#63 Option for vertical tabs

Jake Weston

The tabs are a great addition. Fairly quickly I used
them so much that they became less useful - once enough
tabs are open, the names start to be truncated. With
the code I work with, many filenames share the first ~8
characters and so the tabs can no longer distinguish
the files and you need to rely on tooltips. It is
possible to tweak the resources to place a limit on the
number of tabs per line, but that activates the
tab-line-juggling feature which makes it unworkable.

I think there is value in an option to rotate the tabs
and place them in a vertical list to the left of the
text. I have hacked a version to use the relevant mode
of the folder widget, and it has some advantages:

- it is simple to see similarities between files,
corresponding .h files etc.

- hence easier to pick from

- many more files can be added before it stops being
useful (by the lowest tabs falling off the bottom of
the screen)

- echos more the files view of IDEs than tabbed
browsers (clearly a personal preference)

Like tabs themselves it is obviously not an option
everyone would use, but it is great for dealing with
many similar files. Enclosed is a shot of it working.
I'm afraid I don't have the Motif skills to make it
into a patch - there are several problems with resize




  • Jake Weston
    Jake Weston

    Vertical tabs

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    It's a possibility. Another thing discussed was AFAIR to have
    more than one row of tabs under the menu bar. For further
    discussion you can join the list

    Notice also that you could group files in multiple windows, so
    that you have less tabs in a single window.

    -- Joerg