#2 Dependency problem


This is just a burr in my butt!

I have attempted to install the nedit rpm on my Linux
system (Redhat 7.1). It returns a failed dependency
error, namely that it requires 'ld.so.1'.

Now, I have searched RedHat's site, and AltaVista, and
a plethora of others for a package containing this
particular library. They have ranged from various
glibc* packages to miscellaneous ones.

After installing several various packages, I still
don't seem to have the ld.so.1 library. I'm beginning
to suspect some funky file-naming convention has
changed (e.g. ld-linux.so.1 would work just as well,
but the nedit rpm doesn't know this).

Frankly, being somewhat of a novice, I'm perplexed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Joor Loohuis
    Joor Loohuis

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    Could you be more specific? There are a number of rpm's
    circulating. Since you are using RH7.1, the rpm you should
    be installing is the nedit-5.1.1-1.glibc.i386.rpm from the
    NEdit ftp site. For support with the rpm that RH provides,
    contact them, since we have no control over how they build
    their rpms.

    If this report concerns the rpm mentioned above, could you
    send us the output of the command
    rpm -qpR nedit-5.1.1-1.glibc.i386.rpm

  • Justin Bartee
    Justin Bartee

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    I posted the original message.

    First, I'd like to thank you, joor, for responding.

    Second, I'd like to comment that I'm an idiot.

    See, the package I was attempting to install was a
    *.ppp.rpm, and not designed for an i386 at all. I don't
    know why the difference is significant, because I only
    associate 'i386' with a specific kind of processor, and have
    never heard of a 'ppp' processor/architecture. I do intend
    to find out why the difference is significant, though.

    However, after hunting down the i386 rpm, it installed
    successfully and works beautifully.

    Thanks again for the assistance.

  • Alexander Mai
    Alexander Mai

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