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Read Me

   Natural Docs Plus Package (ND+).

        NaturalDocs allows developers to review and share their code
        comments in a browser. ActionScript, C#, and Perl developers
        should consider using this documentation generator because
        these languages are fully supported by NaturalDocs. Fully
        supported languages come with the following features:

           o Implicit comment generation
           o Inheritence diagrams
           o Automatic scope detection

        Firstly this set of pages where generated using ND+ and shall
        demonstrate many of the New Features available to Natural
        Docs users with minimal changes to existing documents.


        Natural Docs is an open-source documentation generator for
        multiple programming languages. You document your code in a
        natural syntax that reads like plain English. Natural Docs
        then scans your code and builds high-quality HTML
        documentation from it.

        ND+ is a fork of what was Natural Docs 1.4 with a number of
        enhancements hopefully under the same philosophy as Natural
        Docs was originally developed.

        A working example can found bundled with the GRIEF editor project,
        distributed as a single pdf document 'griefprogguide.pdf'.


   Release Changes:

        beta8 - MANDOC generation mode (stable).

        beta5 - Minor HTML table column layout corrections.

   New Features:

           o Packages - ND++ breaks away from a one-to-one
                relationship of source pages and the produced result.
                ND++ permits packages to split across files, which
                may then be merged and/or split into a number of

                As an example, pulling both header/include
                definitions and the underlying source code function
                definitions together into a single view.

           o Tables - Several difference table formats are available.

           o Prototypes - Embedded protypes.

           o SyntaxHighlighter - Syntax hilighting of code snippets.

           o Admonitions - Highlighted reminders and notes.

           o Lists - Definition Lists, Bullet Lists and Numbered
                Lists support multiple leveled definitions.

           o Modelines - File level configuration options.

           o Plugins - Several third party ASCII art packages have
                been integrated.

           o Page Footer - Global page footer.

        Beta Features

           o C++ - Native language support.

           o Member documentation - Permits QT style member

           o MANDOC output.

   Caution: BETA Product

        It is easy to state ND+ has not endued the same level of
        public usage and related testing as the primary Natural Docs
        package has since it initial release.

        ND+ is fairly stable in that it has been privately used for a
        number of years across several projects, despite this it
        should be only for non casual users or unless there are
        specific features you require not currently available.

   Last Update: 30/01/15