How long have I been a linux user? I'm new. Only had suse on the box for three days. I've been a windows user since version 3.1. I worked for HP supporting their brio/vectra line for three years, I've been a ham operator for 10 years and worked packet on a compaq lunchbox with a 20 meg hard drive.  Also got AOL 1.3 running on that box. 
   I'm not an idiot, but I'll be @#%^ed  if I know what I"m doing here. I've done my best to follow the instructions that I've been given by you and others. Every command you've given me to run has been done under the 'su' command line.  
  I'm sick of microcrap, I think Bill Gates is satan's son, and I wanted to get to know linux so that I can have some personal satisfaction in knowing I'm not under Billy's thumb any more. Aint no life or death struggle going on here. And if this just doesn't work now, I can wait till it does.  No big deal. 
End of Rant :-P
 Thanks for your help.
David Jackson