#22 sub / function / method browser pane


I don't know if this is already possible or not, but I didn't
see it in the feature list, so I thought I'd ask here.

Have you ever used MS Visual Studio or the DZSoft
Perl Editor? Those editors have a most useful feature
wich every developer of (free) editors seems to forget.

Some kind of window - either a popup or dockable
dialog or whatever, preferably toggled by a keyboard
shortcut - that displays all functions/methods or even
variables defined in the current file / all opened files or
in the whole project. By selecting the function you can
jump to the declaration or definition of the function (left /
right mousebutton maybe?).

Bookmarks and collapsible code like in other editors a
quite nice, but most of the time I wish this would be a
standard feature in every editor, since you can jump
around the code much faster and have a better


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    This can be done with NEdit's macro language. This is even
    preferable, because NEdit is not a special purpose editor
    devoted to programming only, or even only to special
    languages like Perl or C. It is equally well suited for markup
    languages. But because all those languages are different in
    detail, special purposes are done by way of macro
    This is essentially the EMACS' idea, but NEdit has an
    easier macro language that is better suited towards editing
    For more information you can check the mailing lists at

  • Paul Robins
    Paul Robins

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    hmm.. I agree that the macro language could be used to
    implement the function list thingy.

    Collapsible code (or "folding") however isn't specific to
    programming and would, as far as I can see, be impossible to
    implement correctly with the current macro language. It's a
    really powerful editor feature and I for one would love to
    see this in the core. Vim6.0 has a very nice implementation
    of folding that can use several methods for determining
    where the fold's should be placed in a file.

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    This joins my idea of integrating Nedit as the editor of the very
    powerful tool Source Navigator.

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    This would certainly be the most important upgrade of
    Nedit AND Source Navigator (see Source Navigator in
    Sourceforge) ever.

    Source Navigator is a very powerful source code
    browser and IDE for C++/Java/Fortran/Visual
    Basic/Python, which indexes all the source code in a
    project and graphically shows classes, data types,
    cross-references, the hierarchy of include files, and
    allows one to jump, grep and navigate easily in the
    source code. It also allows to check in/outy and build
    from within the IDE. It was developed by Redhat, but is
    now maintained independently in Sourceforge.

    The only problem is the editor is very poor. So Nedit
    would be the editor of choice for this tool.