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#45 Num Lock prevents accelerators from firing

Steve LoBasso

If you have num-lock light on, nedit put things like:
<sub> <eot> if you press ctrl-z, ctrl-o, etc.
Once num-lock light is turned off, everything works


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  • Scott Tringali
    Scott Tringali

    • summary: Num Lock --> Num Lock prevents accelerators from firing
  • Morris Slutsky
    Morris Slutsky

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Tringali,

    I appreciate your taking the time to open this old issue.

    I'll try to give as much information as I can regarding
    reproducability, and would be happy to check any settings or
    run any test programs that you would like as this situation
    develops. For now, I can give you the basics. My OS is
    Mandrake Community 10.1. I'm running the KDE Release 3.2.3
    included with this distribution. My Help/Version info is as

    NEdit 5.4
    Nov 20, 2003

    Built on: Linux, Pentium, GNU C
    Built at: Aug 20 2004, 23:29:47
    With Motif: 2.1.0 [@(#)GNU/LessTif Version 2.1 Release
    0.93.94] (UNTESTED)
    Running Motif: 2.1 [unknown]
    Server: Mandrakelinux (X.Org X11 6.7.0, patch level
    2mdk) 60700000
    Visual: 24-bit TrueColor (ID 0x23, Default)
    Locale: en_US

    Linux localhost #1 Wed Sep 8 17:00:52 CEST
    2004 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) Processor unknown GNU/Linux


    This bug doesn't happen absolutely every time I push CTRL-S
    with the Num Lock key on, which is probably going to make it
    hard to find. However, it will usually happen within 5 or
    10 minutes of use. When I use NEdit, I've usually got about
    3-5 windows open each with 200-300 line files or so in each,
    and I save fairly frequently in whatever window I'm working
    in. I'm generally working with .cpp or .java files with
    appropriate highlighting mode on. I have gotten it to
    happen with a single small .txt file, though, just by adding
    a space at the beginning, CTRL-S, deleteing the space,
    CTRL-S, maybe click focus away and back, after a few reps
    it'll usually do that. The one consistent thing - CTRL-S
    ALWAYS produces a <dc3> for me when this bug happens. It's
    never anything else. Sometimes it'll be nice and save, but
    if it produces garbage it's always <dc3>.

    Thanks again, I appreciate your reopening this old bug
    report very much, and I will be happy to assist in any
    possible way. NEdit is a great editor, and I'm grateful for
    all the work that's been and being put into it by you and

    Morris Slutsky

  • Eddy De Greef
    Eddy De Greef

    Logged In: YES

    Mandrake ships NEdit linked against Lesstif. The kind of
    problems that you describe is typical for Lesstif.
    I suggest that you install on of the binaries that you can
    find at our website or here, at SF. Those are linked against
    OpenMotif, which has fewer problems with accelerators. You
    can find an rpm version here:

  • Scott Tringali
    Scott Tringali

    Logged In: YES

    Try the website binary. If it works, then we know LessTif
    is broken and we'll try to come up with a workaround. We'll
    open a new bug for that, since this bug is that it didn't
    work anywhere. Also, please send output from the coommand
    "xmodmap", which should look something like this:

    xmodmap: up to 3 keys per modifier, (keycodes in parentheses):

    shift Shift_L (0x32), Shift_R (0x3e)
    lock Caps_Lock (0x42)
    control Control_L (0x25), Control_R (0x6d)
    mod1 Alt_L (0x40), Alt_L (0x7d), Meta_L (0x9c)
    mod2 Num_Lock (0x4d)
    mod4 Super_L (0x7f), Hyper_L (0x80)
    mod5 Mode_switch (0x5d), ISO_Level3_Shift (0x7c)

  • Logged In: NO

    You can't just brush this problem under the rug. <dc3> still
    appears in nedit 5.5.
    steve41412895 {at} hotmail

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