Hi all,

I am aware that the USR5421 is not working at this stage. But I wish to contribute, if possible in getting this card to work.
Kernel: 2.6.15rc7
Arch: i686

After I do:
ndiswrapper -i USR5421X.inf, with the card plugged in, trying to load the module gives the following error in /var/log/messages:
loadndisdriver: load_driver(3313): couldn't find valid drivers files for driver usr5421x
loadndisdriver: load_driver(334): couldn't load driver usr5321x

The USR5421 Windows XP installation also contains the files:
RNDISMP.sys, RNDISMP.sys, rndismps.sys . rndismpw.sys, usb8023k.sys, usb8023m.sys, usb8023w.sys
Is it possible that the any of the above needed files is not being loaded by ndiswrapper, which is causing the above errors?