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Nemo / News: Recent posts

Nemo v2.3.0 (pre-release)

A pre-release version of Nemo, v2.3.40 [21 Apr 2015], has just been added to the project and is available for download.

The new features are:

o a recombination map holding loci from multiple traits under various forms of selection

o Dobzhanski-Muller incompatibility loci

o multi-trait viability selection (was restricted to a single trait before)

o and many more, see the released files

Posted by Frédéric Guillaume 2015-04-21

Nemo version 2.0.0 released

This is the first official release of Nemo, version 2.0.0. Nemo is a C++ developing framework and simulation software aimed at the study of life-history trait evolution and population genetics in an individual-based, genetically and spatially explicit, stochastic simulation framework. The complete code documentation and coding guidelines for the development of new evolutionary models using Nemo are available at http://nemo2.sourceforge.net . Binaries for Mac OS X and Win32 are available for download at http://sourceforge.net/project/nemo2 . The complete source code and documentation are available at the same address.... read more

Posted by Frédéric Guillaume 2006-05-02