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#304 5.4RC1 Constant file access is debilitating

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Michael Sullivan

I don't know the reason why, but under certain
circumstances, NEdit starts re-reading open files

I discovered this when I had a packet sniffer open and I
just happened to select some text in an open NEdit
window (file A). Hundreds of packets started flying by.
It turns out that in a completely separate NEdit window
that was minimized at the time (file B), I had a file open
from a network drive. NEdit was accessing file B like
crazy. As I held the mouse button down in file A's
window to select different sections of text, file B was
being continuously accessed.

When file B is on a Windows share, approximately 75
SMB packets were generated a second. When file B is
on an NFS volume, approximately 9 NFS packets were
generated a second. In both cases, the entire contents
of the file was being read over and over.

I don't know the purpose of all this extra file access, but
I'm certain that I don't want it happening. If it has to
do with NEdit checking in the file system to make sure
that nothing is changed, it needs to be tied to
NEdit's "Files Modefied Externally" preference (which I
have turned off, BTW).


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  • Eddy De Greef
    Eddy De Greef

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  • Eddy De Greef
    Eddy De Greef

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    Presumably a Cygwin problem. Since Cygwin is constantly
    evolving, it is almost impossible to track this down.

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