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  • trmn8r

    I use NEdit at work, and would like to install it on my PC at home. I am running with Solaris 10 on this machine. At work, they have Solaris 9.
    I am not able to get the downloaded executable to run on my machine at home, I have tried several different types that are available on the download page, all of them give me an error "unable to run nedit".
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about installing this on a machine running Solaris 10 where it will actually run?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Thorsten Haude
      Thorsten Haude


      the mailing list is usually a much better place to ask this kind of question. I suggest you move this thread there. (

      Now about your problem: The version you should try is this:

      If that does not work, we would need more information. Please provide the output of 'nedit -V', the exact command you enter and the exact error message.


  • trmn8r

    I tried the "sparc.tar" executable, also tried two of the others (Linux and the other Solaris - all were unzipped/untarred of course), but still am not able to run Nedit.
    I also tried setting the permissions (rwx), that didn't help either.
    These are the error messages that I see:
    (ksh) nedit : cannot execute
    (tcsh) /nedit/nedit: Invalid argument
    (csh) /nedit/nedit: Invalid argument
    (bash) /nedit/nedit: Invalid argument

    from "root"
    #: nedit: cannot execute

    Not sure what to do now, any suggestions?