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#46 single window help with history

Eddy De Greef
Program (79)

This patch modifies the nedit 5.3 help system to reuse
an existing help window when following links in the
help system.

Additional windows can be created by using Btn2 to
follow the link. As already implemented in the current
help system, there are never duplicate windows for the
same help topic, that means following a link to an
existing help topic window always tops that window.
A second help window is created too (please tell your
opinions if this should be changed) if there is already
a help window and a currently not displayed help topic
is selected from the NEdit help menu, that means
windows are reused only for following links inside the
help windows and the prev/next buttons.

A simple navigation history is implemented: every help
topic window which has been reached following a link
remembers the source (and vice versa).

There are for small text only navigation buttons
(freaks are invited to create pixmaps... ;-)
<< history backward
<+ previous help topic (not affecting the history)
-> next help topic (not affecting the history)
>> history forward

Markus Schwarzenberg


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    ... I think so, too. By now I just didn't care about all the
    hardcoded thicknesses and so on which have already been in
    help.c. I suggest simmply to remove them. (This additionally
    gives the user to change the settings in his .Xdefaults if
    (s)he likes to.) See help_one_window_07-BETA-5-3.diff.

  • Eddy De Greef
    Eddy De Greef

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry to keep nagging, but removing the shadow thickness
    from the form was not such a good idea. It doesn't look
    good with the default settings. But I'll fix that when
    I apply the patch.

    I think that it this addresses most people's concerns,
    so unless there are some objections I'll commit these
    enhancements later this evening.

  • Alexander Mai
    Alexander Mai

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  • Eddy De Greef
    Eddy De Greef

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