First off thanks for the hard work on ndiswrapper and your exceptional maintenance and support for the numerous wireless cards on the market these days.

This card, although not listed in the database does work with ndiswrapper.

One must go to the Dell support site and get the windows driver at :

I found the link by searching for dell truemobile 1370 at Google.

Download the driver self-extracting file :  R94825.EXE (16MB).

Run this file in some windows computer (or wine) and it will extract many files.

Take the bmcwl5a.inf (25674 bytes) from the extracted files and use this as your ndiswrapper driver.

This all worked fine for me but the driver from the Dell Utilities disk, R102320, and that
listed for the Dell Truemobile 1300 on the supported drivers page, R74092, did not work for me.

Dr. Willis