Cannot enter accented characters in nedit

  • maeshtro

    I have recently installed cygwin in my PC, that is running windows XP. The problem is that I cannot enter accented characters such as "" inside nedit (version 5.5). I have looked for help elsewhere with no success. Is this a bug of nedit/cygwin or is it a configuration issue? Thanks in advance.

    • Thorsten Haude
      Thorsten Haude


      first a hint: Usually the mailing lists are the better place to get support. If you want to subscribe to the user mailing list, go to

      Now to your problem: I run Cygwin's stock NEdit under W2k, and I have no trouble entering the umlauts that are part of my keyboard. However, I cannot make my xmodmap work nor activate the compose function. I'm not sure whether this is a limitation of Cygwin or simply my lack of clue.

      Some questions: How do you enter these characters? Do you have keys for them? Do they work in Windows? Do they work in other Cygwin apps (eg. the Cygwin window)? Do they work in other X11 apps (eg. xterm). Did you change X11's keyboard configuration?