Hello, all!

I have two Fiberline WL-420P (11ab:1faa) cards installed. They came with a Windoze CD containing some Mrv8000c drivers (I chose the WinXP ones).
The cards are configured to work on the network. Both interfaces are up.

athlon:~ # ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
>From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable

They also negotiate a valid cell, the keys are correct.

Now, the problem appears to be that one of the two cards accelerates into the 6MB/s mode, the other one stays at 1MB/s.
I've tried setting the rate, but I'm beeing ignored.

I also have problems to set the ESSID correctly. I always have to do:
iwconfig eth3 essid name
iwconfig eth3 essid off
iwconfig eth3 essid name
Otherwise, they won't take the ESSID. I keep getting these errors:
ndiswrapper (set_essid:58): setting essid failed (C0000001)

iwpriv eth3 ndis_reset doesn't help either.

But when checking with iwconfig eth3, it shows that the ESSID has been accepted

Is there anyone out there with some hints?

Here is my config:
SuSE 9.1
Vanilla Kernel
ndiswrapper 1.2-rc1
wireless-tools v27
wireless extensions 17
I start with acpi=noirq
Hans-Stefan Suhle (email: hss [at] suhle [dot] de)
registered Linux user number 256817 http://counter.li.org