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  • also same with ndk-r6b

  • Ray Donnelly
    Ray Donnelly

    Although I've made some headway in enabling compiling Necessitas via the MSYS shell (I have made builds successfully), it's fiddly for various reasons. Some of the gotchas are:

    1. Path name length. On Windows, 260 is the limit, and some of the paths (in Webkit/Javascript Core) will exceed this if your initial directory is greater than about 5 characters (I tend to use C:\nec for this reason).

    2. MSYS path virtualisation gets in the way too. For example, /usr is usually mapped to somewhere like C:\mingw\msys which can cause issues. To get around this, I unify everything as much as possible by a combination of mklink /D and MSYS's /etc/fstab file so that a path in MSYS is the same path in Windows. These issues effect the perl script syncqt badly.

    3. Given 2. you need to also make sure that everything happens on the same drive.

    4. I wouldn't recommend using anything but our own NDK for this build either. Google's NDK can be a bit buggy (ICEs in Neon for example).

    5. The make program to use. I had to provide my own to fix various issues.

    6. MSYS is by it's nature very slow (fork/exec have to do horrible things). Windows too is very slow at File IO. These issues compound to making builds take about 5* longer than they do on Linux.

    Overall, I'd recommend using VirtualBox and the GNU/Linux distro of your own choice instead, and mounting a Windows folder for sharing the built packages back to Windows.

    I will endeavour to keep the MSYS build working but it'll never be nice!