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#102 Text Zoom

TK Soh

This patch add "Text Zoom" to the Preference menu, that
allow users to Increase/Decrease text size of a
document's editor window, without going through the
Text Fonts dialogs.

The easier way will be to just press Ctrl++ or Ctrl+-.


  • TK Soh
    TK Soh

    patch v1.0: original release

  • TK Soh
    TK Soh

    Logged In: YES

    BTW, the resource 'nedit.autoResizeWindow' now decides if
    the shell window should be resized the text font, or the
    line numbers display setting, has been changed. The default
    is False.

  • Uwe Lehnert
    Uwe Lehnert

    Logged In: YES

    I like this feature - it allows to quickly zoom some
    text e.g. for presentation to other users looking on
    your screen.

    I just wonder, why the font chosen out of the list of
    available fonts is modified after selection. Wouldn't
    it be better to use the font entry unmodified to keep
    height / width relationship of the font ?

    Currently only height of font seems to be changed,
    which looks strange on my linux or solaris box.
    If i remove the adaption at the end of "GetZoomFont"
    then i got a more "smooth" display of the text.

    As mentioned inside the header comment of function
    "GetZoomFont" the font list returned by XListFonts is
    not always sorted by font size. So its likely that not
    the nearest larger / smaller font is selected. This
    defect could be easily solved. If you are interested,
    then i can provide you an adapted version of
    "GetZoomFont" solving this issue by mail.

  • TK Soh
    TK Soh

    Logged In: YES

    If you mean to copy the font entry, which gets rid of the
    wildcards, I would disagree. The goal is to preserve the
    fontname in its original spec but only change its sizes.

    I do notice a bug in my patch, which update both size
    fields. It should only update the one specified
    (non-wildcarded) in the original fontnames.

    Natural, enhancement is always welcome.