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OpenNeL 0.5.0 Released!

t's my pleasure to announce that the OpenNeL community has put together their first release: 0.5.0

A lot of effort has been put into this release, here is a brief list of changes that have been made in this release:

* Cleaned up the build environments (autotools, MSVC8 and KDevelop)
* Ported to amd64 processors.
* Fixed a major crash with Vertex Buffers that only affected landscape on nv50 cards (Special thanks to Spex for his work on this)
* Resurrected the OpenAL driver. This sound driver now works for all spacial sound except background music.
* The GTK Displayer (for network services on Linux) now compiles. This is a custom compilation flag.
* As a precursor to more runtime performance tweaks we fixed a few system info methods.
* Updated OpenGL support to the latest glext headers.
* Removed extraneous MFC includes for VC8 Express users.
* Fixed the login service, the default SQL schema, CLoginServer and CLoginClient and Snowballs so that online mode is now fully functional.
* A vast amount of cleanup to eliminate errors (thanks again to Spex)
* and finally... We now have Debian packages!! A big thanks goes out to Gürkan Sengün for putting this together and being patient with us.... read more

Posted by Matt R 2007-11-20