#6 game genie hex support


I know this is a tall order,and the reason why I am requesting this is because the cheats only go up to 0x800 when game genie unencrypted goes as high as 0x7FFF (Game Genie in Hex).

I hope there is a chance to at-least extend the cheat limit to support unencrypted game genie code hex address positions [e.g. {7FFF:00}].


  • huiming hao
    huiming hao

    This is unsafe for the games that may execute the instruction in 0x6000~0x7FFF, though a lot will use that region as SRAM.
    I can add the SRAM to the region used by cheat-searching. BUT 0x6000~0x7FFF wont modify the PROM.
    Region 0x2000~0x6000 is not allowed.

  • retroben

    Some codes I found for some games wrote to 0x6000 & above.

    But Super Mario Bros. 3 has that cool multi-jump code at 0x2C3F and more importantly debug mode with 0x29C5.

    It sucks if you can't find a way to make 0x2000-6000 active for certain games that have epic codes for it (SMB3) maybe via the config file.

    I also found out a lot of codes for other games are in 0x2000 too and also some located just above 0x800 (in 0x1000 range).

  • JoKyR

    Thank you for requesting this, retroben. I, too, desperately want to see this happen. It's not just that a lot of codes happen in the 0x0800 to 0x7FFF region, but rather that MOST codes happen there. (At least, most of the ones I've encountered.)

    It is true that messing with these values is dangerous, but so is messing with values anywhere. Writing cheat codes is not for the faint of heart.


  • Anonymous

    @huiminghao:Just wondering,when do you think you can have that extra cheat size added,perhaps 1.0.1/1.1?