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#106 Vertical split and ganged windows

David Mathog

Vertical split and ganged windows


1. Vertical split, as opposed to the current
horizontal split. I often work on files that are
column oriented and very wide. Now I have to use the
horizontal scroll control to go back and forth to see
both parts that interest me, otherwise one is off the
edge of the screen. If there was a vertical split
option two reasonable width vertical slices through the
file could be displayed at the same time, so that just
the interesting parts would be displayed on the screen.

2. Ganged scroll controls. When enabled this would
cause the lines in the affected windows to scroll by
the same amount whenever any of the windows adjusted
due to a scroll control movement or by arrow
up/down/left/right movement. There would be only one
gang group and if the check box (NEW) next to the
vertical/horizontal slider was set then that control
would join the gang group. A cut or paste operation
would not cause scrolling in the other ganged windows.
Neither would other text editing operations.

The immediate use I picture would be with the
vertical split windows, since in that case vertical
would be ganged but horizontal would not be (usually).

Ganged scroll controls would also be useful when
editing changes between two similar files. This comes
up all the time for me when re-porting changes to other
people's code. Open v4 and v5 of some source file in
two windows. The positions of the changes are known
from diff (sometimes) or must be determined visually
(too often). In either case I generally want both
windows to move up and down together, but the only
way to do that now is to go tediously back and forth
and adjust the position manually.

The default setting for most windows would be to have
ganged NOT set. The exception being for a vertical
split, where the vertical slider control would have
that box checked.


  • i second this. I work with nedit at work for 4 years and i'm thinking going to Gvim or emacs just because of this.