#173 Save search/replace history (another persistent search)

Program (79)

This patch adds the option to share the search/replace
history between sessions. Coming from the windows editor
Textpad, I really missed this feature all the past years.

The history file is updated on each new search/replace and
is checked on opening the find- or replace-dialog box.
It can be switched on/off through the preferences-menu
(Preferences -> Default Settings -> Searching -> Save History).

The patch is against the cvs version from 2008-12-04.


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  • 3rd version: fixed printf format, added newline between strings

  • Bert Wesarg
    Bert Wesarg

    Thanks for the new version.

    Now to the semantics: I think if you start e incremental search (Ctrl+I), there should be a ReadSearchHistory(), too. It should be in this function search.c::BeginISearch().

  • Thanks for testing!
    Hope I didn't miss any more search/replace features.
    I never used the incremental search before, but it's really nice.

    Added the call in the function you described in patch v4.

    The history seems to work a bit different when using the inc. search, but as far as I checked the code it's a feature, not a bug. ;-)
    The position in the history isn't reset to the last item when opening the search line with Ctrl-I.


  • 4th version: added history update at start of incremental search

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