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#170 move tab by drag and drop

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Maxim Yanchenko

Hi, there is an update of the patch drag-move-v1_2.diff, against NEdit 5.5 release (the original patch is 920929).

The changes from the original patch are:

- If you drop a tab to the left or the right side of another tab, it will be placed to the left or to the right of this tab (in 1.2 it's always to the right)

- If you drop a tab to its neighbour, they will always swap, no matter what side did you drop it.

- Works correctly if dropped from another nedit process (will not move anything of course, but will not crash as well). The better way would be to place some unique nedit server ID (PID + X connection, maybe) to the DragWidget and read it on drop site - please feel free to implement.

Please let me know how it works. Thanks.

The original patch is here:


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  • No. it doesn't crash as long as I don't apply the "open new tab" patch.

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