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  • +1 -- an offline installer would be most useful.

    Last edit: Shriramana Sharma 2011-10-27
  • TheColdFusion

    An offline installer with everything packaged, is mostly desired for installing on systems with slow or no internet connections.

    This project and any other projects ever made should consider download management over extremely slow bandwidth. A pause/resume functionality could help greatly with download stopping abruptly. Also, resuming from where it was left off after re-launching the installer process would also help from recovering lost connections.

    While connecting to a fast network is an ideal solution, it is impractical during certain times and at certain places.

    What do the authors of this project think about this issue?

  • Sosukodo

    The online installer wouldn't be so bad if it worked. Every time I run the installer, the download stalls and never starts back up. Starting the installer again starts the downloads from the beginning!

  • ASC7-Uni

    Make offline installer that can be placed on fast hostin or toorent or something.
    Right now online installer downloads files with about 40KB/s on my 1MB/s connection. It will took some time =(

    Thank you for great work.

  • sipickles

    +1. I'd like an offline installer so as to have a snapshot of the installation methods for local distribution.