

    Since NESs are only hooked up to TVs, wouldn't the game makers make the games so they display properly is 4:3 and not at the actual resolution the NES outputs???

    All the emulators I've tried output at the NES native resolution and even when I change it to 640x480 or any other 4:3 aspect ratio, the size still remains that of the NES resolution and not that of my monitor's aspect ratio (4:3).

    So my question is, how do I get Nestopia to display the image as it was meant to be displayed, with a true 4:3 aspect ratio???

    And my second question is this, some games have a line going down the left side of the screen which is always the solid color of the background color on the screen at that time. How can I get rid of this line???