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Guru Meditation Error! data abort!

  • I'm having problems with dslibri … I can read ebooks for the first time, but when I turn off the Nintendo DSi XL and turned back on I get an error (Guru Meditation Error! data abort!).

    I can use it if I put the dslibris.xml with the "read-only" function … but this way I can not use bookmark

    How I can fix the Guru Meditation Error? "Or" How can I use bookmark?

    Note: i had a R4i Gold Upgrade and a R4i-SDHC

    PS: forgive me for my bad English

  • I had the same problem before but I think i figured out why it was happening. It has to do with the book that you save to the card. I'm guessing that its a DRM issue. Instead of using the epubs i had, i just use calibre to create new ones. This has resolved the issue for me.

  • I was getting the Guru Meditation Error when trying to open an ePub created by the "ebookswriterLITE" compiler.  I switched to using "Anthemion eCub 1.10" and now everything is fine.

  • Efreak

    I get this error too. I think it must have something to do with the length of the config file; when I remove most of the books from the config file (I usually have over 25), and then restart dslibris, it starts fine. It was rather irritating, however, as I have an m3i zero card, and I had to find a patched version of DSO to edit the file with. From there, I remove a large section of the book listing and then start DSLibris. I know it shows up with an error in DSLIBRIS.LOG, but I can't remember what it is.

  • Efreak

    See here