#648 Cannot open files under Leopard

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Emily Hill

I originally saw this posted on this web page: http://lists.macosforge.org/pipermail/macports-users/2008-February/009060.html. Since I'm having this problem as well and couldn't find a bug in the tracker for it, I'm submitting it here.


Although I read many complaints about nedit on OSX on the web I still thought
I'll give it a try since I love this little editor so much ....

I compiled nedit under Leopard but I get the following problem:
Whenever I open a file through the Open Dialog I cannot browse through
directories. nedit throws the following error message whenever I
double-click on a directory or file:

Name: Text
Class: XmTextField
Character '\xx' not supported in font. Discarded.

The filter field is empty all the time.
When I try to open a file through the filter textfield nedit crashes and
displays: Bus error


  • I also get this one. While opening files via the command line is possible, each file is then opened in a different window, thus losing the tabs feature.

    Any news on this issue?

    Also I see from the main NEdit site that the last version was release back in 2005. Is NEdit no longer maintained?